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Remember Adam? He's back & is informing us on all things facebook tagging.

Ever wondered why sometimes you can tag and sometimes you can't. Want to pull your hair out bc you have more luck playing blackjack at the local casino... LUCK no more. Read this!

We are breaking this up into 3 sections today since this blog is uber informative. NOW go get your fb tag on.

Tag, You’re It. | Part 1

Tagging your friends on Facebook is easy enough – in a picture, you just use the tag photo option. In a status update, you just type @ and start typing their name – Facebook will find it for you and let you select it. Easy enough, right?

Well it’s not so clear cut when you want to involve pages – when you want to tag a page personally, or when you’re a page and you want to tag a person. As a matter of fact, it’s pretty much a screwed up disaster. Let’s start with the easy stuff, and work our way down.

I’m breaking this down into profiles and pages – a profile is your personal account, a page is something you create for your business, brand, etc.


Tagging in Photos – Profiles (i.e. Personal Accounts)

Let’s examine this first from the experience of you, the person, using your profile. Want to tag a person? Great! All you have to do is navigate to the photo you want to tag, and click this “Tag This Photo” option. Voila. Super easy! Don’t pat yourself on the back – a chimp could do it.

But what if you want to take a page? Well too freaking bad kid. Well, mostly too bad anyway. You can tag pages, so long as they are categorized as “Brands & Products” or “People” (categories show up under the company name on their page), and it also works for Facebook Places, which aren’t really the same as “pages” so we’re not getting into that debacle. If your favorite company is categorized as a “Company” (GASP! A company categorizing itself as a company?!) , a Professional Service, or any of the myriad other categories – well too damn bad, you can’t tag them.

But wait, there’s more! You’ve successfully tagged that “Brands & Products” or “People” page but your image still didn’t show up? Check your privacy settings – your photos, or at least the particular folder where the image is saved, must be set to be viewable by everyone. Just to be clear – you can tag freely, but for the “tagee” to see it, your privacy settings must be set accordingly.

Article Written  By: Adam Lowe

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Look out for part 2 - coming up soon!

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