What type of camera bag would you recommend?

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Question: What type of camera bag do you suggest or is your fav?

Marissa:  just ordered a shootsac :)

Nicole:  Kelly Moore or Epiphanie!

Jennifer:  Have a Kelly Moore (which I love) but I am interested in other opinions cuz I think I could find something I'd like even better...

Debra: Watching for answers. I have two bags and dislike them both.

Shelby: I love my kelly moore mimi bag

Mae: I love my Lowepro sling bag! Not too bulky or "steal this camera" looking.

Tara: LOVE LOVE LOVE my shootsac...and my Jo's Tote Rose

Sam:  I have a smaller JoTote... but now am in need of a larger one!

Crissie:  What Mae said! : )

Paula: I love my crumpler bags!

Amber: Epiphanie ♥

Mollie: This is a great question! I've been trying to make one. May end up buying. I need a smaller one, whatever I get. I have a great storage bag, but I end up just using a one-pocket purse when I go out.

Maia: want a kelly moore one !!!

Shanna: I have a Libby Kelly Moore bag and LOVE it!:)

Ben: Hands down best is my da kine photo bag, most non photo bag looking, toughest bag ( went down on my r6 nothing hurt, still have the bag). They came out with 2 new ones that are bigger then the mission style I have just waiting for new prints.

Sara:  Love my epiphanie!

Dana:  UNDFIND! New bags and better and less expensive than a Shootsac. I love mine. Goes on every shoot with me! undfindblog.com

Leigh: Kelly Moore! Epiphanie

Brandie: I have a Kelly Moore and love it!!!

Patricia: I have a back pack, and love it!

E Shay: My ThinkTank Pro SpeedBelt!!!! It goes EVERYWHERE and holds everything I need!!! ♥

Jamie: It's not pretty, but I love my backpack camera bag! It's ergonomically good for your back, hands free and lots of storage!

Matt: Right now I'm using the Lowepro Fastpack 100. You can read my review about it herehttp://www.eyejourney.com/archives/718

Danielle: Love my Jill-e bags and case logic backpack!

Zoe: My Jo Totes Betsy Bag'

Kris: Undfind and Epiphanie. LOVE THEM!

Kirsty: I have a Jill e l- love it!

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