Should I register my business as a DBA or LLC?

Do you have any suggestions for online backup services?

What are your thoughts on ProPhoto Blogs?

Where do you get your albums?

What is your turn around time on your portrait shoots?

Where can I order numbered photo cards?

How do I email a contact sheet?

Do you include a disc of images with your packages?

What is a good kind of camera insurance?

At what point during pregnancy do you stop scheduling shoots?

Where is the best place to sell a lens?

How do I jump-start my business in a new location?

How many pictures do I tell my clients they will get from their session?

What have your experiences been with renting lenses?

How do you ask photographers if you can second or third shoot for them at a wedding?

Does anyone have some good packaging places?

When do you schedule meetings with clients?

What are some good ways to network local customers?

How do you make your clients sign your contract?

How do I get a recommendations tab on my facebook page?

How do you get OTHER people's comments/posts can be seen in the SAME view as the page owners?

Who does AWESOME logo design with the potential for a branding kit in the future?

What do you expect from your second shooter?

Where do you do your wedding album printing?

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