1000+ Photo Overlays, Bonfire Overlays, Starry Sky, Аurora Borealis Overlays, Butterfly, Fabric Overlays + More!

These overlays are so amazing!

Please note: This product is compatible Photoshop CS 5+, Photoshop CC, Photoshop Elements, GIMP, Picmonkey and Paint Shop Pro. 

Note to the Lightroom users - please, make sure you have a plugin that allows you to work with layers (ex. ononesoftware.com/downloads/)

Overlay Action.ATN to easy apply overlays in Photoshop

44 Rainbow Photo Overlays 2.0
50 Single Clouds
28 Heart Bokeh
15 Bonfire
20 Blowing Snow Kisses
110 Natural Sun Lights Photo Overlays
15 Christmas Photo Masks - Inspire Christmas!
119 Colorful Light Leaks Photo Overlays
125 Light Leaks Photo Overlays
51 Tropic Brunch Overlays
51 Christmas Tree Brunch Overlays
317 Sky Overlays BUNDLE
16 Fog Overlays
21 Rose Petal Photoshop Overlays
97 Autumn Leaves Photo Overlays
50 Falling Snow Photo Overlays
52 Starry Sky Photoshop Overlays
33 Аurora Borealis Photo Overlays
64 Pastel Sky Overlays
64 Dramatic Sky Overlays
29 Butterflies Photoshop Overlays
33 Lens Flare Photoshop Overlays
28 Blowing kisses Photoshop Overlays
21 Lightning Photoshop Overlays
12 Soap Bubbles Photo Overlays
25 Rainbow Photo Overlays
58 Sky Photoshop overlays
16 Fabric Photo Overlays
21 Firework Photo Overlays

Check out the tutorials tab below for some tutorials on how to use this product.


Fantastic overlays! Loved all of them. Thank you!

Loved all these different flares.

I have used these many times since purchased. Thank you!


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    Not all overlays pictured! 

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