Pet Photography Social Media Content *Copy-Paste-Post* - Already done for you!

Pet Photography Social Media Content : Prewritten Posts.


Over 30 pages of prewritten content (over 13,000 words)!

This product is already done for you. These aren’t just prompts they are something you can copy-paste-post! So easy and is going to save you SO MUCH TIME.


These posts are broken down into these categories:

  • Interactive/Tip Statuses
  • Preview Statuses
  • Sale Statuses
  • Non-Photo Statuses
  • Tag-A-Friend Statuses
  • Welcome Posts for Private Facebook Group


As a professional photographer, it can be tricky to come up with new ideas for fresh text on our social media accounts. We are limited on time, and words seem to escape us after a while. It can be hard enough to come up with one status, let alone 365 for each day of the year.


Ask and you shall receive. With that said, here is the NEW 365 Social Media Statuses for pet photographers! Never fear, one for every day of the year! These prewritten statuses include tips, interactive posts, contests, and so much more.


Prewritten Pet Photography Social Media Posts are going to keep your current and potential future clients engaged on your sites. It is your time to stand out from other competitors and modernize the way you socialize online.


Scroll to the bottom to see more sample pet photography posts!


Use these across all social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook and Instagram.


File type: PDF, Word Doc


******Sample Posts****** 


  1. I want to start the day off on the right paw. So I want you all to scroll through your phones and post in the comments… the last photo you took of your pets! (share yours)
  2. I'm introducing something new and exciting to all of my future pet owners! We are adopting announcements! You've been thinking of adopting a pet, and you're committing. Bring your new family member in here and let's make it even more magical!
  3. A vendor in the spotlight: (Name of groomer)! Book with them a few days prior to the photoshoot. They are one of the top places to go around. Your pet will be treated like family! From gentle ear cleanings, full baths, snacks, fluff dries, nail trimming, paw pad trims, and blowouts, you bet they'll be looking fresh! 
  4. Can I just give a huge shoutout to (shelter/humane society/rescue) for being so accommodating to work with? I was able to snag shots of these beautiful animals that are up for adoption! Seriously, you all. If you are interested in adopting, now is the time! (add images)
  5. In a GIF only, describe your pet in a nutshell! Mine's in the comments!
  6. What do you love most about your pet? Is it the way they make you laugh, their seriousness, their caring demeanor, or something else? I want to get to your pet and your connection and truly capture that on camera!
  7. A gentle giant. This is (pet's name), the (breed/type of animal)! Hit 'like' if you fell in love with (him/her)! (add an image)
  8. (Pet's name) | SO SERIOUS and deep in thought. I wonder what (he/she) is thinking? (add an image)
  9. I can’t cope with these adorable puppy eyes. Tag a dog lover in the comments! (add an image)
  10. Who here knows a person who swore up and down they would never own a cat, and now they do? Tag your friends here!




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