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Are you a photographer that mentors photography students or beginner photographers? Photography coach? Do you need social media content ideas to post to your Facebook and Instagram to get interaction? 

This content will help give you ideas on what to post. From tips about gear, advice about the technical side of photography, to photography challenges that help get interaction. Easily customize the posts for your business if needed, copy, paste, then post!


These posts are broken down into these categories:


  • 88 Educational Content
  • 16 Education Promotional Posts 
  • 15 Interaction Posts
  • 107 Photo Challenge Ideas
  • 75 Interactive Questions

With this done for you content, you will be able to display your photography work, establish your photography expertise, and get potential photography students even more interested in what you have to offer as a photography mentor.



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    1.  Tip of the day! To see the correct colors of an image, calibrate your computer monitor so you are seeing what the real image off the camera looks like. You will be amazed at how different your images look on your computer. If you do not calibrate your computer you will not see the accurate color or exposure of the picture.


    2. Raise your hand if you’ve ever been confused by photography jargon. ISO? Shutter speed? Aperture? I offer private one on one workshops. I also teach about this in our private photog VIP group. Interested? DM me.


    3. I like to use light and shadows to help create a more moody or upbeat image. A silhouette can always be a dramatic image option. Let me see your silhouette images in the comments! Here’s mine!


    4. While I’m a big fan of the Rule of Thirds, there are other composition techniques, as well. I also like to get creative when framing. I like looking for natural framing elements. For example, if I’m shooting outside I like to shoot through the trees with the subject on the opposite side and have the leaves frame them.


    5. Photo challenge! Let’s take what we have learned about leading lines and capture an image! Post yours in the comments below.

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