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This has over 25 pages of posts that you can use across your social media platforms. This is a GAME CHANGER!


We've included social media content for photographers who photograph real estate, personal branding, corporate and headshot sessions. All in one pack!


Social media floods all our lives. As a photographer, it’s the backbone of being current and in the loop with your clients. As people, we all want to feel connected and in-the-know. 


This product is already done for you. These aren’t just prompts they are something you can copy-paste-post! So easy and is going to save you SO MUCH TIME.


These posts are broken down into these niches:

  • Corporate - 91 posts
  • Personal Branding - 91 posts
  • Headshot - 91 posts
  • Real Estate - 92 posts


As a professional photographer, it can be tricky to come up with new ideas for fresh text on our social media accounts. We are limited on time, and words seem to escape us after a while. It can be hard enough to come up with one status, let alone 365 for each day of the year.


Ask and you shall receive. With that said, here is the NEW 365 Social Media Statuses for Corporate, Real Estate, Headshot and Personal Branding Photographers! Never fear, one for every day of the year! These prewritten statuses include tips, interactive posts, motivational quotes, contests, and so much more.


These posts are going to keep your current and potential future clients engaged on your social media accounts. It is your time to stand out from other competitors and modernize the way you socialize online.


Scroll to the bottom to see sample photography posts!


Use these across all social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook and Instagram.


File type: PDF, Word Doc

  • Sample Posts:

    Corporate Photography

    • Not sure where to use your company’s interior images? Upload these to your Google My Business profile to allow your customers to see them when they search for your company. (add images for examples)
    • I am so honored to have the privilege to be asked to photograph (company name) for their annual charity event at (golf course/auction/etc. Explain briefly what the charity is for)
    • Here at (name of studio), we provide photography services for corporate companies in the (city) area. Serving our clients for over (number of) years, we understand why there’s a need for corporate photographs and what exactly clients are looking for. Book with us and ensure your company has high-quality, professional photographs done for headshots, meetings, events, and other business settings. (add an image)
    • Our team will work closely with you in a quick and effective manner to create the images you envision for your business! Let us choreograph and guide you! We tend to pose and change angles numerous times to give you a wide selection of pictures to choose from.
    • You know how they say your workplace is a second home? That is so true for the folks over at (company). They make an enjoyable, fun team! (add an image)

    Headshot Photography

    • Having reservations about an updated headshot? The one you are using is more than 3 years old – it might be time to consider a refresh. Check out (client’s name) old headshot compared (his/her) new one we took the other day! Talk about a transformation. (add images)
    • Mark your calendars! (Studio name) is offering a one time and one day headshot express special! Click the link to take advantage of this special. On (date) from (time to time), we will have 10 minute slots, one outfit on a (color of) backdrop, and 3 to 5 images for only $(price) plus tax.
    • Let (studio name) capture your updated headshot for that image that exudes your confidence, professionalism, and approachability. (add an image)
    • One question I am inquisitive about: What would be the first thing you would do with a great business shot?
    • A great headshot comprises of great lighting, a nice backdrop, and most importantly – you in your best form!
    • From cell phone selfie to headshot professional! (Client name) told me all their prior shots were done via cellular devices. Check out this latest shot! Needless to say (he/she) was happy with the final results! (add an image)

    Personal Branding Photography

    • (Client’s name) has been growing (his/her) business. Seeing (his/her) new branded images has shifted and defined what (he/she) envisioned as her ideal brand. With new photos to add to (his/her) website and social media accounts, (client’s name) is poised for the next phase of their brand’s growth. (add images)
    • (Client’s name) discovered (his/her) calling when (briefly tell the story of how client found their passion for their business). Now, (client’s name and what they offer). How did you find your passion?
    • I’ve photographed hundreds of pictures of (client’s name) and this is hands down my favorite. It’s even the cover of one of (his/her books/magazines/eBook/etc.)! (Client’s name) is an extraordinary (coach/instructor/chief/etc.) (He/She) sees the big picture and the action steps to get there. If you are ready to uncover your true personal brand and launch it to a higher level, let’s set you up a session! (add an image)
    • I couldn’t live without my laptop. Who else here is grateful for having a laptop lifestyle? Nothing beats being in business for yourself, making your own decisions, and being your own boss! (add an image)
    • Mood and expression is the key for nailing the right brand identity. A branding photo like this can help open doors for possibilities. (add an image)
    • Behind-the-scene shots for your brand are so important when adding additional photographs to your website and social media. Hands in motion, interesting equipment, products, and people are all ideas that grabs the audience’s attention. What sort of shots would you need to showcase your business?

    Real Estate Photography

    • Could you imagine yourself waking up each morning, making a fresh pot of coffee, and daydreaming out the windows in this spacious dining room? I can! (add an image)
    • Nestled up on (number of) acres, I fell in love with the (type of house) located in (city/region/state) at today’s shoot for (client’s name/company). (add images)
    • I enjoyed capturing this new listing for (client’s name) with (realty group). This would be the perfect spot for (college student/small family/etc.) (add an image)
    • Now this is what closet dreams are made of! (add an image)
    • Went out (day) with (client’s name) with (company’s name). We both agreed that the backyard was our favorite spot of (address)! Tag a friend you could imagine yourself hanging out on this deck with. (add an image)
    • Here at (studio name), we know all about the best angles for each room of your home and the best times to shoot. This helps everyone see your house in its best light! Did I mention how beautiful this home looks all lit up under the darkening sky? (add image)

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