*BRAND NEW* Flattering Boudoir Posing, Pricing and Contract Bundle

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This bundle will help you pose your clients perfectly with our comprehensive posing ebook for posing real women of all ages, shapes, and sizes. In addition, it will teach you how to price your work for profit and passion with our pricing workbook. Finally, it will have you running your boudoir business like a pro with a contract/paperwork bundle, customized specifically for the special challenges of the boudoir genre. 

The Posing Book: This 75-page, no-fluff boudoir posing guide is packed with images and key points to watch when posing “every day” women (NON-models), as well as pointers for coaching facial expression, modifications for different body types/flexibility levels/desired “mood,”and tips to help you confidently pose both your curvier and more mature clientele in a way that flatters (and sells!)

The Pricing Book: The Pricing Workbook guides you, step-by-step, through the process of determining your income needs and true costs of doing business. The book works through money blocks, price objections, and pricing models, followed by a complete formula to build a pricing menu for your services and products that enables you to both live your passion AND make a healthy profit. 

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Beth Claire of Lost Highway Imaging says:

"This book is a game-changer! Too many posing guides currently available are designed for professional models and don't cater to those of us posing "regular" women. Natalie's guide is totally different. Instead of focusing on "model" poses, it assumes that the women you are posing have no experience at all. From body position, placement of hands and coaching expressions, it covers all the main points you need to create beautiful, desirable and sellable images for your clients. Natalie's deep understanding of flattering the female form, regardless of body shape or size, makes her a wealth of information for beginners and pros alike. The layout of the book organizes the poses into a continuous string, making them not only easier to remember, but more natural and comfortable for your clients as well. Being able to quickly and confidently pose your clients in the most flattering ways obviously results in higher sales and happier clients, and this guide will help you do that with ease. Like all of us, her goal is "Shoot To Sell" and this guide makes it easy to do just that, with the major poses being broken up into minor variations, each a sellable shot in itself. There is a perfect amount of variety, with plenty of options for all body shapes and sizes but not so much that it is impossible to remember. Using just the poses in this book you could create a beautiful album that any woman would fall head-over-heels in love with!"

Molly Marie of Boudie Shorts says:

"Natalie Kita's boudoir posing guide is a must have. I absolutely love the variety of women shown in the posing guide and the variety of poses. After reading I was very inspired to go shoot and tweak some poses to flatter my curvy clients even more! Thanks Natalie!"

"Natalie's ebook on pricing is a true and realistic breakdown of how to price yourself for today's boudoir photography market. Whether you are just starting out, or you are a seasoned veteran in the boudoir photography world, Natalie has taken the time to create an ebook that every photographer should have when it comes to the needed steps to figure your pricing properly for you. She details the mistakes every blooming photographer makes and the money blocks every human has. Everyone needs to read this. The worksheet that is included gets you to the core of what you need to make to give you the life you want financially. She then takes time to explain how to implement your numbers into a pricing set up that will work for you. This isn't an ebook telling you that you should charge exactly xyz, but an ebook giving you the proper steps on how to correctly figure the pricing that you need for your business model."
~ Jamie Pfister of The Adore Girls, Nashville, TN
Wow! If you’re like most photographers and struggle with pricing—whether you’re a new photographer or a seasoned pro who’s growing and feeling the need to evolve—this ebook is the answer to your prayers. Natalie will challenge the faulty ideas you may have picked up along the way, and then gently guide you in the right direction. Conversational, fun (who’d ever imagine a book on pricing could make you laugh??) and yet direct, her ebook quickly gets to the point about why and where we struggle; convincingly explains the psychology and emotional aspects of pricing; and then walks you through the process, step by step, so you can establish a
pricing system that works for YOU.
~ Susan Eckert, Boudoir Photographer/Author, Long Island, NY

"Natalie's contracts in her paperwork bundle have saved me more than once. That alone was more than worth the price." 

~Martina Zandonella, Las Vegas, NV

*Click thumbnails to view additional poses, not all poses shown.*

**Please note, all BP4U guides are ebooks and will be delivered electronically! This is a large file and may take a few minutes to download.**

DISCLAIMER, PLEASE NOTE: The contracts included in this bundle are templates only, meant to be used as a starting point and a framework for your unique business model. These agreements were not written by an attorney (though they were approved by one) and must not be construed as legal advice. Because every jurisdiction and business situation is different, all contracts should be reviewed by an attorney before being used in your business to ensure that your local laws are being followed, and that your particular business is protected. Your purchase of this bundle means that you understand and agree to the terms of this disclaimer. 

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