Photography Professional/Portfolio Website Package

A specially customized product package for photographers and professionals.

    • Install WordPress or Joomla management platform.
    • Suggest and select a premium theme within our vast available collection.
    • Use of modern web technologies. Semantic HTML markup, standards compliant CSS and jQuery.
    • A fully responsive layout that adapts perfectly for all device resolutions like mobiles, tablets and desktops.
    • Compatibility with all modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 10+, Edge.
    • All themes within our available collection are compatible with popular Joomla extensions and WordPress plugins.
    • Easy portfolio management.
    • Up to 15 available and unique type of Gallery display.

    • Upload your logo so it shows on every page throughout the website.
    • Set up your navigation menu. Up to 5 links. (*)
    • Create up to 10 pages within theme’s supported page layouts. (*)
    • Setup your home page.
    • Setup an about/profile page.
    • Setup a blog layout page with a sample post.
    • Setup a gallery page, up to 10 images.(*)
    • Setup a portfolio page, up to 10 images(*)
    • Setup your contact page with a fully functional form with a Google map.
    (*) You can use these as a benchmark to publish/upload the remaining items.

    • Google Analytics integration. Install a Google Analytics code onto the website, to track your traffic. Requires an existing Gmail account.
    • Submit your page to Google Webmasters so that your site will be indexed on Google Search results.

    • Free resources for training use.

    • Give you owner access to your website.
    • Built, Tested and Delivered within 1 to 2 weeks.

    Not included:

    There are a few things we’re not able to include in the baseline price. We like to be open and up-front about costs, so here they are:

    • Domain name fees.
    • Hosting website & email services fees.
    • Post-launch website editing. After the official launch date of the website, all additional work will be quoted and billed at an hourly rate of $60/hour.
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    Which platform is best to choose? WordPress or Joomla?
    Both WordPress and Joomla can be used to create amazing websites. Both are content management systems. WordPress and Joomla probably have as many similarities as differences. If you are seriously interested into blogging, then it would be suggested to choose WordPress.
    How my website will look like?
    It will look like the theme you are going to choose for your website. All themes listed in our collection offer a demo website that allows you to get a sense of the visitor experience on a website with that theme.
    What is a theme?
    A theme controls all aspects of your website's appearance and layout.
    How can I view your available collection of themes before I purchase this product?
    Please send us a message at to give you an access link of our collection.
    How can I view a theme’s supported page layouts?
    All themes listed in our collection offer a demo website that allows you to navigate through the pages so that you can check each page layout.
    When will you start working my website?
    As soon as you upload a good deal of text content, details and images we can start working it! Then we can confirm you the approximate delivery date.
    Can I extend my website to an e-shop if I decide so, later?
    Sure! Take advantage of what it's already built and sell directly on your existing website.


    How will I send you the content and images for my website?
    Before starting your website development, we will share a Google Drive folder with you, where you will upload any text content, images, passwords needed for our project. We also ask for your hosting information (user/password) and all of your social links.
    What’s the file type and size should I send you for my logo?
    We recommend sending a PNG file type, at approximately 500 px width is usually ideal.
    What’s the appropriate resolution for my images for the website use?
    All gallery or portfolio images are recommended to be sized accordingly (2000 px wide is usually ideal). Any images being used for layout purposes rather than galleries are best provided in their original high resolution format.
    Can I upload videos to my website?
    Yes, of course! We recommend uploading them to a YouTube account and then share them via your website.


    What is hosting, email and domain name fees?
    You will need a name for your website e.g. and a hosting services that will provide you a space where we can upload your website so that your website can be available for your visitors. You probably might need an email address e.g. which is going to be provided by your hosting service. Domain name and hosting services fees are usually charged annually, depending on the provider.
    After the delivery of the website, in case I need a bit help from you, can you provide me help?


    How can I access training resources?
    We will send you helpful links, at delivery.
    What if I need more training, despite the given resources?
    You can send us an e-mail and ask for it. We will be happy to help!


    How can I contact you for further inquiries?
    Please send us a message at
    How can I learn more about you?
    Go and check out our website here

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