1000+ Sky Overlay Bundle

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Use these photo overlays with or without Photoshop. You can use them in any program that allows you to edit in layers. 

  • 250 sky photo overlays high resolution (sizes are different approx 4500x2700px at 300dpi jpeg)
  • 100 Night Sky photo overlays high resolution (sizes are different approx 4500x2700px at 300dpi jpeg)
  • 50 Beautiful Sky overlays - JPG- 4500 x 3000 px- 300 DPI
  • 60 Dramatic Sky overlays high resolution 5000x3333px at 300dpi jpeg)
  • 60 Dreamy Sky overlays - 300 DPI - 5700 x 4900 px
  • 11 Lightning Overlays - JPG and 44 Sky overlays - JPG - size is different ( approx. 4500 x3000 px - 300 dpi)
  • 60 Long Exposure Sky overlays - JPG - 5000x3333px - 300 DPI
  • 45 Northern Lights overlays high resolution (sizes are different approx 4700 x 3133px at 300dpi jpeg)
  • 60 Pastel Sky overlays - 300 DPI - 4500 x 3000 px
  • 30 rain overlays 5000x 3333px -300 DPI in PNG (transparent background) 60 Romantic Sky Overlays - 300 DPI - 5700 x 4900 px
  • 22 Rainbow overlays in JPEG format - high resolution 5000x3000px - 300dpi
  • 10 Rainbow overlays in PNG format with transparent background 5000x3000 px - 300 DPI
  • 20 Rainbow Textures - JPG - 5700 x 3800 px - 300 DPI
  • 60 Stormy Sky overlays - 3500px x 2329px - 300 dpi
  • 65 Sunset Sky overlays - JPG- 4500 x 3000 px- 300 DPI
  • 12 Tornado overlays - PNG format (size is different approx. 5700 x3800 px - 300 dpi)

Compatible with any software that allows you to work with layers ( Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Paint Shop Pro, GIMP and etc.)

• Lightroom users - you need a special plugin that allows you to work with layers.

Photos (c) Adobe Stock, Fotolia


    Not all overlays pictured! 

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    What people are saying:

    Emily M: Perfect overlays!!

    Jessica L: Worked perfectly for my little girl! Thank you!

    Ashley R: My favorite overlays I've ever purchased. High quality, perfect every time. Thank you!

    Please note: This product is compatible Photoshop CS 5+, Photoshop CC, Photoshop Elements, GIMP, Picmonkey and Paint Shop Pro. Click here to see how to use these overlays in Picmonkey.  These will work with Lightroom as long as you have THIS PLUGIN PURCHASED, click here. Tutorials are included for Photoshop as well! You'll receive a link in the download!


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    • Image Credit: Fotolia

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