Meet BP4U's Guide Collaborators!

BP4U is lucky to work and collaborate with an amazing group of photographers and experts for all our guides. They run the gamut from lighting pros to studio wizards to natural light geniuses. Some work with babies, others work with teenagers, some with families, engaged couples, wedding parties and more. We're sure you'll see why we're such a fan of this bunch as you read through the list of everyone below.

Brooke Parra

As the founder and owner of BP4U, Brooke's probably a familiar face to you. She's a force to be reckoned with -- an accomplished wedding photographer, a wife, a mother to six children, yes, the overseer of all things BP4U creates. She founded BP4U with the goal of helping photographers turn their passion into profit. BP4U is now a photographer's one-stop destination brimming with tips, tutorials, guides, editing tools, marketing materials, and more. 

Guides by Brooke: Engagement Posing Guide, The Beginner's Guide to Getting Started in Wedding Photography, The Beginner's Guide to Posing Bride and Groom, Bridal Party, and Family Formals, My Epic Mistakes on Shooting WeddingsHow to Price When Starting Out, Photographer Emails Made Easy, Tax Spreadsheets for Photographers, Ultimate Wedding Workflow Email Templates, Contracts & Forms, Photography Business Basics (collaboration), The Ultimate Mini Session Guide (collaboration).

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To learn more about Brooke and BP4U, click here.

Stephanie PanaStephanie Pana

Stephanie Pana is a Chicago-based lifestyle and portrait photographer who focuses solely on high school teens and seniors. She specializes in natural light, on-location photography and excels at bringing out her clients' personal style. Stephanie says her style is all about finding inner beauty within her clients and assuring that comes through on camera. Learn more about Stephanie Pana here.

Guides Stephanie's Worked On with BP4U: The Pro's Guide To: Senior Girl Photography, Stephanie Pana's Location Scouting Guide (Preview)

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Traci RyantTraci Ryant

Traci Ryant is a studio photographer who specializes in photographing newborns, toddlers and children. Her goal in every session is to get babies and children to be themselves and show their unique personalities -- she loves capturing their genuine smiles and giggles. Traci says she's happy to be able to spend so much time at home while still doing something she's extremely passionate about.

Guides Traci's Worked On with BP4U: Traci Ryant's Mini Session Guide, Traci Ryant's Studio Guide for Natural Light Photographers

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Ashley HempelAshley Hempel

Ashley Hempel is an on-location lifestyle photographer serving the Quad Cities area (Bettendorf, Davenport, Iowa). She’s primarily a children’s photographer and has two daughters of her own: Sophia and Olivia. Like Ashley, her work is down-to-earth, perfectly styled and full of life. She considers herself a candid photographer who tries to "tell a story in every frame."  Learn more about Ashley Hempel here.

Guides Ashley's Worked On with BP4U: The Pro's Guide To Children & Sibling Photography

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Keyla JonesKeyla Jones

Keyla Jones of Grace Michael Photography is an Indianapolis-based photographer who does most of her work in studio. Besides being a photographer, she's a proud wife and mother. She describes her style as clean, simple and classic -- a style that withstands the test of time and fads and will never look dated hanging on her clients' walls. Learn more about Keyla and Grace Michael Photography here.

Guides Keyla's Worked On with BP4U: The Ultimate Studio Guide

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Sarah HillSarah Hill

Sarah Hill of Sarah-Beth Photography is a family photographer and mother to three kiddos: Ethan, Harper and Maddox. She's a self-professed sun worshipper who, if she had her way, would only shoot during golden hour. Her style is heartfelt, romantic, bright and colorful. Learn more about Sarah Hill here.

Guides Sarah's Worked On with BP4U: Photography Business Basics: How To Start Your Photography Business and Go Pro!

Find Sarah on the Web:  Portfolio & Blog / Facebook      

Sean MolinSean Molin

Sean Molin is a photographer based out of Zionsville, Indiana who specializes in wedding, senior pictures and general portraiture. He's also passionate about live music, commercial product and art model photography. His work has been featured in publications such as Popular Photography and Revolver Magazine. Learn more about Sean Molin here.

Guides Sean's Worked On with BP4U: The Intermediate Guide to Flash, Frequently Asked Questions for Photographers, The Beginner's Guide To: Lighting

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Nicole SpeerNicole Speer

Nicole Speer is a mother, wife and photographer who's in love with art, wine, the sun, music and anything and everything vintage and funky. Her style is quirky and one-of-a-kind and she's got a true talent for setting up some beautiful backdrops at her sessions. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that she spent her childhood summers living with her parents out of a VW bus as they followed The Grateful Dead on tour. Learn more about Nicole Speer here.

Guides Nicole's Worked On with BP4U: Pro's Guide to Posing Families, Ultimate Mini Session Guide

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Jessica VaughnJessica Vaughn

Jessica Vaughn is an Indianapolis newborn photographer. In addition to photography, she offers workshops and mentoring throughout the year where she shares her knowledge and love of photographing newborns.  Learn more about Jessica Vaughn here.

Guides Jessica's Worked On with BP4U: Photography Business Basics

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Kimberly ReidKimberly Reid

Kimberly Reid has contributed to many of BP4U's most popular guides. She's primarily a maternity, newborn, child and family photographer who serves the greater Indianapolis area. Her work is clean, captivating and truly dimensional. 

Guides Kimberly's Worked On with BP4U: Kimberly Reid Maternity Guide, Kimberly Reid Family & Children Guide, Kimberly Reid Senior Boys Guide, Kimberly Reid Newborn Guide

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Ashley NackeAshley Nacke

Ashley of Ashley Elizabeth Photography (formerly Ashley Nacke Photography) is a funky photographer located in Indiana. She's noted for her fashion forward approach to portraiture. She infuses bright, bold colors, unique sets and props, and takes her knowledge of the fashion industry to create portraits unlike any other.

Guides Ashley's Worked On with BP4U: Ashley Nacke's: Senior Tell All Guide

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Wendy HocevarWendy Hocevar

Wendy Hocevar of Five Eleven is a Cleveland, Ohio-based photographer who specializes in "custom, creative and unique portrait photography." She shoots both in studio and on location. Wendy has a gift for creating visually striking photographs that are as artistic and stylized as they are sentimental.

Guides Wendy's Worked On with BP4U: The Beginner's Guide To: Posing Children, The Ultimate Guide For Posing Newborns

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ann louise photography bioJessica Ferguson & Jillian Cosey

Sisters Jessica Ferguson and Jillian Cosey are the owners of Ann Louise Photography. Both are passionate about photography and motherhood and they often say that "Jessica is the kite and Jillian is the anchor."  Jessica likes to dream big and abandon all sense of caution while Jillian keeps her feet planted firmly on the ground and approaches business and shooting with a well-planned out, laser focus.   Learn more about Jessica and Jillian here.

Guides Jessica and Jillian Have Worked On with BP4U: Walk Me Through A WeddingPhotography Business Basics

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Wendy Rose GouldWendy Rose Gould

Wendy Rose Gould is a latte-loving, vintage-collecting, cat-adoring lifestyle writer and photographer whose work has appeared both online and in print. She is a freelance writer and photographer based in Phoenix, Arizona. She current serves as contributing editor at xoVain and works in editorial at Refinery29, PopSugar, Elite Daily and SokoGlam, among others. Though Wendy spends most of her days writing, she also contributes to these outlets, and others, as a photographer. Her photography specialties are product images, portraiture and travel. Wendy has had a hand in many of BP4U's guides as a copy editor.  She also creates some of the content for the BP4U blog and has collaborated with BP4U on several guides. Guides by Wendy: Blogging Made Easy!, Facebook Statuses Made Easy! Find Wendy on the Web: Portfolio / Blog / Twitter / Instagram  

Emily CaldwellEmily Caldwell

Emily Caldwell is a beauty/boudoir and lifestyle photographer in Seattle/Tacoma, WA. She has loved working with all types of women from the first time she picked up her camera, though it took a few years exploring her art to truly understand why. She says, "There is something so magical and transformative—for both me and my clients—about showing a woman her beauty. Sure, I enjoy creating gorgeous images, but I love empowering women!" Guides by Emily: Boudoir Posing for the Modern Photographer Find Emily on the web: Website  / Facebook 

Bailey RobertsBailey Roberts

Bailey Roberts is a photographer based in central Indiana who specializes in wedding and engagement pictures. She calls herself a wanderlust and has studied photography in Edinburgh, Scotland (where she had the chance to photograph Prince William and Kate Middleton). In addition to traveling and photography, Bailey is a wife to her husband, Matt, and a mother to her newborn baby, Ewan. Guides by Bailey: The Photographer's Guide to Second Shooting a Wedding Find Bailey on the Web: Portfolio I Blog I Facebook  

Jordan ParksJordan Parks

Jordan Parks is the owner of Jordan Parks Photography based out of St. Louis, Missouri. She specializes in modern portraits and lifestyle photography for newborns, children, families and high school seniors. She loves capturing the Art of the Everyday...the quiet, in-between moments are the ones her clients love the most. She's been married for 11 years and has three amazing boys and one gigantic dog. She carries her camera with her almost everywhere she goes. In addition to running JPP, she also contributes to The Hours, a collective photography project involving 32 women across the globe. She's a true believer in Annie Leibovitz's quote "One doesn't stop seeing. One doesn't stop framing. It doesn't turn off and turn on. It's on all the time."  

Jamie DaltonJamie Dalton

Jamie Dalton is a Natural Light Photographer for Topeka, Kansas specializing in Senior & Family Portraits. “I’m a photographer. I capture the inner and outer essence of whomever is standing on the other side of my lens. I see beauty in everything.” Jamie holds the Top 5 Chic Critique, Spring 2014 Winning Image. She has written articles on posing and lighting amongst other photography related topics. As well, she has been internationally published and featured. Jamie has worked on numerous television productions; including American Idol and Hawaii Five-O, as both a member of the Screen Actors Guild and as a PA. Thus, giving her extensive knowledge both in front of and behind the lens. She’s also a photo editor and retoucher with credits including General Motors (GM). Additionally, Jamie offers one-on-one DSLR Workshops and she has an entire collection of products for photographers that you can find in the shop at BP4U! Find Jamie Dalton Photography on the Web: WEBSITE / FACEBOOK / INSTAGRAM / TWITTER / PINTEREST

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