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"Love this company. So helpful!” –Veronica

“Your products are a godsend. Thank you for making this information available for use!“ – Rebecca

“I just wanted to say what a great job you guys do, I love every product I have from you :)” – Helen

“LOVE LOVE LOVE your products and advice.” - Linda

I just want to say thank you for having forever downloads! I had to have my hard drive replaced on my mac and I realized when I went into photoshop to edit a shoot I am way behind on that all my actions were gone and I hadn't told my husband to back them up on our external. I was so bummed and logged on to my BP4U account to see what it was going to cost me to rebuy everything and saw you allowed forever downloads. I am so thankful! Money is tight especially having to get a brand new hard drive so I wasn't sure I was even going to be able to do it. Thank you so much for great service and products!” -Ashley

“I love all of your products!” -Dion

"I love your products. I have purchased so many different ones! I got sooo much good stuff from you guys, I got the contract packs, the wedding questionnaire package, the email bundle, welcome packs, marketing packages, and so much other stuff I can't recall off the top of my head at the moment! I just love it all!  You are a great resource!" -Annie

“YAY!!!  Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!  I absolutely love your products, they are all that I use.  I've recommended them to other photographers in my area and gotten them hooked on them as well.  I can't thank you enough for having everything I need in a "one stop shop"!  You guys are the best!!!” -DeAnna

Thank you so much for your time, and of course, your expertise and wonderful products! I've been in business for over a decade - and have never really bought into things like these because they didn't really hit the mark like your site's products! I'm quite satisfied so far and am excited to see what's new for the future.” –Michael

“I love your stuff and use it everyday! Thanks so much for your help!” -Tammy

"Love your products! J  Thank you for making them affordable and accessible to us part time photogs!" -Didi

I can't say enough good things about your site and products! Love everything I've purchased so far!” -Harry

"BP4U Has always provided excellent customer service and amazing products that simplify and expedite my workflow! Thank you, thank you!” -Ana

I have just stumbled upon your store, it’s amazing!” – Angelina

"I think I've purchased everything on your site except Watermarks/Text overlays! Your products have helped me immensely. l learned so much from the educational items that you sell as well as the photo enhancements. I love the different options that you offer, awesome price point and ways to help my photography stand out among the crowd! Thank you BP4U! :)" -Renoda

“I am in love with my products (and the great deal I received) but most of all, I am impressed by YOU! Whoever you are, taking the time to resubmit the download and now checking up to make sure I got it all. I take pride in my photography business and sometimes I find there is such a lack in customer service in certain businesses. Well you have proven it to me that there are still great people who care about their clients. I will definitely be a spokesperson for your company! :)  Thank you again! “

“Amazing customer service, thank you!” – Kelly

“Thanks so much for your help! Really appreciate it! Excellent customer service! Thanks.” -Amy 

“Thank you so much for working with me! As I'm sure you've seen, I love your products and this quick, helpful response is exactly why I will not only continue to do business with your company but also suggest it wholeheartedly to everyone! Thank you so much” -Covington

“I just want to give you a shoutout for awesome customer service! I've ordered several times from you all, and have always been satisfied! Thank you so much for your great products and now I can say, fantastic customer service! You guys rock! Thanks again!” - Rheannon 

“Thank you so much!  So relieved! Your service is excellent and you have a life long customer!” -Susan

“I just wanted to say thanks, not just for the gift card, but thank you for existing. Your website and your guides have helped me so much, and that’s saying a lot because my dad used to be a professional photographer with his own business. Thanks again for all of your online help and all of your great products. You guys also offer great customer service and everything great. Just thanks again for existing.” -Taliya

“I love you guys!  Always have wonderful products and other photographers inspire me to try and work harder at my passion of photography!”  - Cynthia

"From the very first order I downloaded & read from you- I absolutely adored you! My husband got so annoyed because I kept reading off quotes & telling him how much I could get how you talk & describe things & your sense of humor. I have not come across anything that hasn't been wonderfully helpful & beneficial to me or my new business! That means the world to me! 

- Jen M.

"I have bought 4 of your guides in the past 2 weeks! I am a little obsessed! Your engagement posing guide helped me knock one of my couples shoots out of the park! Thank you for making guides so easy to use and implement into our business"


Can I just tell you how much I love this page??? It's my "go to" guide for everything. I can spend hours reading all the questions and comments. Thank you for everything you do!!! Did I say I loved it yet???

- Vicki

I'm brushing up on my preparedness for a wedding I have booked this July! :) I'm finding your tips and suggestions extremely logical, useful and helpful. You tell it like it is: that's my style. Your tips are helping to keep me grounded and thinking. You ARE the best! People: what are you waiting for?! It's one of the best deals going! The guides are fun, easy to follow and lead to creative inspiration!

- Elenora Luberto

"BP4U is any photographers dream! I started following BP4U to get tips and advice on improving my photography, and from there my love for it has grown! I have been wanting the Pro's Guide To Senior Posing and last night I got an email from you guys for a discount from your store! It must have been a sign because I ordered the guide and I LOVE it! My number one problem is posing people and now with this guide I feel like I can conquer this hurdle! Thank you Stephanie Pana and BP4U for making us all better photographers!!"

-Kaitlin T.

"If it wasn’t for you and your guides, I wouldn’t be where I am today. That is the whole truth. I think it was the guide that said, “you have to start somewhere and you have to charge” (not so much in those words). I have followed you and your journey and am a HUGE fan of your work and all you offer when it comes to guides and what not. Thank you for all you do!"

-Celeste Tobey

"I just wanted to say thanks for your site! I'm new to your page and I'm finding it SO helpful! Some stuff you want to ask but either feel silly asking someone or in a lot of cases simply don't have anyone to ask so thank you very much for this page and all you put into it!


"I just wanted to send a quick note to say thanks for offering such awesome and affordable products. While I wish I could afford to buy them all I cannot but I love the emails and the window shopping I get to do. I have purchased a few of your products and love them. I have a wish list on my desk that I send to my husband as well. thanks again for being such a great company."


"Just wanted to say thank you so much for your amazing guides! i did my first(!) wedding over the weekend and your guides gave me great tips and confidence! Thank you! ♥"

-CG Photography

Your photography guides are amazing! Ive read 156 pages of your wedding guides in 6 hours! No wonder you have over 6000 likes!! - Kit

I have bought a TON of your guides and they are incredible. You write from a friend's perspective, not someone teaching or talking down, so it's very easy to understand and absorb. They've been an incredible help and are so inspiring! - Mollie C

‎*TESTIMONY* I started as a HUGE fan of bp4u photography tips & guides and all of Brooke's Guides. I actually have every single one. 1 year ago I started small - building my portfolio and now we have blown up and I have merged creating a "family" with another photographer because we have been so busy!! And I owe it all to these guides. I'd be 6 months backwards I'm sure! - o.mae photography

I recently purchased your guides for weddings, engagement, newborn, maternity, & senior girls sessions. They are soo soo helpful! and the pose cards that come with them are so valuable to me! At first I was on the fence about purchasing since I figured I could just google and find all the info I needed on posing but there is so much great info that I never would have thought about and now I am so glad I got these! I am completely re-doing the way I do weddings now thanks to your fabulous tips for booking weddings! Not only do you have some great info but its fun to read, I was cracking up the whole time! If anyone is thinking about purchasing these DON"T WAIT! I promise you, you will not regret it!!!  Thank you again for your outstanding tips!!

I finally got around to unzipping all of the downloaded wedding/engagement files and I am totally in awe at how much amazing and excellent information there is.  I just love the card guides - will get them printed as photographs and have a little plastic sleeved pocket book made (very professional :).  I'm only a amateur photographer, but improving all the time.  Up until this morning had absolutely no idea on where to start with making it more of a paying-for-itself hobby.  I have a little engaged couple whom I am going to grab ASAP!! Again- thank you for an outstanding product, excellent advice and after-sales service with my previous order. - Sharon Q

Brooke, you have made a world of difference in my life and career as a photographer! First, your SS, ISO, Aperture, White Balance? WTF? guide really challenged me to come out of the "Creative Auto" mode on my camera. I've been wanting to go Manual for SO LONG but am unable to take college courses and everything I read online is poorly written or over my head. I now shoot manual with growing confidence! Secondly, you've convinced me to do what my family has been trying to get me to do for a while now, and that is to raise my prices. I haven't yet, but will be doing so on the first of the new year. I deserve it. Last, but DEFINITELY not least, you helped SO MUCH with your "How to shoot a wedding" guide! I was able to create a Bridal Questionnaire on my website  which is going to streamline my consultations fantastically. I cannot thank you enough, and if I ever get the privilege to meet you, you're going to get a HUGE hug from me!

-Catrina B

So I, as well as thousands, am a HUGE fan of yours and have to tell you that I am moving forward with a plan to go 'pro' because of you. Am I scared - H*ll YES! But you have helped ease fears by reminding me we are all human, are going to make mistakes, andwhat we do from that point is the difference!"

- Tamara H

"A lady at Jo Ann Fabrics told me about this page when I was there buying some props." 

- Beth

I've spent the day reading how to sell a wedding today. I love your candor and insight! I see another one I am going to get!

- Holly Dawn


- Kacy Sutphin

Brooke has done a GREAT job in the Wedding Posing Guide of really speaking to every level of photographers with the poses. She uses her language and really adds an element of relaxation and "partnership" into the guide. It feels like she is standing next to you giving you tips right there, and GOOD tips that are vital to remember and can easily be missed. She did a great job of using visual examples to explain her work, and these guide cards are VITAL to have with you at every event. A guide to 30 poses you could use anytime your mind goes blank, or your creativity lapses -- ALL of which are amazing... NECESSARY! As a beginning photographer in the business, all I can say is LOVE LOVE LOVE!

- Cate Waters

This posing guide was great and the cards are just an amazing idea! You know that moment when you mind goes blank and the Bride and Groom are looking at you like "Um, what do we do now?" Well, now you don't have to worry about looking like you don't know what you are doing! Its great :) :)

- Caty Humes

We ( Chara P and myself), Flashblind Photography cannot tell you enough how much we LOVE our guides from BP4U Photography Tips & Guides and BP4U Wedding &Photography Guides. They make things just "click" no pun intended -- and it is just awesome! Thanks for all you do for us!

- Geneva Anderson

BP4U Wedding Photography Guides ROCK!!! They will literally change the way you approach your photography! Whether you shoot weddings, family, seniors, there is something here for everyone. You will love the honesty in the writing, and simplicity in the content! And with sales like 90% CAN afford to try one...but trust'll be back for more! :D

-Lexilu Photos

Awesome!!! I just picked this up and the guide on pricing!!! I am new in my business venture and I am so thankful I found your site...I am sure I will be a regular!!!

-Anne Kelley Photography

Found you thru RTS -- The pricing guide rocks!! Thank you so much! Prices going up Jan 1! :)

-Angie Hurst

I just bought 3 guides! One last night and 2 this morning! If I had the money I would of bought all of them. Hopefully you might have another BIG sale so I can buy some more :) Thank you so much for you help and kindness!

-Sarah Mikolajczak

I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the very generous sale that you had on your posing guides. I bought the Senior boy and Senior girl guides and they are very well worth the price even if not on sale. The are the easiest to understand and use since they can be printed off to show the pose to the client. I'm taking pictures of High School Marching Band students tomorrow for a fundraiser and I'm going to use these trendy/fun poses for something refreshing instead of the stiff posed stuff that you usually see in Band pictures. Thanks so much!!!

-Lori Campbell Carpenter

ANd I must say that I have NEVER read anything so comprehensive.  I love it.  Thank you SOOOOOOO much.  I am photographing my first wedding in October and constantly wonder what I was thinking when I said yes! :)  but now that I have your complete collection, it just makes so much sense that I feel at ease.  I am practicing with one of my nieces tomorrow and feel really good about it.  Thank you so much!!!!!!  I also love your guide for posing kids - will practice that in the next few weeks with  my nephew :)

-Florence W

P.S.  I used your tips for posing Senior Girls over the weekend and love the results!  The "stand with the feet apart" gave some awesome sass as she changed positions as I clicked.  Love the tips!

-Cassandra Parkins

"You featured a photographer I follow and she posted it to her page and I have been so grateful to have found this page!" 

- Juli

Pretty sure you are a lifesaver using this camera!! I have learned more (reading the shutter speed/ISO/aperture/white balance) reading this for 10 minutes than I have having this camera for a month!!! Thank you so much!

-Amy H.

UGH, THANK YOU. I read the posing guide and feel way more prepared and less "please just get this part over with" when it comes to the bridal party. Thank you for a stupendous guide.


Thank you Brooke! I am looking forward to reading this. So far I have LOVED every guide I have purchased and look forward to more:)

Kama C

Hi Brooke! I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your fun, down to earth style of guides!!! I purchased the wedding bundle and this one and you are making my life as a beginning photographer so much easier! Thanks so much for your great style and super informative guides!

-Laura F

So I just finished reading your guide.. it's like you're talking my language. I feel a lot more confident in raising my prices for prints in the next few  weeks!!

-Natalie M

A while back I got your maternity and newborn guides both of which I LOVE! I totally agree with what you said about posing newborns but now I look at other photographer's sites and see everything wrong with their baby pics! I'm so glad to have found y'all!

-Janet S

I wanted to thank you for filling me head with so much invaluable information!!!  It was great getting to talk to an established photog who wasn't afraid to share great info.

-Deanna M

Yesterday I purchased the 'complete collection' from BP4U.. WOW.. the service was fast and friendly, and the collection - DOUBLE WOW!! I don't think I will ever need any other engagement/wedding inspiration, well set out, worded just like you were sitting in front of someone having a talk, lots and LOTS of helpful hints and tips. The posing cards dealt with so many different situations, and personality types, amazingly comprehensive. The business guide was just wonderful too, filled in so many gaps in my thought process... I will never look anywhere else for inspiration."

- Carol Shearman

BP4U Wedding Photography Guides are AMAZING! I have my first 2 weddings this summer and was so nervous! Now that I have posing guides and tips-I am beyond excited! Thank you so much!! You rock! ♥

-CG Photography

I was SO excited to find BP4U's guides on Weddings and wedding party posing! It helped me so much with the weddings I photographed this summer! As a family and wedding photographer-I look for your guides to help me with ideas ♥ Love all the sales and tips!


I have every guide that BP4U has put out and I LOVE them. They are amazing. So creative and not just boring like so many other things you read.They are written so well, with all the information you will need to help not just with posing and your photography business but you self confidence.I have the dates on my calendar marked for when the pre sale guides are released cause Im so excited!!! So glad I found BP4U Wedding Photography Guides. P.S. I even get a laugh sometimes when reading some of them, and I love it.

- Andrea Brown

BP4U's guides are great for any newbie photographers OR any old pros looking for some posing guidance! I love the way that Brooke writes and the wit that she uses keeps me turning the page. I absolutely love the posing guides that I have downloaded onto my phone. I use them before every session! I think I own all of the guides and am always checking for new ones :)

- Katie B

Thank you so much for working with me...and thank you for having this sale on these guides. I am just starting out in this business and you really do an amazing job explaining and inspiring. I have just read through a few pages so far...thank you again!

- Lindsey S

BP4U has an amazing collection of guides and resources for the photographers. I love the specials they give as well. Thanks for all the great guides/tips/info you have.

- Nancy W

Well-written, with wit, style, and a self-effacing charm, these posing guides help new and veteran photographers plan a shoot and make sure they get the shots they want. It really saves a lot of time and planning. Highly recommended!

- David F

Great Guides, I have bought several! :)

- Jenny B

I LOVE LOVE LOVE all the awesome guides and the Fab cards are absolutely helpful! We are worth it!

- Tamera W

As a newer professional photographer I appreciate ALL the tips and advice that the posing guides I've purchased thus far have shared. In an industry that is so competitive I have found very few photographers willing to help and advise on things like posing for fear that you will be stealing business from them and so I was incredibly thankful for the tips and secrets that the BP4U guides share. I purchased the Complete Collection on weddings the day before I shot my second wedding this summer and it made SUCH A DIFFERENCE. It gave me a whole new sense of confidence that was lacking before. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! Definitely worth the investment!!!

- Nicole W

Bp4u is awesome!!!!!! So glad I found them! Placed my first order today (with a great discount!!!) and had everything within minutes of paying! I'm so excited to get my business going and thanks to Brooke, it's going to be much easier!!! A big thank rock!!!! ;)

- Jen B

these guides are amazing!! easy to read, easy to follow and very helpful :) cant wait for new guides to come :)

- Emma K

Really love BP4U guides and downloadable actions. AWESOME for newbies like me!

- Brian C

I am so thrilled to have found BP4U tips and guides, the easy to understand language, the practical tips that you can use RIGHT THEN AND THERE, the variety of amazing poses, the depth of the information, and the superb customer service, all of this, and more, have made me a loyal customer who owns EVERYTHING in their store. Without Brooke and Pedro's help, I would still be struggling with the basics, now, after reading their guides and putting them into practice, I am taking images that are winning acclaim AND I am getting paid work, something I never would have thought possible.

- Carol S

Sooooo just went on a shopping spree with your guides... In love!! I've been into photography my whole life, worked in a studio with pre-set cameras for about a year, then got my first DSLR 3 years ago. I had thought about doing photography professionally, but was kinda thrust into it when I had a friend INSIST on me doing her wedding. Now I love it, but taking off slowly due to lack in confidence. I never had a chance to take any classes in photography, and anything online confused the heck out of me. Your guides are making things so much better for me! I can't wait to read through them all!!

- Catrina B

love love love love love. there isn't really much else to say! i'm not sure how anyone in their right mind could EVER write a bad review. brooke is awesome, helpful, funny, and speaks my language…i actually understand what she's talking about!

- Andrea J

I just purchased your Shutter Speed, ISO, Aperture and Lighting Guides. I cannot thank you enough for how these helped put everything together for me!

- Michelle B

I also wanted to let you know I bought your guide "ISO, Aperture, White Balance, WTF" and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! The part on the light meter...geeeze what a life saver! For us newbies that learn better DOING than reading the camera's "handbook", AWESOME! Thank you!

- Jennifer C

I have to say i just came across your blog and i LOVE it! You're so down to earth and you talk so real and in ways us beginners understand things! :)

- Tammy P

I do love your work, I am only just starting to get my photography business off the ground and your words are so inspiring, yet humorous and just really make it all click in my head! So thank you for keeping me on track!

- Peta P

Thank you for all of the guides-I pretty much own them all now-they are what I mentally referred to while on site and I don't know what we would have done otherwise! You are a wonderful person for sharing all that you know and have learned!  I was SO scared. We just went in business this past May with no intention of doing weddings. Then when Jeff and Heather asked us to photograph their wedding I started looking online for guides and found your website...they gave me the knowledge and confidence to do their wedding-all 6 bridesmaids, 7 groomsmen, and 8 flower girls. I don't know what I could have done without your guide on posing the wedding party and lighting outside!

- Charlotte F

I just wanted to say.. i bought your pricing guide..omg you rock, its like you literally know everything about me!! lol  just wanted to say awesome, so glad i bought this!!!

- Monica

I have enjoyed your posing guides recently purchased. Its like having a coach standing next to me as I shoot.
- Robert

OMGosh I purchased the ultimate collection and have read it twice! Honestly learned more in this one guide then in college or in the 5 years I have been "Shooting" thank you thank you thank you!

-Tara C

First let me say that I absolutely LOVE your guides!  I am so glad that you are sharing your wealth of knowledge and experience because, frankly, the photogs that I know tend to hide all of their little secrets.  I am completely self taught and I feel like I am going to increase my learning curve that much more using your guides.

- April B

The Guides are entertaining, funny and informative!!! Do yourself a favor and go snag them for your self...

-Stacy C

BP4U contracts are literally GOLD! You MUST MUST MUST buy them! Saved my life! :)

-Ashley N

I'm so glad a friend sent me a link for this page, I have bought 12 guide already and love them!! They are easy to read and understand and you get them instantly after purchase  Brooke is also wonderful for getting back to you with any questions you have. Will recommend this page/site to any novice/professional photographers and even hobbiest. Again love your guides so so much. Thanks for sharing 


I just bought a whole bunch of great stuff from you and I love it all!!  Such great info.

-Caroline T

Brooke, I am thrilled with what I purchased from your site.....the Complete Collection is absolutely wonderful.  I would not have been able to afford it had it not been for your promotion.  Thank you so much for pouring your heart and 'smarts' and energy into such a helpful guide.

I will be back for more!


I Love, Love, Love these guides! Brooke is so down to earth, and straight to the point.  I have a totally different attitude toward my photography business now, and the day after I read her Wedding Business Collection....I changed all my packages on my website, and booked a wedding that afternoon! 

 - Patricia

OMGosh, I can't believe this. I have had the hardest time understanding how Shutter Speed, Aperture work togather and how to get better pictures from it. I just got your Shutter Speed, Aperture, ISO, White Balance I wish I would have gotten it sooner. Thanks for making it click.

-Annie B

Hey Brooke - I purchased "The Complete Collection" from you just a few days ago. I was uber reluctant since I have purchased many posing guides in the past and have been disappointed. I looked at all your products and was quite impressed with what you offered so I decided to try something from you and bought the collection. I was impressed beyond what I could have ever expected. You have a straightforward way of explaining your steps with great examples and visuals. You are honest, to-the-point and funny. I was so impressed I headed back to your site and bought "How to Pose Newborns" and "How to Shoot Portraits in Different Lighting Conditions." I was even MORE impressed. I have never been happier with an online purchase! You have no idea how helpful these tools have been already! I had an engagement session yesterday and your strategies in the Lighting guide changed my entire session for the better. I would highly recommend any of your products to anyone. I used a fab promo code and now I wish I bought everything from your site! Thanks so much, Brooke - I will be spreading the word and following all of your sites. You really are an inspiration and breath of fresh air - I wish you all the very best.

-Shelly L

I am on my way to owning everything that Brooke has put out there!!  Her guides areAWESOME!!   I absolutely LOVE the way she writes, so easy to follow and relate to!  I look forward to my next BP Guide purchase! Thank you so much Brooke, you ROCK!!!

-Shana R

I recently purchased the Ultimate Wedding Workflow Templates and I have to say that the design and process that Brooke has created makes it easier to set up my e-mails and scheduling for the clients so much easier. It's going to make the administration of my business, NightinGail Photography, work much more smoothly. On top of that, when I had a question, Brooke was right there to help me out and give me the right wording for a follow-up. I highly recommend Brooke and her templates! Thanks so much.


Here you go! "I have taken the leap from photography as a hobby to a business venture. This is a big change and there is so much more to think about than I imagined! I love the bp4u guides - they have helped me with everything from pricing (and overcoming all those scary oh should I really charge this for my pictures thoughts). Plus amazing tips to save me time! The posing guides are a must have to! Set the samples up in a quick flip guide as a quick reference if you get frazzled and need a great idea! The wedding guides are amazing and so true. Packed with great advice and tips! These have all helped me grow my business!"

-Sarah J

I have always loved taking pictures and dreamed of turning my hobby into a career. This year I have decided that I would just jump in. I have the support of my husband, but I don't think I would be willing to take this risk if it weren't for your guides. They have given me a confidence with photography that I didn't know I had. I can see my photos improving all the time and I really think it is because of your ah-mazing guides. As weird as it sounds, I feel like you are talking directly to me! I love it! I have learned so much from your guides and look forward to every new one that come out! Thank you so much for what you do for all us new photogs!

-Shelbi H

Where do I start? Ok... my first guide was the Newborn Collection, and I fell in love immediately with Brook's delivery! Not only did I learn SO MUCH but I truly enjoyed reading it. It made me laugh and more importantly made me want to get in my studio and try some of these tips out! What else is so great are the cards! Download them to your smart phone and the guide goes where you go :) I love them so much I started sharing the site with some New Photographers who have been following my FB page. They bought the guides and couldn't believe how much help they were. After that I moved on and got the forms and contracts! WOW what a time saver this is. This is essential for the professional photographer and I highly recommend purchasing these if you are just starting out. It is important to cover yourself and your business, release forms are a MUST! I can't wait to buy more; not just to learn from, but really its a great read! Thank you Brooke!! Please keep them coming!!!  

-Leigh V

I just wanted to let you know that you ISO, SS, AP Guide is wonderful!! Finally, someone telling you like it is in sensible terms. It's been 12 years since my college photo classes and even then we shot film. Over the years, I've had several digital cameras, including DSLRs, but never had the courage to take the dial off auto until recently. I've been reading and reading and reading blogs and forums and have learned a lot, but no one gives you "general rules", which are so helpful when you are starting out. For instances, tip of the 1/60 being your magic number. Hello!!!! That's what I have been looking for. I was like AH HA! Great rule of thumb!! I loved the entire guide and how you explain it all. I love your humor and the fact that you aren't a photo snob!

-Stacy O

"I would never have built up the confidence to shoot weddings without your guides Brooke. This is my first year flying solo! Thank-you." 

-Leigh (Vanderland Photography)

"Brooke, if I ever see you I will take both of your hands in mine and jump up and down in a circle around you squealing. Your guides are awesome. Easy to read, easy to understand, easy to follow, full of practical advice--it feels like your sitting right here with me talking. Love 'em. Love you."

-Melissa F

"Thankyou so much for you newborn guides and also your wedding guides. These guides have helped me endlessly and i can not thankyou enough."

-Belinda C

"I can't stress enough how much many of your guides have guided me into the right direction. You are truly appreciated." - Patty S

"Hi again, I was visiting your blog today for the first time. I always read and sometimes comment, but I just want to say I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I read it for several hours and enjoyed every minute, all the information, suggestions, and just general blogging!!!" 

"I just want to say to those who run this page.....THANKS SO MUCH FOR ALL YOU DO TO HELP ALL OF US WHO ARE WORKING ON ADVANCING OUR CRAFT!!!! You are so very, very helpful in all you do!"---Gail
"I just wanted to say Thank you for having this site. Your guides and daily questions have helped me out so much!!"
"I love this fb page...I've learned so much from the questions that you post and it's been so informative for me about what others are doing and not doing! Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing all of your tips, secrets, experiences and more! I love my job and I love to see that there are so many others out there that do too! In my area there are few "true" photographers (many who think they are...mostly just learning) and sometimes you feel like no one out there understands some of the things you go through! Thanks again for being wonderful ♥"


" Where's the LOVE button?? This is my favorite photography-related page!"


"For the record..... I LOVE ur page. Thank u so much for helping new or professional photogs with questions!! Allowing us to ask questions, awesome!"


" I love the daily questions!! I'm on here several times a day reading them. What a great way to get ppl interacting with your facebook page :)"


I just wanted to say I absolutely love this page and that you post all these questions. I have learned so many things. I love to see the amazing photos that you and the other facebook people share. I love when you compare cameras and share the results. Thank you so much, I can not wait to see even more!

"I also bought your wedding business guide and HOLY CRAP is it amazing.  You're a genius...and so freaking adorable.  Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us all."


"I just want to tell you that your tax guide SAVED MY LIFE this tax season! I can't thank you enough!!"


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