Our Guarantee

At BP4U, we strive to have 100% customer satisfaction. If you ever have any problems with our site, products, or customer service, please email us at bp4uguides@gmail.com and let us know so we can resolve the issue. 

We are constantly trying to improve and have some new features and policies in place. Please see below to view these improvements to our company.

Great Products at an Affordable Price

We know how hard is to start your photography business and we want to help by saving you not only money but time as well with our products! 

Faster Downloads

In the past, our delivery method sometimes has led to frustration with emails getting stuck in spam filters or going to the wrong email address, etc. Not anymore! We have installed a new system that will allow you to receive your purchase instantly in your browser after you complete your purchase. 

If you have a free account with BP4U, you can now view and re-download your products on your account summary page. If you have not signed up for an account yet, you can still receive these orders by signing up today. Email us if you need help setting up your free account.

Forever Downloads

We expire links after 3 downloads of your purchase. If you have issues downloading your link and it exceeds the 3 downloads, we will reset the link for you and help you download your product.

If you ever lose your download link, your hard drive crashes, or you get a new computer and need to re-download your purchase, just send us an email at bp4uguides@gmail.com and we will resend your files to you. We will never charge you for a product re-download. Ever.

Please Note: Our products may be downloaded on any computer or mobile device you own, but are for your personal use only. Please do not redistribute our products to friends, family, colleagues, students, or random strangers. If you'd like to use any of our products for the purpose of group education, please contact BP4U directly at bp4uguides@gmail.com to see our bulk rates.

The New Digital Promise - Our Policy on Returns, Refunds, and Exchanges

If you accidentally order the same product twice, you can email us and we will refund the second purchase of that product for you. If you order a bundle or combo pack, we cannot refund the entire product unless you've already purchased the entire bundle. We will make an exception to this if you have not yet downloaded your purchase.

If you ordered the wrong product (for example: you ordered Photoshop actions instead of Lightroom presets, but you don't have Photoshop) as long as you don't download that product, you can exchange it by sending us an email and letting us know about the mixup.

Product Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are EVER dissatisfied with a product, please email us immediately and we can resolve the issue for you.

Action & Preset Updates Included

If you purchase our actions, there are files included for all versions of Photoshop - CS, Elements, and Creative Cloud. If you update your Photoshop, you won't have to purchase a new set, because they are included within your initial purchase. (That's like buying 3 action sets for the price of one!)

The same is true for our Lightroom presets. If you have Lightroom 3 and update to Lightroom 5, you won't have to re-purchase the same set of presets because the Lightroom 5 versions are already included.

Video Tutorials

We have video tutorials on our site under the 'Tutorials' tab on each product page. If you need help installing or using our products, you can watch these videos to help get you started. If you need additional help after that or if the product doesn't have a tutorial, please contact us via email or live chat support and we can help walk you through the process. 

Live Chat Support

We offer live chat support on our site during weekday business hours. If you have a question about anything BP4U-related, ask our live chat team. If it is after hours, you can leave a message on our live chat and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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