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New to BP4U? Or maybe you've been around a while, but want to know more! Either way, we're here to share the deets.

About Founder Brooke Parra

Brooke Parra is the woman behind BP4U Photography Resources. Not only did she create BP4U, but she has her hand in everything that BP4U delivers to its fans. Brooke is an energetic, full-of-life mother to 6 kids! And when it comes to photography? Well, she's no stranger.
Even as a kiddo she toted a camera around. She recalls her parents paying to have 10 rolls of film developed and the pictures were all of… the sky. If you're familiar with her work, that shouldn't surprise you at all: the brilliant sky is a big part of many of her bright, splashy and vibrant photographs. Parent-funded sky photography aside, let's fast forward to Brooke's post-childhood years. She started dabbling in photography in college, taking pictures of classmates and friends who were all about the growing social media frenzy. (Remember when MySpace was all the rage and Facebook was only used by college students?). Everyone was knocking on Brooke's door asking her to take their new profile picture.
"I love making people feel good about themselves and seeing the beautiful person that they are," she says. "When you hear someone tell you, 'I didn't even know I could look like that…' Wow! That's the best feeling ever!"
Her "dabbling" quickly morphed into a full blown career as a sought-after wedding photographer in the Midwest. The choice to go pro was an obvious one for her. For years, she met with soon-to-be-wed clients, photographed their engagement sessions and weddings, and spent hours editing and becoming better and better.
"Photography was my life, an obsession some might say, but definitely my passion, and I couldn't do anything else with my life. I jumped right in, quit my day job and just threw myself into the photography world. I was determined; everything was on the line. There was no option to fail because this was the career I chose," she said.
Brooke's entrepreneurial spirit and rampant success inspired her to help others accomplish the very same thing via the BP4U platform. As she offered workshops and began working more with other photographers, she realized what she had to do... create BP4U.

About BP4U Photography Resources

BP4U was founded with the goal of helping photographers turn their passion into profit. The website and its community of fans is now a photographer's one-stop destination brimming with tips, tutorials, guides, editing tools, marketing materials, and more. What sets BP4U apart, though, is its affordability and friendly-meets-professional way of engaging readers.

"Like other photographers, I had spent a ton of money purchasing guides on the market only to feel like I wasn't getting a lot of info and paying a huge price," says Brooke. "I wanted to offer guides that gave away a lot of information at an affordable price. I realize other photographers don't have a lot, especially when they're trying to start a new business or continue to have their business grow."

That's where BP4U comes in.

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Since its inception, the BP4U fan base has grown exponentially. A testament to that is the diversity of guides available in the store (wedding, newborn, maternity, senior, family, studio, etc.) and products offered (welcome packets, marketing, legal documents, actions, overlays, workflow materials, and more). "We love to keep up to date with the latest trends, which helps us continue to offer photographers products that are being used in the photography industry at a price that's reasonable," notes Brooke.

Things are bright in the BP4U house and they're only getting brighter. You won't want to miss out. Stay up to date with new products, sales and specials on our Facebook page. Also check out our blog, which is regularly updated with must-know photographer info.

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