BP4Uagram! Actions Made Easy!

BP4Uagram!: The Insta-look you've been waiting for!

Do you love creative editing? Have you ever wished you could get a creative feel to your photos you can get from some popular apps in Photoshop? Well, look no further!

All of our Photoshop Actions will work with ALL versions of Photoshop and Elements! (Photoshop CS 2-6, Photoshop CC and Elements 6-13 and up. Earlier versions have not been yet tested. Have a different version? Email us at bp4uguides@gmail.com to see how you can become a tester.)


Introducing BP4Uagram Actions Made Easy!

This set includes 37 actions that will give your photos that will give you the creative edge!! Scroll through the photos to your left to see some amazing before and after transformations. **Not all actions shown in pictures**

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    • Sherri- A creative action that will give your photo a toned, vignette effect.
    • Christian- A vibrant action that will tone your photo to give it a creative pop!
    • Donna- A washed out effect to matte your photo and even out highlights
    • Brett- A cool action that will give your photo a creative, flat effect.
    • Cameron- A bright, yellow/green tone that will give your action that pop it has been looking for!
    • Bex- A toning action that will make your photos buttery smooth and toned to perfection!
    • Rebekah- A dark and moody action with a super vignette!
    • Granny- A washed out, vintage looking black and white action.
    • Nico-A vibrant, toned action that will give your photos a super pop!
    • Trina- A vintage looking action that will wow all your friends!
    • Essex- A gorgeous tone that will look perfect on those photos that need a little something extra!
    • Declan- A two toned action that will give a very creative effect to photos!
    • Jerry- A high contrast action that will add a touch vintage tone to your photos!
    • Papa- A high contrast black and white action that will give you that black and white you have been looking for!
    • Morgan- A hazy, moody action that will leave your photos feeling mysterious and plain awesome!
    • Debbie- A high contrast, saturated action that will make any photo stand out!
    • Char Char- A creamy tone that is smooth and awesome sauce!
    • Gigi- An action with a tone all its own! This has a very retro feel and will add lots of interest to your photos!
    • Broox- A warm vibrant action to add a little pop!
    • Lo- A very high contrast, toned black and white action that will add a lot of interest to black and white photos without blowing them out!
    • Jules- A grape toned action that will tweak the colors and add interest!
    • Patricia- A grainy action that will add a lot of pop and contrast to your image!
    • Emma- An action that is desaturated and will add a “twilight” mood to your images!
    • Duane- A desaturated effect that still adds pop!
    • Kenzie- A warm, smooth effect that adds contrast and a subtle vignette!
    • Sonni- A peach toned action that adds a thick, hazy effect!
    • Matte it!- This adds a matte to help finalize and tweak an existing action!
    • Haze it!- This adds a haze that will help finalize and tweak an existing action!
    • Vignette it!- An open vignette with a subtle effect.
    • Vignette it! 2- A strong, bold vignette
    • Crop it into a square- 2 actions (one for vertical photos, one for horizontal) that will crop your photo into a square shape.
    • Black border- This will add a black border to your square photo!
    • White border- This will add a white border to your square photo!
    • Faded White Border- A white border that is partly transparent.
    • Super sharpen- A sharpening that will add an HDR effect!
    • Blur it! 1- A blur that will add a creative effect to your photo!
    • Blur it! 2- A second blur action that will add a creative effect to your photo!
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    "I love the BP4Uagram--I really like the matte action." - Wendy

    "I'd been looking at the IG photos friends posted on social media sites and liked the various processing effects. The thought of joining another site, however, was dreadful. I love that bp4u has these actions. Just a click transforms my pictures into something special. I've used just about every action option." - Rachel

    "Just purchased! I have BP4Uagram and Whimsical set! Love them both!" - Heather

    “Your Nico action is one of my 1st go to actions. Very crisp and bold.”-Joe

  • Photoshop Elements 6-10

    Photoshop CS 2-6, Photoshop CC & Elements 11-12

  • Will these work with Lightroom?

    This product will NOT work with Lightroom. However, we do have a set of Lightroom presets that are comparable to this set. Click here for more details. Please Note: The effects may be slightly different in Lightroom than they are in PS, as the transfer from programs doesn't offer an exact match.

    What versions of Photoshop are these actions compatible with?

    This action set is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS version 2 through 6, Photoshop CC and Elements 6 through 12!

    Will this product be shipped to me?

    This is available in digital version only.

    The link will be emailed directly to you once your payment has been processed.

    Please see our refund policy found here.

  • This product is subject to the copyright of BP4U – © BP4U 2010-2014. All rights reserved.

    Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents for any purpose is prohibited. This product was made for the purpose of personal use for professional photographers. It is not to be resold or redistributed for any purpose, including, but not limited to: sharing in workshops, lectures, or other classroom settings.

    If you'd like to use any of our products for the purpose of group education, please contact BP4U directly at bp4uguides@gmail.com to see our bulk rates.

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