Birth Photography & Fresh 48: Social Media Content *Copy-Paste-Post* - 365 Posts Already done for you!


Social media floods all our lives. As a birth/fresh 48 photographer, it’s the backbone of being current and in the loop with your clients. As people, we all want to feel connected and in-the-know. 


This product is already done for you. These aren’t just prompts they are something you can copy-paste-post! So easy and is going to save you SO MUCH TIME.


These posts are broken down by month. So you'll have something to post each day of the year.

  • Interactive/Tip Statuses
  • Preview Statuses
  • Sale Statuses
  • Tag-a-Friend Statuses
  • Cross Promotion Statuses
  • Welcome Posts for Private Facebook Group


As a professional photographer, it can be tricky to come up with new ideas for fresh text on our social media accounts. We are limited on time, and words seem to escape us after a while. It can be hard enough to come up with one status, let alone 365 for each day of the year.


Ask and you shall receive. With that said, here is the NEW 365 Social Media Statuses for Birth/Fresh 48 photographers! Never fear, one for every day of the year! These prewritten statuses include tips, interactive posts, motivational quotes, contests, and so much more.


Prewritten Birth Photography Social Media Statuses are going to keep your current and potential future clients engaged on your sites. It is your time to stand out from other competitors and modernize the way you socialize online.


Scroll to the bottom to see more sample birth/fresh 48
photography posts!


Use these across all social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook and Instagram.

Please note there are some posts referencing maternity, newborn and lifestyle newborn photography.


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Sample Statuses:

1. Happy New Year, everyone! How exciting thinking about all the new babies that will be born this year. Nothing is more exciting than the arrival of a new soul, and I'm hyped to photograph them. What are you most looking forward to this year?

2. Are you having trouble getting your partner on board with the idea of photographing the birth? It wasn't so long ago that it wasn't even a genre of photography. So it's natural for some initial resistance or maybe a "no way!"


Try sharing some photos of beautiful birthing sessions on my site to show what an intimate, emotional and special collection of images this will be. Your partner will start to love the idea!

3. In the same way you probably have a birthing plan, we also have a photography birthing plan if you've hired me to document your baby's arrival.


Here a sample of the questions we will cover well in advance.


  • What type of birth will you have?
  • Are there any specific photos you want or don't want?
  • Do you want a photo of the baby crowning if it's possible?
  • Are you aware of the hospital's rules regarding photography?

4. Mama's, let's finish this sentence.

 "The most surprising thing about pregnancy for me was ..."

5. This little one arrived early, but everyone was ready for (him/her). Healthy, happy and as cute as a button, wouldn't you agree?

6. Be still my beating heart! See how strong the beautiful bond already is between this (dad, big sister, big brother, grandfather) cuddling baby (insert baby's name). 

7. Here's a little collection of my favorite lifestyle newborn photography images. Here's what I love about this kind of session:


  • Everyone is relaxed
  • The images are natural
  • There's no posing
  • We go with the baby's schedule
  • I'm creating meaningful work

8. Why should you hire me to photograph the birth of your baby?

Well, how many times has your mother retold details of your birth? Too many to count, probably! So having the story told in photographs and your own words is a gift that will stay with your child forever.

Isn't that the best birthday gift you could give your baby?

9. When I shoot fresh 48 sessions, new mamas often share their birthing stories with me. Every one is so special and different. I always love hearing about how the birth unfolded. How was your birth? 

10. Baby's first Halloween coming up? The gorgeous outfits for babies for Halloween are amazing. Are you going to go for a subtle onesie covered in ghosts or a full-on costume? 

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