Volume 2! Newsletter & Blog Content Articles for Photographers

Creating engaging content for your current and potential photography clients helps them feel like they know you better and that you genuinely care about them. However, the fact that you’ve got a never-ending to-do list of photography sessions, culling, editing, checking emails, and tending to your personal life means that creating content for your blogs and newsletters gets put on the back burner.


It doesn’t have to be that way, though. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you by hiring a professional writer to create top-notch, meaningful content that you can share in whatever form you desire. Maybe you want to pop in some prewritten text to a monthly newsletter, or update your professional blog, revamp your welcome packet, or even post to Facebook. Whatever the case, these 30 prewritten posts have you covered.


This package includes the following topics across a variety of niches. Most are completely written, some have a few fill-in-the-blank spots, and a couple allow you to flex your creative muscles a bit more via easy-to-follow writing prompts.


You’ll receive:


  • 30 Prewritten Newsletters and Blog Posts
  • New word versions
  • Old word versions
  • PDF versions


Niches Included:



  • How to Prepare for At Home Birth Session (427 words)
  • What is Birth Photography (320 words)


Fresh 48

  • 4 Tips to Prepare for Your Fresh 48 Session (408 words)



  • 7 Reasons Why You Should Finally Print Those Photos (457 words)
  • The Do’s and Don’ts of What to Do On Session Day (480 words)
  • How to Enter Our Upcoming Contest & What You’ll Win! (278 words)
  • How to Become a VIP Client — And Why it’s Awesome (290 words)
  • How to Choose the Best Location for Your Portrait Session (468 words)
  • How To Feel Comfortable in Your Photos (464 words)
  • How to Get Over Your Fear of Being Photographed (530 words)
  • How [Your Studio] Gives Back to the Community (293 words)
  • Style Guide: What’s In and… What’s Not So In (185 words)
  • The Importance of Having Your Photos Taken (453 words)
  • The [Your Studio] Experience (464 words)
  • Wanna Join Our Photography Referral Program? Here’s How. (322 words)



  • Composite Images & Newborn Photography Safety (369 words)
  • 4 Reasons to Spring on the Milestone First-Year Baby Package (414 words)
  • What Actually Happens During a Newborn Session? (369 words)


Personal Branding

  • What is a Personal Branding Session, and Do I Need One? (388 words)



  • 6 Pet Sessions You Need to Book This Instant (411 words)
  • A Loving Shout Out to [Local Animal Shelter/Rescue] — Plus Some Cute Fluffs You Can Adopt (443 words)
  • Spotlight Pet Vendor Feature (287 words)


Real Estate

  • 6 Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas Your Clients Will Love (394 words)
  • How to Prepare a House for Real Estate Images (336 words)
  • The Different Types of Real Estate Sessions We Offer (336 words)



  • The 30 Best Location Ideas for Senior Photos (760 words)
  • 5 Fashion Tips for Girls’ Senior Photos (278 words)
  • 5 Fashion Tips for Guys’ Senior Photos (285 words)



  • 6 Ways to Prepare for Your Headshot Session (421 words)
  • Spotlight Feature (273 words)


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      You can, however, sell your final flattened product for use as marketing materials for your business. You cannot use this product to give or sell to other photographers in a workshop or offer to make products for other photographers using our designs.

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