How To Use Facebook Live For Your Photography Business

This course is for all niches of photography!

Get results fast with this course!


In case you missed our How To Use Facebook Live For Your Photography Business when it launched, I am now making it available to everyone. It includes step by step instructions on how to catapult your Facebook reach in 7 days.

Not sure if this is for you? Look at these numbers. I hadn't done a Facebook live in over 3 years on my business page... within 7 DAYS my growth was CRAZY. 


Facebook Post Engagement: Up by 704%

Facebook Reach: Up by 32%


Check out my screenshot of my insight in the products previews!


This was all ORGANIC reach just from doing 7 Facebook Live Videos! This is absolutely insane! 


Here's what you're going to learn. 


1. Facebook Live Formula 

  • What should I say during a Facebook Live? 
  • How do I introduce myself?
  • How do I get interactions on my video? 
  • Where should I do my Facebook live video? 
  • What should I include in my first Facebook Live? 
  • How to talk to your audience so they listen!


2. The Art of the Watch Party

  • What is a watch party?
  • How do I do a watch party? 
  • How often should I do a watch party? 


3. How To Set Your Facebook Lives Apart and Grow Your Market

  • How do I provide content to my customers? 
  • What type of videos should I be doing? 


4. How to Overcome Your Fear of Facebook Lives

Bonus ALERT!

  • We have even included the following:
  • Facebook Live Formula Worksheet that you can reference during all your lives
  • Over 75 pre-written content articles that you can use during your Facebook Lives. These will provide content to share with your audience to set you apart from your competitors!


The content is already done for you- all you have to do is go live!


- 14 Family/Kids

11 Newborn/Maternity/Birth

- 22 Wedding/Engagement

11 Senior

- 10 Boudoir

10 General Articles for Photographers

Check out some of the articles you're going to receive!

General Articles

  • Choosing the perfect location for your session
  • Choosing the best way to display photos in your home
  • 11 Great holiday gift ideas
  • 7 tips for preparing for your autumn session
  • 7 tips for preparing for your spring session
  • 7 tips for preparing for your summer session
  • 7 tips for preparing for your winter session
  • Why we prefer to schedule sessions around sunset
  • Why you should hire a professional photographer to do your events


  • 6 Stress Relieving Tips to NOT Have a Mental Breakdown During Your Session
  • 7 Tips to take the stress out of picture day
  • 4 Items to Bring to Help Incorporate your Pet(s) in your Family Photos
  • Tips for emotionally preparing your husband for your family session
  • Dressing for a Spring Family Session
  • Dressing for a Summer Family Session
  • Dressing for a Fall Family Session
  • Dressing for a Winter Family Session
  • The Art of Candid Child Photography
  • How much time do I really need for my session?
  • How to eliminate fake smiles during your session
  • The Pre-Session Warm Up
  • 9 tips for preparing your child for their session
  • The Power of Bribery


  • Frequently Asked Questions (and answers) about Birth Photography
  • Why should I hire a birth photographer?
  • 8 clothing tips/ideas for maternity sessions
  • 5 Tips for a great gender reveal session
  • When should I book my maternity session?
  • The Importance of Maternity Photos
  • How to be OK if your baby won’t stop crying on picture day
  • 8 Ideas for Sentimental Newborn Props
  • How to Book Your Newborn Session
  • 6 Tricks to keeping your newborn happy during your session
  • How to prepare for a successful newborn session


  • Frequently asked questions (and answers) about boudoir photography
  • Avoid these Boudoir Faux Pas During your Session
  • Schedule your Boudoir Party Today!
  • Picking Out Your Boudoir Session Outfits
  • How to incorporate your partner’s interests in your boudoir session
  • Curvy Boudoir Photos
  • 5 tips on how to relax in front of the camera
  • 5 Things You Can Do With Your Boudoir Photos
  • Preparing for your boudoir session
  • Benefits of Professional Hair and Makeup for Your Boudoir Session


  • Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Senior Portraits
  • Beauty and Fashion Tips and Tricks for Your Senior Portrait
  • Let Us Capture Your Graduation!
  • How to be the BEST Senior Rep Ever!
  • Tips for planning your BFF session
  • How to personalize your senior session
  • How to prepare for your session (for girls)
  • How to prepare for your session (for guys)
  • Now booking – Prom Mini Sessions!
  • How long of a session do I need?
  • Why We Choose to Work with a Makeup Artist


  • Finding Your Engagement Session Style
  • How to coordinate outfits to get the best look in your photos
  • 5 Tips for Hot Engagement Photos
  • How to mentally prepare your fiancé for your session to get him to cooperate
  • 6 ideas for preparing the perfect engagement session
  • Incorporating your hobbies into your e-session
  • Let Us Capture Your Proposal!
  • Save the Date Sessions and Products!
  • The Importance of Timing your Engagement Session
  • PDA is OK!
  • The significance of the first look
  • Photogs Get Hungry, Too!: Feeding Your Photographer
  • How many hours do I need to book my photographer for?
  • Not having a first look? How much time do you need after the ceremony for photos?
  • The Benefits of having an Unplugged Wedding
  • Tips for getting ready for your wedding day
  • What we capture on your big day
  • Photographer Wedding Terminology 101
  • What is a pre-event consult?
  • Why we choose to have a second shooter


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