BP4U Essentials Photoshop Action Collection 1

Do you ever wonder how other photographers always get their edits to look so beautiful? Do you want to add those same effects to your photos? This is the action set you have been looking for!

Tired of wasting your life editing photos all day long? Want to shave hours off of your editing time? Well now you can with our Actions Made Easy! 
We have added five new Actions Made Easy! sets to our store! As an introductory exclusive, we are bundling them all together in one giant action collection! That's a total of 81 actions! Woah! These are perfect for both indoor and outdoor photos! 

All of our Photoshop Actions will work with ALL versions of Photoshop and Elements! (Photoshop CS 2-6, Photoshop CC and Elements 6-14 and up. Earlier versions have not been yet tested. Have a different version? Email us at bp4uguides@gmail.com to see how you can become a tester.)


Thanks to Stephanie Pana Photography and Sarah-Beth Photography for testing out these actions and letting us use their images as a sample for our products. :)

Previously Titled: Actions Made Easy! Volume 1

    • BASIC ACTIONS MADE EASY! - This set includes actions for basic retouching: exposure, contrast, white balance, skin smoothing, etc. Includes: 17 actions.
    • BLACK AND WHITE ACTIONS MADE EASY! - Our black and white set comes with a variety of actions to give you the perfect tone that you have been searching for. It also includes actions with haze to give your images a more vintage feel too. Includes: 14 actions.
    • MATTE ACTIONS MADE EASY! - Do you want to give your photos that soft, dreamy look? Look no further, this action set will allow you to achieve just that! With one click, matte your photos to give them more emotion. Includes: 21 actions.
    • VIBRANT ACTIONS MADE EASY! - Are your photos always turning out bland? Want to pop those weak colors? This is the set for you! These actions will make colors explode and bump the contrast to really give your images that "WOW" factor. Includes: 10 actions.
    • SILHOUETTE ACTIONS MADE EASY! - This set includes actions to add contrast and color to photos that are already silhouettes and silhouette actions to make a non-silhouette photo into a silhouette. Includes: 14 actions.
    • along with a BONUS pack of 5 essential actions for resizing, flattening images, etc.
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    "These actions are so much fun!" - Stephanie Pana

    "This action set is great! My favorites are the more matte, picture pretty, silky smooth, and envy...but they're all great." - Sarah-Beth Photography

    "These actions are AMAZEBALLS! A great big thumbs up to the BP4U crew! Thanks y'all! :)" - Megan S.

    "Love the new actions. Beautiful!" - Crystal R.

    "I love the matte actions from these sets! :)" - Chelsea C.

    "Just bought my set and can't believe the AMAZING price!! Thank you so much you have made growing my business so easy with everything you do!" - Colleen F.

    "Cant stop playing! These actions are so fun and versatile!" - Wendy R.

    "I have been searching for a Black and White that I love that would give me the slight vintage flare I swoon over. I took advantage of your SWEET deal, and found the black and white I have been longing or. THANK YOU! Can't wait to use more of your actions!" - Aimee L.

    "LOOOOOOOVE the new B&W action set!!! Super user friendly and gorgeous results." - NKS Photography
    "Ordered my actions and tried them out after an impromptu session with my girls! ALREADY loving them! I think these are going to be my go to actions!" - Marjorie K
    "Your actions are fabulous! Such great actions and so happy I snatched them up for such an incredible price!!" - Tarah S.

    your actions I use them everyday!!!" - Barefoot Photography
    "Best set of actions and WORTH every penny!!!" - Katy D

    "I love the action so soft and sweet fit my style perfectly."

    "Really love BP4U guides and downloadable actions. AWESOME for newbies like me!" Brian C

    "I just want to say THANK YOU!!! I purchased a bunch of sets the other day and this one today and you have saved me TONS OF HOURS of work!!!! I LOVE BP4U!!!!!!! Here is a quick photo I did using the composite it action for newborns! LOVE IT" - Amy M

    "My favorite product is actions, they make my day easy and I dont have to stay hours in front my computer to do the same effect!" - Andrea

    "I love your actions! They make it 10 times faster for me to edit." - Meagan T

    "I really like the actions. I have used other actions in the past, but I think BP4U's are more my style, and put a nice finishing touch on my photos!" - T Nicole Photography

    "Actions made easy! I use the matte collection on almost every session I do! :)" - Tina

    "Actions are my favorite because they take my photos to a whole new level!" - Valerina

    "I enjoy the actions the most because it helps me achieve the results on my editing so much faster!"

    "I love the actions! I use them ALL the time!" - Tandi

    "I love actions (and presets), I love how they enhance my photography and help me make it something special and unique to me."

    "Your actions are my go to for creating awe inspiring images! Your Silhouette actions helped me win a prize and make my best friend cry with happiness." - Dene

    "I love the actions! They are so easy to use and I love the directions that pop up when you click on them because when I first started using actions, I had NO clue how to start so when the directions pop up, it guides me through it." - Emily

    "I love the actions I have, they make processing a lot faster." - Heather

    "I love the actions. They are so easy to use and I love the directions that pop up when you click on them because when I first started using actions, I had NO clue how to start so when the directions pop up, it guides me through it." - Emily

    "May I just say...if you have been debating on purchasing actions from BP4U, what are you waiting for? I bought my first set yesterday & I am loving them! It is a fabulous addition to my current editing software! Thanks BP4U!" - Heidi

    "I really LOVE your Photoshop action sets. They're great!" -DBPhotography

    "Your Actions I love, take you from one end of the colour and art spectrum to the other, rich, vintage, light and airy, dark and mysterious with some black and whites!" -Shelly

    "I love using your products. As a person really learning about actions and photoshop. You guys have made my life so much easier. I really have tried others that I like. But since getting yours. They are pretty much all I use. So simple and does exactly what I need." --Barbara

    “As a family lifestyle and newborn photographer & busy mom of 2 kiddos, I love all the products BP4U offers. They have be a huge part in helping me grow my business over the past couple of years. My favorites are the actions. They help create clean looks and gorgeous tones. They are my go to when I am editing. Thank you BP4U for your amazing products! Your continued support of small business creatives everywhere.” – Britaney

    “Love your Photoshop actions! They're awesome and made editing so much easier for me. These actions are super!” –Tanveer

    “Thank you so much! I love your actions! They are so fun to use!” -Erin

  • Installation:

    Photoshop Elements

    Actions Made Easy! Collection (CS)

  • Will these work with Lightroom?

    This product will NOT work with any version of Lightroom. Are you a Lightroom user? No problem, we have the matching set of Presets for you! Click here!

    What versions of Photoshop are these actions compatible with?

    This action set is compatible with Adobe Photoshop CS version 2 through 6, Photoshop CC and Elements 6 through 12!

    Will this product be shipped to me?

    This is available in digital version only.

    The link will be emailed directly to you once your payment has been processed.

    Please see our refund policy found here.

  • This product is subject to the copyright of BP4U – © BP4U 2010-2014. All rights reserved.

    Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents for any purpose is prohibited. This product was made for the purpose of personal use for professional photographers. It is not to be resold or redistributed for any purpose, including, but not limited to: sharing in workshops, lectures, or other classroom settings.

    If you'd like to use any of our products for the purpose of group education, please contact BP4U directly at bp4uguides@gmail.com to see our bulk rates.

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