Posing Basics for Newborn, Senior Boy, Family, & Maternity Sessions

Love Kimberly Reid? Do you just NEED all of her guide collections? Well, then this is for you! Whether you photograph newborns, families, seniors, maternity...there's something here for you! See below for topics covered in each guide. *Click thumbnails to view additional poses, not all poses shown.* 

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(Previously Titled: Kimberly Reid Posing Guide Collection)

  • All of our Kimberly Reid Guides:

    Posing Basics for Newborn Photography:

    A 49-page guide on posing newborns. This product also includes 24 posing cards so you can take these tips on the go!

    Topics Covered:

    • Where do we even begin with newborns?
    • How do you set it up?
    • What all do I need?
    • What do I do with everything?
    • How to incorporate parents/siblings into newborn session.
    • Lighting/Camera/Editing Techniques
    • Also includes pull-back photos/behind the scenes/set up shots

    Posing Basics for Senior Boys:

    A 41-page guide on posing senior boys. This product also includes 40 posing cards so you can take these tips on the go!

    Topics covered:

    • How to stand
    • How to sit
    • Hand placement
    • Body Placement
    • How to find the best locations & use them efficiently
    • How to make them look hot
    • Camera/Lighting/Editing Techniques

    Posing Basics for Family Photography:

    A 55-page guide for posing families and children of varying ages. This product also includes 35 posing cards so you can take these tips on the go!

    Topics Covered:

    • How to pose families
    • How to make them relax
    • How to talk to the parents even when it's awkward
    • How to use different props with children
    • How to find the best locations
    • Camera/Lighting/Editing Techniques

    Posing Basics for Maternity Sessions:

    A 56-page guide on posing maternity sessions. This product also includes 55 posing cards so you can take these tips on the go!

    Topics Covered:

    • How to pose maternity sessions
    • How to pose when adding dad in the photo
    • How to pose when adding other children in
    • How to pose when adding in the whole family
    • How to find the best locations
    • How to make use of available light when shooting indoors
    • Camera/Lighting/Editing Techniques

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    "Simply put - WOW! These guides are amazing. Kimberly really gives great detail in describing her posing...hand placement, body angles, spacing, relationship to surroundings. It is the most detail I've seen in any guide whatsoever. Kimberly also shares her editing style and how she achieves it! The posing cards for printing are such an added bonus. I can't believe everything that is included." - Brooke T

    'After recently being given the opportunity to read, review and critique the, Boys senior guide, By Kimberly Reid and if I had five stars to give, I'd give them!This is an amazingly comprehensive guide, put together with every question answered you would have come up in your mind. It opens up and gives the reader a whole picture perspective, much like standing and watching Kimberly from over her shoulder. As a frequent buyer of BP4U guides, I keep going back for more because everything is explained in a clear, thoughtfully laid out format. Would I suggest this to any level of photographer? Yes, to anyone willing to take the plunge and add more to their style and workflow to make their clients go wow! The clean and easy to enjoy format made this a relaxing yet informative read. I look forward to more from this collaborative team!" - Tara

    "I have this guide; its very helpful and the guys seem to like the poses"- Aaron

    I just wanted to say THANK YOU for the very generous sale that you had on your posing guides. I bought the Senior boy and Senior girl guides and they are very well worth the price even if not on sale. The are the easiest to understand and use since they can be printed off to show the pose to the client. I'm taking pictures of High School Marching Band students tomorrow for a fundraiser and I'm going to use these trendy/fun poses for something refreshing instead of the stiff posed stuff that you usually see in Band pictures. Thanks so much!!! - Lori C

    "Really really liked this guide. I'm about to do my very first newborn shoot in one week exactly. I am so nervous about it, but reading this, I felt a sense of calm come over me. I feel like it is really preparing me for what I need to expect and not expect. What type of equipment/props I need to take, and loving the step by step posing. I also enjoy the easy to read format. I'm a super visual person, so this made it very easy to follow. And can I say I LOVE and adore and can't say how awesome the printable poses are." - Susan

    "Wow! I absolutely loved that guide! One of the best guides I've seen for getting into newborn photography!!" - Gayle

    "I love the newborn guide! I purchased it to work with my new nephew - good stuff!" - Jen

    "Thank you so much for you newborn guides and also your wedding guides. These guides have helped me endlessly and i can not thank you enough." -Belinda C

    Just spent the last hour reading your Newborn Posing guide!! So so many helpful tips in there! I can't wait to incorporate them into my photoshoots! - Shannon R

    "It's hard to choose one favorite, but the posing guides for families, children and newborn! Posing is the hardest to feel natural about and to flow from one pose to the next. have to improvise as well! takes confidence and a large stash of ideas!" - Janelle

    "My favorite products are the Kimberly Reid collection and posing guides! I love them, the explanations and posing cards... they've catapulted me to a new level! Thank you!" - Harps and Fire Photography

    "The Kimberly Reid Collection of posing guides that I purchase has been my favorite because I have applied them to all of my shoots ever since!" - Ryk

    "I have many of the Kimberly Reid posing guides which are great products for beginners. Posing is important for creating great images, and the guides are full of great ideas!" - WLC Photo

    "I like the Kimberly Reid Collection because they are very helpful and easy to understand. I like her writing style."

    "I keep the Kimberly Reid Collection on my IPhone and use it to help guide my client to the exact pose." - Elen

    "I love these posing guides! Posing is one of my challenges and your guides are clear, easy to follow and have great suggestions/tips." –Cristina

    "This collection has lots of GREAT information!!" -Holly

    "I learned lots of posing from this!" -Chasity

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    Are these posing cards printable?

    Yes. We include digital files in both high and low resolution - high res for printing and low res for mobile devices. These will print these off as a 3x5. Many of our clients will print these off, punch a hole in them, put a ring on them and put them in their camera bag. Makes a great way to get out of a bind if you're having a brain freeze during a session. Need help loading your posing cards to your iPhone/iPad/iPod? Click here for a tutorial.

    Can I print this guide?

    Yes, you most certainly can! If you'd prefer to read your guide in print instead of digitally, feel free to print this guide for your own personal use.

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