The Ultimate Guide To Flash Photography

What if I told you you could create the look of the sun 24 hours a day in any condition? Well my friend, you can...using flash!

With flash, we are not at the mercy of the sun or other available sources of light. We are the creators. We can sculpt our scene with no interference. We aren’t bound by the schedule of Mother Nature.

Flash can be very complicated. You may be wondering, "Where to begin?" The answer is right here at BP4U!

We have a brand new guide all about flash just for you!

The fact that you are reading this shows that you are ready for the next step. You want to take your photography to a higher level. You are not satisfied with chance. So let’s begin your journey into the world of being an “artificial light photographer.”

The Ultimate Guide To Flash Photography is the second guide in our three-part lighting series. We recommend that you have a basic knowledge of lighting and camera settings before reading this guide. To learn lighting basics, check out the first installment of this trilogy: The Beginner's Guide To Lighting

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(Previously Titled: The Intermediate Guide To: Flash)

  • What's Included:

    • Introduction to flash photography
    • What are the benefits of using flash
    • Different types of flashes
    • What do I look for when buying a flash
    • When do I need a flash
    • How do you use a flash
    • What do all the flash settings mean
    • Artificial lighting for indoor and outdoor sessions
    • Indoor techniques for using flash during daylight
    • How do I know when to use a flash
    • What settings do I use
    • What happens if my flash doesn't fire
    • What are good things to bounce flash off of
    • What is a good angle to bounce from
    • What do you bounce flash off of if the ceilings are high
    • What do I do when other camera flashes mess with mine
    • What if my lighting conditions are not consistent
    • How can I get my flash to fire ever time on continuous shooting mode
    • How far back do you set a tripod
    • How to use flash without getting flares
    • Types of flash for different types of settings
    • What if flash washes out the photo
    • Diffusers
    • Do I change settings on the camera or flash when using a flash
    • Tips for using flash at night
    • How to use a light meter
    • Wired VS wireless flash triggering
    • Max Flash Sync Speed
    • What is TTL flash metering
    • What is a guide number (GN)
    • What is ring flash
    • What is slave flash
    • What causes red eye
    • How do you use a flash with macro shots
    • Why do my flash photos have a red cast
    • How to avoid blurry photos when using a flash
    • How to avoid noise when using a flash
    • How to maximize flash battery life
    • Do you use rechargeable batteries? Why or why not?
    • What are the difference in Canon and Nikon flashes
    • Using flash at weddings
    • Avoiding flash shadows
    • How to edit photos that used hard flash
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    "Please STOP teasing me!!! I have ordered this, and can't wait to get my hands on it!!! Every time you advertise I want to order it again. I love all your guides... Lol..... Very impatiently waiting." - Trudy

    "I thought this guide was very thorough and has so much good information. Especially appreciated the idea of setting for ambient light first and then adding in flash – never thought to break it down into those steps before...that was very helpful. I think the voice was very easy to read and understand and I loved the examples posted in each section to help drive the point home." - Stephanie

    "Starting to use flash is always hard and this guide shows you everything you should know on how to learn to use it -- from flash settings to how important the distance from your flash to your subject is, etc. I wish I would have read this before I did a couple of weddings that kind of failed thanks to not knowing how to use my flash." - Vasthy

    "Thank you! I know this will help immensely as all your other products have as well! Thank you for putting it in "easy Mode"!" - Mary

    I LOVE this lighting guides!" -DBPhotography

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