BP4U Marketing Bundle Pack

Need a way to attract more clients? How about a fresh new look for your company?

The BP4U Marketing Bundle Pack is just what you need!

We are pumped to announce our new collection of marketing templates for photographers. We have combined all of our marketing sets into one big product at one low price! 

These look AMAZING printed! Don't normally get your products printed normally? No worries, these are great marketing pieces to put on your website, email to clients or post on your social media sites.

Customize the text to say whatever you want. You can also customize colors, branding, etc. For instance use the Price List as a promo for your next senior rep session.

There possibilities are endless!

These make great graphics to really step it up a notch and make your business look professional! 

See the pink 'What's Included' tab below for more details.

For more information and creative ways to use these marketing sets, click here!

  • Includes 8 different marketing sets, each with a unique design. Click the name of the product below to read more about the products included.

    Bold Marketing & Office Forms Bundle

    Vintage Marketing & Office Forms Bundle

    Chic Marketing & Office Forms Bundle

    Striped Marketing & Office Forms Bundle

    Rustic Marketing and Office Forms Bundle

    Chevron Love Marketing Set

    Senior Glam Marketing Set

    Wedding Marketing Set

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    Chevron Love Marketing Set:

    "This set is AMAZEBALLS! It is so great to have everything I need all in one place...and its SO easy-peasy to customize! Thanks folks at BP4U!" - Megan

    "I love your marketing templates! They're so professional looking and you offer such great packages :)" - Rosaria

    "For me, my absolute most favorite product I have purchased is the "Chevron Love" marketing set. While I like to think I am a creative person, I am by no means a graphic designer (if you saw some of the previous versions of my brand, you would definitely agree.). As soon as I saw the set, I immediately envisioned my entire brand, one that I want to appeal to a younger crowd as I begin to dabble in the world of teen/senior portraits. I can't wait for the rest of the set to be released to complete my new company brand. My brand is the first thing a client notices when they go to my website so it must make a great impression. Thanks to BP4U, it will! :D" - Michelle

    "This set is amazing! Totally worth every penny (and then some)! Customizing my colors and logo/photo placement was a breeze and I now have a super fun, cohesive look and feel to my marketing materials! Thanks a mill BP4U Photography Tips & Guides! You guys rock!"- Megan

    "I love the marketing Chevron set. Its customizable and fun and totally fits the personality of my business!" - Parker

    "I love the Chevron Love marketing set because of the love the variety of colors and ease of use!" - Liv

    "This marketing package is extremely useful and helps give my client correspondence that extra "professional" look!" - Patricia

    Wedding Marketing Set:

    "This marketing templates is my favorite, I don't have to figure out how to make my own. Saves a lot of time! :)" -Donya

    Rustic Marketing & Office Forms Bundle:

    "I love my rustic marketing set because it makes getting things back to my clients so quick and simple." - Patty

    "These help to speed up my work without having to create them myself." -Mary

    "I really like the Rustic marketing templates. I have used it to completely overhaul my business. It has added such a degree of professionalism to my work, while still being me. I love it!" -Amanda

    Bold Marketing & Office Forms Bundle:

    "Awesome set! I got it all! Wow!" - Christina

    "Love the colors, goes with my theme!" - Jessica

    "this is my FAVORITE marketing set!" - Stephanie

    "The marketing templates have been my favorite because it made it really easy to quickly create several branded items." -Melissa

    Chic Marketing & Office Forms Bundle:

    "The templates still give the biggest bang for the buck for me. Gives me new looks and modern looks for my clients." - Jeff

    Vintage Marketing & Office Forms Bundle:

    "I have the Vintage Marketing & Office Forms Bundle, and just knowing all I have to do is customize the templates, is a huge relief. Thinking about creating all my marketing from scratch was very overwhelming. Now I can focus on making a cohesive look to my brand. Love it!" - Sarah

  • Photoshop CS 2-6 and Photoshop CC

    Photoshop Elements 6-10

    Photoshop Elements 11

  • PSD/Digital version only - The link will be emailed directly to you once your payment has been processed.

    I keep getting errors when I try downloading the guides. How can I fix this?

    No problem. Try copying/pasting the link into a new tab. If that doesn't work, try using a different internet browser. (I.E. if you're using Internet Explorer try switching to Safari or Google Chrome to download the links)

    This product is a PSD and is completely customizable to fit your needs. You will need some knowledge of Photoshop and layer masks in order to customize this product.

    This template is compatible with Photoshop CS3 and higher, Photoshop CC and PSE.

    We cannot provide the fonts but we can provide the information on them in order to allow you to find them and download them for yourself if you so choose.
    Note: Some fonts used may require purchase.

    Where To Print:
    With the exception of the Letterhead and Envelope templates, this collection has been built using White House Custom Colour specifications. The Letterhead can be printed on standard 8.5x11 paper and the envelope is a standard Number 10 template.
    This product fits WHCC standard, however, you can print it with other labs, just check their specifications to make sure that they match.

    Please see our refund policy found here.

  • This product is subject to the copyright of BP4U – © BP4U 2010-2014. All rights reserved.

    Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents for any purpose is prohibited. This product was made for the purpose of educational use for professional photographers. It is not to be resold or redistributed for any purpose, including, but not limited to: sharing in workshops, lectures, or other classroom settings.

    You can, however, sell your final flattened product for use as marketing materials for your business. You cannot use this product to give or sell to other photographers in a workshop or offer to make products for other photographers using our designs.

    It is against copyright law for you to use - in digital or in print - or distribute this template with any of the photos provided as examples.

    You may not transmit or store the content, in whole or in part, to any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system. Please follow copyright law.

    This product can only be used by the photographer who purchased it. Do not share or resell this item. Do not claim this, or any of our designs, as your own.

    BP4U is not responsible for printing errors. We only provide the template, we do not print the product, so any printing errors need to be taken up with the lab that you print them with.


    If you'd like to use any of our products for the purpose of group education, please contact BP4U directly at bp4uguides@gmail.com to see our bulk rates.

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