103 Photography Contracts & Forms Bundle for Photographers + BONUS Tax Sheets

Are you looking for photography contracts and release forms? You've come to the right place! Make sure to check out all of the photography session contracts that are included in this bundle below! 

Includes these products

61 Photographer Contracts

42 Photographer Contracts

Boudoir Photography Contract PSD Template

Model Release Photoshop Template

Print Release Photoshop Template

Order Form Templates for Photographers

Taxes Made Easy for Photographers

Tax Spreadsheets for Photographers

Print & Go Organization Sheets


We have taken every single form, contract and questionnaire that we have in our store and made them into one collection. Please note we have removed all of the individual forms and contracts off the store. This bundle has over 103 contracts and forms you need to run your photography business.


All files can be completely customized!

The files will be delivered 3 different ways: Microsoft doc, Microsoft docx and PDF.

Please note PDF users will have to copy/paste into a different document editor to customize. Word documents can be viewed/edited within google docs.

This bundle includes:

  • 26 contracts for photographers
  • 7 blog forms
  • 4 email templates
  • 6 FAQ worksheets
  • 6 office forms
  • 5 questionnaire forms
  • 4 release forms
  • 3 feedback forms
  • And so much more! 


  • Birth Photography Contract
  • Boudoir Photography Contract
  • Boudoir Mini Session Photography Contract
  • Cake Smash Photography Contract
  • Engagement Session Photography Contract
  • Event Photography Contract
  • Extended family Photography Contract
  • Family & Children Photography Contract
  • Family Reunion Photography Contract
  • Gender Reveal Photography Contract
  • Headshot Photography Contract
  • Maternity Photography Contract
  • Milestone Photography Contract
  • Mini Session Photography Contract
  • Newborn Photography Contract
  • Payment Plan Photography Contract
  • Pet Photography Contract
  • Portrait Photography Contract
  • Portrait Rep Photography Contract
  • Product Photography contract
  • Second Shooter Photography Contract
  • Senior Photography Contract
  • Senior Rep Photography Contract
  • Wedding Photography Contract
  • Destination Wedding Photography Contract
  • Wedding Payment Plan Contract
  • Aerial Real Estate Session Contract - Use this contract for aerial drone real estate photography.
  • Animal Shelter Contract - Use this contract when donating photography to an animal shelter.
  • Anniversary Session Contract – Use this contract for anniversary sessions.
  • Assistant Agreement – Use this contract when you hire assistant for your photography business.
  • Camera Loan Contract – Use this contract when you loan out your camera or equipment for free to another photographer.
  • Camera Rental Contract – Use this contract when you rent out your camera or equipment for a fee to another photographer.
  • Church Directory Session Contract – Use this contract when shooting members of the church for their church directory.
  • Contract Completed – Use this contract when you have a tough client and you give the client extras that were not initially included in the original contract or you agree to give the client a refund.
  • Corporate Event Contract – Use this contract for corporate event photography.
  • Corporate Session Contract – Use this contract when shooting headshots for all of the employees at a corporation.
  • Donating Services Contract – Use this contract when you donate a session to a fundraiser.
  • Exclusive Photographer Venue Contract – Use this contract when a venue would like to use you as their exclusive venue photographer.
  • Fine Art Print Contract – Use this contract if someone would like to purchase a print of a photo that you took.
  • Fresh 48 Session Contract – Use this contact for fresh 48 sessions.
  • Lifestyle Session Contract - Use this contract for lifestyle sessions.
  • Milestone Session Payment Plan Contract – Use this contract when clients need to make multiple payments for milestone sessions.
  • Mini Session Fundraising Contract – Use this contract when you are donating a portion of money from your mini sessions to an organization, group, company or a family.
  • Model Release Form – Use this when you need to have your clients sign a model release form for their session.
  • Model Release Form With Children - Use this when you need to have your clients sign a model release form for their session that involves children.
  • Model Session Contract
  • Multiple Day Wedding Contract – Use this contract when you are shooting a model.
  • Multiple Real Estate Session Contract – Use this contract when a real estate agents would like to have you shoot multiple listings for them.
  • Multiple Session Contract – Use this contract when your client would like to book multiple session to lock in the price.
  • Multiple Session Contract With Children - Use this contract when your client would like to book multiple session that involve children to lock in the price.
  • Networking Contract – Use this contract when you are networking with a business and you are giving them free photos in exchange for them putting your marketing materials at their business.
  • Night Real Estate Session Contract – Use this contract for night time real estate sessions.
  • Performing Arts Contract – Use this contract when shooting performing arts photos for the performing arts school or studio.
  • Personal Branding Session Contract – Use this contract for personal branding sessions.
  • Preschool/Daycare Contract – Use this contract when shooting photos for all of the students at a preschool or daycare.
  • Real Estate Session Contract – Use this contract for real estate sessions.
  • Release Of Contract – Use this contract when a client is cancelling with you and they release you from completing the contract.
  • Restaurant Contract – Use this contact when you are shooting food photos for restaurants.
  • Sports Contract - Use this contract when shooting sports photos of all the teams for a school or league. Also includes a sports order form!
  • Sports Event Contract – Use this contract for sports event photography.
  • Studio Rental Contract – Use this contract when you are renting out your studio to another photographer.
  • Studio Share Contract – Use this contract when you and another photographer want to share a studio.
  • Theatre Dance Event Contract – Use this contract for theatre or dance event photography.
  • Use Of Image Contract – Use this contract when someone would like to purchase an image you took.
  • Wedding Addendum Contract – Use this contract when you need to add on or change something in the original wedding contract.
  • Wedding Cancellation Contract – Use this contract when a client cancels their wedding.
  • Wedding Date Change Contract – Use this contract when a client changes their wedding date
  • Work For Hire Networking Contract – Use this contract when you hire a vendor to work with one of your clients for their session.

Blog Forms

  • Engagement
  • Family
  • Kids
  • Maternity
  • Newborn
  • Senior
  • wedding

Email templates

  • Portrait rep acceptance
  • Portrait rep submission
  • Senior rep acceptance
  • Senior rep submission

FAQ Worksheet forms

  • Boudoir
  • Portrait
  • Senior
  • Senior rep
  • Wedding
  • Portrait rep

Feedback forms

  • Client feedback
  • Feedback
  • Non client feedback 

Office forms

  • 1099 agreement
  • Application
  • Interview questionnaire office
  • Interview questionnaire assisting
  • Interview questionnaire intern
  • Interview questionnaire second shooter

Print & Go Organization forms

  • Accessory checklist
  • Client information sheet
  • Daily session schedule
  • Editing workflow grid
  • Gear checklist
  • Invoice
  • Message log
  • Mini session schedule
  • Print order form
  • Prop checklist
  • Workflow grid

Questionnaire forms

  • Cake smash
  • Boudoir
  • Portrait
  • Senior
  • Wedding

Release forms

  • Credit card authorization
  • Event photo release form
  • liability release form
  • session photo release form 

Rep application forms

  • Portrait rep application
  • Senior rep application


2- Album Order Forms

3- Award Ceremony Order Forms

8- Blank Order Forms

2- Canvas Order Forms

3- Dance Order Forms

3- Daycare Order Forms

2- General Order Forms

3- Graduation Order Forms

3- Homecoming Order Forms

3- Preschool Order Forms

2- Print Order Forms

3- Prom Order Forms

3- School Order Forms

3- Sports Order Forms



(The template sizes are from Miller’s template specifications, 8x13.5, 8x8 and 8x4) 

  • Dance
  • Daycare
  • Graduation
  • Homecoming
  • Preschool
  • Prom
  • School
  • Sports



  • Award Ceremony Order Sheet
  • Blank Order Sheet
  • Dance Order Sheet
  • Daycare Order Sheet
  • Graduation Order Sheet
  • Homecoming Order Sheet
  • Preschool Order Sheet
  • Prom Order Sheet
  • School Order Sheet
  • Sports Order Sheet 

Order Form Templates come in PSD files and JPEG files

**Please Note: I am not a lawyer, I'm a photographer and these are the contracts we use. Please have your lawyer look them over to make sure they are suited for your company or if any changes need to be made specifically for your state, region or country. All contracts can be completely customized to your business. 


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