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Barely is an absolute must-have for any photographer considering boudoir photography or currently offering boudoir to clients. This 24-page magazine is incredibly easy to customize and features a multitude of professionally written articles and breathtaking design and hand-painted illustrations centered on making your potential clients feel comfortable and excited about their upcoming Boudoir session. Comprehensive articles contain valuable detailed information about the Boudoir process for your clients and make planning their photo session a snap. Barely will add class and elegance to your current brand or help you define a new look for your studio. There is currently nothing like's "Barely" on the market.


  • 24 pages fully designed plus front & back cover
  • Photographer introduction and client welcome greeting
  • Detailed description of the Boudoir session process from start to finish
  • Article featuring your go-to hair and makeup artist
  • Article describing the post-production retouching process and the limits of what your studio will or won't retouch for the client (eg. it is possible to remove blemishes and add glowing skin tones, but your studio cannot remove a waist size or major features)
  • An article about bring comfortable in a boudoir photo session situation and fun fill-out worksheet for your client to tell you what makes her most comfortable so you can plan the session accordingly
  • Comprehensive 4-page what-to-wear guide with breathtakingly detailed illustrations
  • Investment page with packages, pricing, and product add-on information
  • Client testimonials area
  • Lots of room to show off your images in both collages and full pages
  • Sparkly details and sophisticated typography
  • Save money on printing marketing materials by keeping all information about your process and studio in one magazine

Scroll through the images at the left to see examples.

Oh, and get this: you can have this entire guide printed or send it out electronically. Printed versions are perfect for fair or festival booths, leaving around at local eateries or establishments or for mailing. The e-versions are also super convenient. Just attach the guide in an email to any potential client who has questions about your services and watch your calendar fill up. 

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