500+ TikTok & Instagram Reels Video Content Ideas for Photographers | Photography Social Media Prompts

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16 pages of content ideas for your TikTok/Instagram audience,  587 Total TikTok Video Content Ideas

These are prompts and do not tell you how to do the actual videos but they provide the actual idea so you don't have to come up with constant content.


Photographers, you know that you need to pivot your photography business social media content to video, but you are struggling with ideas on what to post to your photography TikTok/Instagram Reels account. We came up with over 500 content ideas to help with your videos! 

TikTok/Reels videos are a great way to help your potential photography clients get to know you, like you, trust you, and book you! With tons of photography video content ideas for wedding photographers, portrait photographers, newborn photographers, birth photographers, maternity photographers, senior photographers, and boudoir photographers, you won’t run out of video content ideas!


These video content ideas are broken down into these categories:


Photography Video Content Ideas & Tips

  • 13 Call to Action examples
  • 31 General Video Ideas
  • 114 Hook Ideas
  • 80 Wedding Niche Video Content Ideas
  • 33 Wedding Vendor video Content Ideas 
  • 56 Portrait Video Content Ideas
  • 32 Portrait Networking Ideas
  • 35 Newborn Video Content Ideas
  • 21 Newborn/Maternity/Birth Networking Ideas
  • 16 Maternity Video Content Ideas
  • 12 Birth/Fresh 48 Video Content Ideas
  • 43 Senior Video Content Ideas
  • 19 Senior Networking Ideas
  • 67 Boudoir Video Content Ideas
  • 15 Boudoir Networking Ideas

You'll receive a pdf with all of these content ideas + tips! 

     Scroll below to see samples! 


    Hook Ideas (we go over what a hook is in the guide):

    1. Want To Step Up Your ______ Photos? Here’s How!
    2. Having A ______ Soon? Here’s Why You Need A ______ Session!
    3. 3 Things To Avoid Before Your ______ Session
    4. 4 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Your ________ Session

    Wedding Video Content Ideas:

    1. Do I have to feed my wedding photographer
    2. Don’t make theses 2 mistakes during your wedding ceremony
    3. How many hours do I need to book my wedding photographer for?
    4. How to have the best couple photos during your wedding
    5. What photos should I put on my shot list for my wedding photographer? 

    Portrait Video Content Ideas:

    1. #1 Tip to take the stress out of picture day 
    2. Where should I have my next family session? 
    3. What To Bring To A Family Session
    4. 3 ways to prepare for your family session

    Newborn Video Content Ideas:

    1. 6 Tricks to keeping your newborn happy during your session
    2. Composite Images & Newborn Photography Safety
    3. My baby is already born, can I still book a session?
    4. Why is it so important to do newborn photos within the first few weeks? 

    Senior Video Content Ideas:

    1. 5 Tips For The Perfect Outfit 
    2. 5 Tips To Prepare For Your Senior Session
    3. Choosing the Right Accessories for Your Senior Portraits 

    Boudoir Video Content Ideas:

    1. False eyelashes... yay or nay?
    2. Fave shops for all-things lingerie 
    3. Finding the perfect boudoir outfit! 
    4. Finding the right pair of shoes! 


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