The Ultimate Mini Session Guide: Business, Posing & More!

While this grand guide covers mini sessions, it’s anything but “mini.” With expert guidance from BP4U’s own Brooke Bustillos, a successful photographer and entrepreneur, and Nicole Speer, a noted family photographer with an incredible eye for style, this mini session guide is a one-stop-shop sort of manual that will rouse your creative bug and truly motivate you. 


Three Reasons You Need This Guide: 
- Mini Sessions are an excellent way to bring in more business and make more money. This guides shows you how to expertly host a mini session that’ll have future clients knocking on your door. 
- Nicole Speer and Brooke Bustillos are authorities in the photography world and their expertise is unparalleled. They impart their wisdom in a way that inspiring, motiving and, most importantly, extremely helpful. You’ll walk away more knowledgeable and ready to take on your next mini session. 
- You’ll be privy to not just the glamorous aspects of a mini session, but the nitty gritty, less-than-enchanting aspects, too. For example, you’ll learn how to deal with uncooperative kiddos, rainy days that force you to reschedule and way more.
  • A 108 page ebook all about mini sessions. This guide also comes with 56 posing cards to take these tips and poses with you on the go!

    Our Ultimate Mini Session Guide is comprehensive, ensuring you definitely get your money’s worth. You’ll learn how to price a mini session, how to expand your niche and bolster your client roster and how to set up a “Mini Session Rep” program with the kind of business savvy that’ll have others begging you for your secret.

    That’s just the beginning, too. This guide also goes into great detail on selecting and buying props without breaking the bank and teaches you how to artfully style your mini session sets. In addition, Nicole Speer shares dozens of her favorite photos from past mini sessions and gives you the posing how-to.

    Topics Covered:


    • How to price mini sessions
    • Mini session scheduling tips
    • How to expand your niche to bring in more clients
    • Thinking outside the box
    • How to make the most profit in your mini sessions
    • Mini session VIP program
    • Mini session Rep program

    Posing & Set Up

    • In studio holiday mini sessions
    • Vintage summer mini sessions
    • Tree farm holiday mini sessions
    • Posing ideas to get you the poses you need in the limited time you have!

    Also answers to these questions:

    • How do you determine how many mini sessions to set up per day?
    • How far apart should you space them out?
    • How far out do you book mini sessions and when should I have my images and products delivered?
    • How many times per year should I offer mini sessions?
    • What are the most popular themes for mini sessions?
    • How should I keep my ideas organized?
    • What do I do if I buy props and don't use them?
    • I'm on a tight budget - how do I find deals on props?
    • What holidays do you offer mini sessions for?
    • How far in advance before the holidays do you start marketing mini sessions?
    • How do you market them?
    • How far before the holiday do you start shooting them?
    • What is the turnaround time for image delivery?
    • Do you offer any product incentives for example holiday cards for Christmas minis?
    • How do you pick out your props?
    • Do you do all of your holiday mini sessions outdoors or do you have an indoor location for the winter months?
    • Is there any difference in the setup that you do for different seasons? For example fall versus spring?
    • Do you find that it's harder to book stylized minis over seasonal minis?
    • Do people pay less for your stylized sessions over seasonal since it's your theme and not one of their choosing?
    • How do you advertise stylized sessions?
    • Where do you get your inspiration for your stylized mini sessions?
    • Do you give the clients wardrobe suggestions to match your vision?
    • How many mini sessions do you offer per year?
    • Is there a set minimum of images you always give?
    • Have you had any experiences buying props you thought would work but didn't?
    • What props do you suggest for those on a tight budget?
    • What are the three best things you've ever done to increase your mini session business?
    • What are the three biggest mistakes you've made when it comes to mini sessions and what did you learn from each?
    • What do you do if a mini session goes longer than the set mini session time?
    • How do you handle if a client wants more time, but doesn't want to pay more?
    • What do you do if the client is sick on the day of the mini session?
    • What do you do if you're sick on the day of the mini session?
    • What happens if your images from the mini session do not meet the client's expectations?
    • How and where do you advertise for your mini sessions?
    • Do you have an assistant that goes and helps you?
    • Do you limit the amount of people per mini session?
    • What if you have a child who won't cooperate? What do you do since you're on limited time?
    • What's the three worst mini sessions experiences you've had and what did you learn from each?
    • Why do you offer mini sessions?
    • Do you notice that people book less of normal packages when you do offer mini sessions?
    • What is your pricing for mini sessions? Is it much different from your normal sessions?
    • How did you decide on how much to charge for your minis?
    • Do you offer digital images?
    • What do you do if someone is late to one of the mini sessions?
    • What is your policy on no-shows?
    • What's the hardest thing you've found when it comes to selling mini sessions?
    • Do you ever offer mini sessions for a client even if it's not a mini session day?
    • What are the must-haves that you take with you to every mini session?
    • Can you show me a sample session reminder email for your client.
    • Let's say you're struggling with a certain pose. How do you know when to move on to the next pose?
    • How do you start each session?
    • How long do you spend warming up?
    • How do you get the child to warm up to you over such a short time?
    • How do you make the shorter sessions not feel so rushed?
    • What do you look for when choosing a location for mini sessions?
    • How does the scheduling on the day of the sessions work?
    • How far in advance do you have the next mini session arrive?
    • Do you have them come early and wait so you can shoot on time?
    • How many images do you give to the client? Do they just get color or do you do black and white as well.
    • Have you ever had a client ask for a refund off their full priced session after seeing your mini session sale?
    • What do you do if the weather is bad?
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    This guide is awesome! At 108 pages, it is jam packed with info. I just a few days ago bought a similar guide that was $20 for only about 20 pages and after looking at it and how much fluff was in there, I felt like I wasted my money. Wish now I had not bought it and just waited for this guide only because it is well worth the money, especially if you get it at 90% off. - Brandon

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    *limited time only/sponsored guide*

    Are these posing cards printable?

    Yes. We include digital files in both high and low resolution - high res for printing and low res for mobile devices. These will print these off as a 3x5. Many of our clients will print these off, punch a hole in them, put a ring on them and put them in their camera bag. Makes a great way to get out of a bind if you're having a brain freeze during a session. Need help loading your posing cards to your iPhone/iPad/iPod? Click here for a tutorial.

    Can I print this guide?

    Yes, you most certainly can! If you'd prefer to read your guide in print instead of digitally, feel free to print this guide for your own personal use.

    I keep getting errors when I try downloading the guides. How can I fix this?

    No problem. Try copying/pasting the link into a new tab. If that doesn't work, try using a different internet browser. (I.E. if you're using Internet Explorer try switching to Safari or Google Chrome to download the links)

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