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One of our most beautiful, modern fashion guides yet. A must-have tool in any photographer’s back pocket to help answer clients’ classic question of “what should I wear to my photoshoot?”. Based on color authority Pantone®‘s warm season color report for fashions, this deliciously minimal guide offers eight simple outfits to keep your clients looking and feeling cool in the sunlight. Clients won’t have to look far to piece these great looks together - they’re comprised of solid-color basics that can be found in a single shopping trip. Eight outfit ideas are delivered in three formats for easy viewing on the iPad Retina, earlier iPad versions, and via web or email media. Quickly add your studio name and contact details for a client-ready product in minutes.


  • Nine designs (eight outfits and one overview spread) with men and women’s fashion pairings based on Pantone®’s 2014 warm season color report for viewing on the iPad Retina
  • Nine designs formatted for viewing on older versions of the iPad
  • Nine designs formatted for posting on the web, social media, or in emails to clients
  • A .PDF file of professionally written descriptions of each color and outfit pairing to get your clients excited about photo day
  • Time-saving and ready to post to your favorite media outlet: just add your photography studio name into the designs and you’re done!
  • All elements on separate layers for easy customizing
  • Compatible with Photoshop and Photoshop Elements
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Adobe Photoshop CS & CC
Adobe Photoshop Elements
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Formatted for iPads and Web Media

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