Senior Posing Formula Cards by Kelly Broyles Photography

*Please note: not all poses shown.*

Want a lot of poses in a short amount of time so you can keep profits high with a variety of poses? This is for you!

Do you have difficulty posing seniors? These posing formulas are going to give you  different posing variations for your seniors at the touch of your fingertips. Download to your smartphone or tablet, or even print them. When you hit a roadblock during your session, you can easily refer to them. 

The difference between these and BP4U Posing Cards:

BP4U Posing cards have one pose per card, these cards have a variation of poses so you can easily get different looks in a matter of a minute! They help you transition into different poses so you can get the most looks in the least amount of time!

Immediate download available. 

Posing cards come as jpgs so you can easily add them as photos to your smart phones and tablets. 

Not all posing cards shown! 

What's Included:

  • 65 Senior Girl Poses
  • 40 Senior Boy Poses
  • 58 Prom Poses
  • 15 Senior Rep Poses

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