Quick Reference Cheat Cards for Weddings

This product includes 90 QUICK REFERENCE CHEAT CARDS.

What exactly is a quick reference cheat card? These quick reference cheat cards will help you when you need a quick reference for setting your camera settings. They will help guide you to change your camera settings correctly.

The picture cheat cards includes what lens was used and what settings were used to get that picture outcome. Also included are setting cheat cards to use as a quick reference when selecting your camera settings.

We include all the low res (to use on mobile devices) so you can take these cheat cards on the go! This includes DIGITAL VERSIONS ONLY! If you'd like your product printed, you can print these out for your own personal use. We also suggest laminating the printed versions if you would like to keep them printed in your camera bag! 

Feel free to put these on your smart phone, tablet, or smart watch! 


What's included:

  • Setting Cheat Cards (8 cheat cards)
  • Bridal Party (10 cheat cards)
  • Bride and groom (19 cheat cards)
  • Ceremony (7 cheat cards)
  • Details (9 cheat cards)
  • Engagement (5 cheat cards)
  • Getting Ready (5 cheat cards)
  • Reception details (7 cheat cards)
  • Reception (13 cheat cards)
  • Rings (7 cheat cards)



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