Pose Like the Pros: Senior Portraits

"For the longest time, I've been dying to offer something like this to the Photography Community. With the extraordinary help of BP4U Photography Tips & Guides, we bring you Pose Like the Pros: Senior Portraits

These poses work great with Tweens as well! 

*Click thumbnails to view additional poses, not all poses shown.*

ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you could ever want to know about is inside this very guide. I've poured so much of my heart, soul & knowledge into this guide. It's my baby & I'm so eager to share this with you ALL!!! It is a must have for any Senior Photographer out there." 
--Stephanie Pana

Check out the Stephanie Pana Photography page where she continues to inspire over 20,000 people daily. 

We're thrilled to have worked with photographer Stephanie Pana -- one of the country's most talented teen portrait photographers -- on our Pose Like the Pros: Senior Portraits. This 150+ page guide has covered it all.

Pana details networking, casting calls, location scouting, props, editing and pricing. She also goes into the kind of detail on posing senior girls that you could only get from someone who's been doing it -- and with much success, we might add -- for years.

Pana doesn't just haphazardly slosh through the mud, either. She gets into the nitty gritty details of posing senior girls in order to bring out their personalities, make them feel beautiful and get the most flattering shots possible. You'll learn how to pose teen females sitting, standing, leaning, walking, lying and squatting. No detail is left out, either, as Pana makes sure to cover even the littlest things such as arm placement, hand positioning, leg placement and facial expressions.

Not only will you be glad you read this guide from front to cover, your clients will be ecstatic when you show them their photographs. And you know what a happy client means? More business!

Three Reasons You Need This Guide:

1. Stephanie Pana is one of the leading expert photographers when it comes to teen portraiture. Learn from the best to become the best.

2. You get mega bang for your buck. At over 150 pages chock-full of details, this is one of those guides you'll continue to learn from and refer to over the years.

3. Not only does this guide cover posing and editing, it discusses networking to garner more business, pricing schemes, location scouting and more. 

**Please note, all BP4U guides are ebooks and will be delivered electronically!

(Previously Titled: Modern Posing for Senior Girls; The Ultimate Guide for Posing Fashionistas; The Pro's Guide To: Senior Girl Photography)

  • A 158-page guide all about posing senior girls. This product also includes 78 posing cards so you can take these tips with you on the go!

    {Topics Covered}:

    • How to efficiently and successfully find new clients/network
    • How to search for the perfect session locations
    • Examples and tips for your model casting calls
    • How to prepare for your upcoming session and knock it out of the park
    • An extensive guide on how to pose senior girls
    • Tons of photograph examples to inspire your own sessions
    • What to say in order to get your clients into the right position
    • Instructions for hand/arm/leg/body placement
    • Instructions for facial expressions
    • How to make your clients feel comfortable and beautiful
    • How to thoughtfully incorporate accessories and props into your sessions
    • Editing with before and after examples
    • BONUS! This guide also includes Stephanie's critique of real-life images on how she would have shot them and what we could have done differently to get the best results
    Also includes answers to these questions!
    • Where do you get your inspiration?
    • What equipment did you have starting out?
    • What equipment do you currently use?
    • How did you build your portfolio in the beginning?
    • How do you deal with the downs of photography and creative flow?
    • Do you ever offer discounts?
    • How long do your sessions last?
    • How many outfit changes do you allow on the sessions?
    • Do you have a makeup artist? If it's included within your packages do you let clients take it out?
    • Do you allow people to come on the session with your clients?
    • Who do you use for your hosting?
    • Who do you go through for your blog?
    • Who do you go through for your online gallery hosting?
    • Who is your lab?
    • It seems like you only shoot attractive people - how does that happen?
    • What happens if their outfit isn't the best?
    • How did you know when to increase your pricing?
    • Do you let your clients pick which photos are edited? If so, how do you let them preview the photos?
    • How many images do you take and how many images will they receive? How many do you tell them they will receive?
    • What happens if the client shows up late? Do you charge more?
    • How did you come up with your branding? What is it and why do you feel it suits your business? Did you make it or did you outsource? Please tell us the importance of branding in your business?
    • What are your go to camera settings for outdoor sessions?
    • How do you deal with clients who many have known about your old pricing but you have new pricing - how did you handle that situation?
    • What's your must have lighting situation?
    • What's your go to portrait lens?
    • How do you use social media?
    • You talk a lot about personal things on social media, how do you know what subjects are off limits and what aren't?
    • How do you go about scheduling sessions?
    • How did you market when you first started out?
    • How do you market towards seniors today?
    • How do you use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to market your business?
    • Do you have go to poses for plus size clients?
    • How did you learn your photography?
    • What if the client is wearing something that shows a lot of cleavage? How do you deal with that?
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    "Listen, this description does not even give this guide justice. #notevenkidding If I were to only purchase one guide from BP4U, this would be it. Portrait photogs--if you're even considering shooting senior girls, this is THE guide you need. It has completely changed the way I pose. I'm looking forward to trying some of these out with my brides this wedding season as well!" - Brooke B.

    "I cannot contain my excitement for the Pana guide!! She is a HUGE inspiration to me and I am stoked to learn her tips and tricks. I feel like a kid at Christmastime." - Charley

    "I loved Stephanie's use of descriptions and how she made them as simple and easy as possible! Made me motivated to get more senior clients! It was very informative, and an easy read. You guys hit perfection!" - Mary M.

    "Stephanie Pana Guide - it's HUGE! and has so much great information. I've read it, used it, read it again. It's not all fluff - it's not the same old, same old. Fantastic resource, well worth the money I spent on it!" - Darcie

    "Loved the FAQ. The guide would be worth it just for that! The photos are fantastic and I did like how they displayed what was being described. The variety was great! I loved her specific comments "smell your pit" "laser beam eyes... Love how she shared pricing. That's HUGE!" - Sarah C.

    "I would completely recommend this guide to any photographer that shoots senior portraits or even headshot type shoots. It's very thorough on poses. The layout and design was excellent - you get a feel for the photographer's brand and it is young, modern, and stylish. My overall opinion was that it was and excellently styled, detailed guide." - Amanda H.

    "I love how Stephanie used very conversational language, which made it an easy read. There is a vast amount of information and it's great to see another photographer's perspective and journey into the professional side of the photography industry. The design layout was perfect- it went along with her style and the modern design elements of senior photography." - Lauren G.

    “Just started reading Stephanie Pana Photography's new guide to senior

    girl photography & already have learned SO MUCH about posing, lighting,

    & just making them feel comfortable. I HIGHLY recommend it to anyone

    seriously considering photographing senior girls.”

    - Molly B.

    "I only just glanced at all the material and already I got my money's worth!" --Michele B.

    "I'm on pages 37/38 of your Senior Posing Guide & I just have to say this has SO MUCH MORE than I expected in it. It's well worth more than the $30 pre-order price I paid & I can't explain how much I love it already! Thank you so much for this!"-- Lea

    "You. ARE MY HERO! I have been looking at the Senior Guide that I just got and I LOVE it!!!! I can't thank you enough for all your time and effort putting this together and SHARING the info too! I have been soooo stuck in posing that it's driven me to tears. I now have tears of joy... seriously! And the bonus features, SA-WHEET! And I LOVE the posing guide that I NOW have downloaded to my iPhone! If I were closer, I'd "squeeze you till you pop!" (something that is usually only reserved for my precious kiddo). :D Thanks again for all your hard work on this! I think I have honestly learned more in just reading the posing cards than I've learned in my last several years of running my business combined! *hugs*" --Sparrows Heart Photography

    "Holy moly Stephanie! Your guide is incredible!!! I'm buzzing with excitement reading through it, can't wait to get out and try what I've lernt! Amazing job with it!! Wooo!" - Stefanie

    "Best , I mean BEST guide I've ever seen!!" - Julianne

    "I spent the last 5 hours reading through the whole guide last night and it is TRULY amazing! It was so much better than I even expected! One of the best business purchases I have made." --Erica

    "I would like to say thank you for bringing this wonderful guide to BP4U Guides. By far this has been the most helpful Senior guide I have ever come across! I want to thank Stephanie for sharing her knowledge and experience so selflessly. I know this is a guide that I will read again and again. Posing is my biggest struggle and I've learned a great deal and love the posing cards!" --Carrie L.

    "I bought the pro guide for Senior gals...and was blown away by the results the very first shoot! I think it was the best one Ive ever done just by following some fresh simple poses!" --Luanne

    "This guide is AMAZING...thank you! First session with it...was beyond anything I have shot before!!! If you don't have it...get it, totally worth it! You will go from letting them "strike a pose" to posing with a purpose and it will reflect in the results you get." -- Lexilu Photos

    "I have SO many of the products, and the have helped immensely in this journey. Right now I'm loving Stephanie Pana's Senior Guide because of the gorgeous inspiring photos."

    "Stephanie Pana and Ashley Nacke guides are by far the best, and I have nearly ALL your guides. Lots of great info, loved them! And not filled with 'fluff' or ads for other products. :)" - Photo Magic

    "I recently purchased Stephanie Pana's senior guide and it was awesome. Her detailed descriptions of poses were great and had some many variations to a single pose." - Katie

    "Stephanie Pana Pro's Guide is well thought out and great for inspiration (both seniors and lifestyle in general)!"

    "The Stephanie Pana guide to posing senior girls? In one word ... awesome!" - Clare

    "Whilst I havent put it into practice yet it (The Pro's Guide To: Senior Girl Photography) was bloody brilliant!" - Juanita

    "The recent seniors posing guide is a fantastic tool to use for teenagers and young adults who aren't comfortable in front of the camera and have no idea how they should 'pose' etc." - Contagious Photography

    "The Pro's Guide To: Senior Girl Photography {Advanced} is my favorite because for the price it had a lot of useful information and I feel like I will never struggle with high school poses again." - TBM

    "... When I purchased The Pro's Guide To: Senior Girl Photography, my first collection went from standard to professional. It was simply awesome!!!" - Lexi Lu Photos

    "My favorite is the Pro Senior Guide written my Stephanie Pana. I think she's an awesome photographer, so when I heard she was coming out with a guide, I just had to get it. It was everything and more than I expected! I learned so much about working with young ladies. And I even take a lot of the information I learned from the guide and apply it to different situations, like photographing children and families. It's definitely a must-read for any beginning portrait photographer." - Becca

    "... and I love the Stephanie Pana senior photography guide! It's very specific on posing, styling and editing -- all of which I needed help on!" - Liv

    "Pana rocks my socks. I bought another guide from another senior photographer and it doesnt even compare to all the information I received in this one. Ah. Maz. Ing! Fantastic and SO worth every penny!" - Ray

    “Since I use my posing cards on a weekly basis I'll say those are my favorite. Not only are there tons of poses to choose from but also give tips and came in multiple formats! I printed the cards out, had them laminated, punched a hole in the top and then attached a ring so that they are easy to go through and since they came out so nice I even let some clients pick out some fun poses they like.” –Monika

    "Love my Stephanie Pana posing guide. I think it has given me a competitive advantage." -Sue

    "I get stuck sometimes when it comes to posing and the ability to pull it up on my smart phone is GREAT!"

    "Stephanie Pana pro guides have been a real eye opener. The detailed info and included shots are incredible. I'm a part time pro newborn tog and can always learn more about other genres. Seniors are fascinating and Stephanie's guides are a must read as she shares so much!" -Juanita

    “This guide is awesome, well explained, and definitely written by a great photographer.” – Yahairas

    "This guide saved me!" -Jacalyn

    "This is so helpful when stuck in a rut on a shoot. And all the poses are different from what other photographers in my area do." -Rachel

    "Stephanie Pana Pro's Guide. I love her work and this guide was SO full of valuable information and behind the scenes looks. It made me want to get out and do a bunch of senior sessions!" -Frame This Photo Photography

    “When I first starting photographing Seniors, this guide was essential. Now that I have been doing it for a while, I refer to it before every Senior girl shoot I do! It doesn't just give you posing ideas, but how to interact with your Seniors which is crucial to getting natural poses and portraits. It's not just helped me with Seniors, but posing women in general. Great guide!” - Wendy

    “I love this guide from Stephanie Pana. It is the best guide I have purchased and I got so many tips for posing. I especially love how she describes how she explains poses to clients and goes into detail about hand placing. Wonderful guide!” - Cara

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    Are these posing cards printable?

    Yes. We include digital files in both high and low resolution - high res for printing and low res for mobile devices. These will print these off as a 3x5. Many of our clients will print these off, punch a hole in them, put a ring on them and put them in their camera bag. Makes a great way to get out of a bind if you're having a brain freeze during a session. Need help loading your posing cards to your iPhone/iPad/iPod? Click here for a tutorial.

    Can I print this guide?

    Yes, you most certainly can! If you'd prefer to read your guide in print instead of digitally, feel free to print this guide for your own personal use.

    I keep getting errors when I try downloading the guides. How can I fix this?

    No problem. Try copying/pasting the link into a new tab. If that doesn't work, try using a different internet browser. (I.E. if you're using Internet Explorer try switching to Safari or Google Chrome to download the links)

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