How To Price Your Photography When Starting Out

While taking all those photos will prove to be a blast, determining your pricing and photography packages is a more tedious aspect of the job. It is a necessity, though! You need to afford the food on your table (and those lattes…), after all. But where do you start?

It can be quite overwhelming when it comes to setting up the pricing of your business. Let us help! This guide includes information and tips to help you figure out what's best for your company when you're first getting started. It also includes sample pricing packages that you can copy and paste and use as your own pricing to send out to clients.
PLEASE NOTE: This guide is for beginner photographers ONLY. Those photographers that have not started charging and are ready to take the plunge and start charging for their work. If you already charge for your work our next pricing guide (coming soon) will be a better fit! :)


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  • Have you been asking yourself or other photogs the following questions? If so, keep reading, this guide is just for you.

    • Are you giving away sessions for free?
    • Don't know how much to charge when you're trying to break into photography and actually make money?
    • Confused about how many images they should get and what they should get?
    • How much are prints?
    • How long is the session?
    • I want to offer weddings, but I don't even know where to start?
    • Do I have to include an album or the cd?
    • What about printing rights?
    • Travel charges?
    • Location charges?
    • Outfit changes?
    • Pricing Newborn Sessions
    • Portrait Pricing
    • Pricing for Mini Sessions
    • Prints and Products
    • Wedding Pricing
    • Adding Value to your brand
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    "Wow... I just want to thank you for "How to Price When You're Starting Out." I can't believe how well this described what I have been going through. You hit the nail on the head. I needed someone to tell me that I'm worth a fee. I love the way the guide is worded. It's as if you're sitting across from me, saying "STOP IT!!" I love it & thank you!" - Patti Morgan Crump

    "You should write a book. You are so freakin funny! Not only was I laughing out loud reading your "How to Price When You're Starting Out" Guide, but I couldn't put it down, and kept right on reading to your "You Can Make Me Look Skinny, RIght?" Guide. I thoroughly enjoy your writing and the peak inside your genius photography brain! And the best part is, you're so real! I tend to see great photographers on a pedestal, almost untouchable. But you make becoming a 'professional' photographer seem so within reach, as I am one that suffers with wondering if my work is "pay worthy." I have owned a salon for 8 1/2 years, and found a lot of things that you said to be motivational for that business as well. You ROCK! Thanks for writing your guides and for sharing REAL and USEFUL info for people like me." - Marissa Levy Insolia

    "I just got the pricing guide and started reading it. I am in tears, Thank you. People have been telling me this but I haven't been listening but hearing it from you I finally understand that "I don't work for Free, I work for a fee" I love this quote. Again Thank you so much." - Juana Greaves

    "I just got the "How to Price when you're Starting Out" guide- and HOLY SHIZZ! Its like Brooke is talking directly to me! This guide is so encouraging if you are just starting out! It made me want to cry ( in a good way ). She talks about everything in here... portrait pricing, how to tell clients you are raising prices in email, and how to figure what you should charge.. This is my favorite guide to date!! I've been working on my prices all morning !! You will love this guide!!" - Natalie McKee

    "I purchased the pricing guide and have to say it is exactly what I needed, the direction I need to go and gives me the confidence to actually start charging a fee for my time, passion and work. Thank you !!!" - Kelly L

    "Your pricing guide is AMAZING. read the whole thing in one sitting and made my website with updated prices immediately! Thank you!" - Corinne

    "I just bought the "How to Price When You're Starting Out" guide and I LOVED it! I've seriously been ready to give up this week but I felt so empowered after reading it! Thank you so much!" - Nicky

    "If it wasn’t for you and your guides, I wouldn’t be where I am today. That is the whole truth. I think it was the guide that said, “you have to start somewhere and you have to charge” (not so much in those words). I have followed you and your journey and am a HUGE fan of your work and all you offer when it comes to guides and what not. Thank you for all you do!" - Celeste Tobey

    So I, as well as thousands, am a HUGE fan of yours and have to tell you that I am moving forward with a plan to go 'pro' because of you. Am I scared - HECK YES! But you have helped ease fears by reminding me we are all human, are going to make mistakes, andwhat we do from that point is the difference!" - Tamara H

    Awesome!!! I just picked this up and the guide on pricing!!! I am new in my business venture and I am so thankful I found your site...I am sure I will be a regular!!! - Anne Kelley Photography

    The pricing guide rocks!! Thank you so much! Prices going up Jan 1! :) - Angie Hurst

    So I just finished reading your guide.. it's like you're talking my language. I feel a lot more confident in raising my prices for prints in the next few weeks!! - Natalie M

    I just wanted to say.. i bought your pricing guide..omg you rock, its like you literally know everything about me!! lol just wanted to say awesome, so glad i bought this!!! - Monica

    "I really like the business guides so far. "How To Price When You're Starting Out" gave me a really good idea of how I should set up my pricing if/when I decide to start making this a profession instead of just a hobby. In general, I like that BP4U focuses on building my business successfully and not just on products for editing - though, I do enjoy those as well." -Desiree

    "I really enjoyed the pricing guide. It helped me decide on how to price my packages." -Christine

    “I have to say a big thank you for creating this book! I was completely lost when it came to pricing and had no idea where to start and this led me in the right direction and and did so much more I can’t thank you enough for this awesome read!” - Alixzina

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