*BRAND NEW* Family Photography Monthly Social Media Content *Copy-Paste-Post* - 365 Posts Already done for you!

Just added 11/9/21

This product has family photography social media content for each day of the month! This product is divided by months so you can easily find things to say all throughout the year. 

This is completely new and different from our original Family Photograph Social Media Content

Everything is already done for you. These aren’t just prompts they are something you can copy-paste-post! So easy and is going to save you SO MUCH TIME.


Monthly posts have these types of statuses: 

  • Interactive/Tip Statuses
  • Preview Statuses
  • Sale Statuses
  • Tag-a-Friend Statuses 


As a professional photographer, it can be tricky to come up with new ideas for fresh text on our social media accounts. We are limited on time, and words seem to escape us after a while. It can be hard enough to come up with one status, let alone 365 for each day of the year.


Ask and you shall receive. With that said, here is the NEW 365 Social Media Statuses for Family Photographers! Never fear, one for every day of the year! These prewritten statuses include tips, interactive posts, motivational quotes, contests, and so much more.


Prewritten Family Photography Social Media Statuses are going to keep your current and potential future clients engaged on your sites. It is your time to stand out from other competitors and modernize the way you socialize online.


Scroll to the bottom to see more sample family photography posts!


Use these across all social media platforms including but not limited to Facebook and Instagram.


File type: PDF, Word Doc

Don't have Word? You can import the Word files into google drive and edit that way for FREE. 



I like to say, "What a shame, not to frame." My home is full of framed moments of sentimental value and I enjoy seeing them every single day. So I encourage all of my friends, family and clients to frame their favorite family photos.

If you have children, try to feed them about an hour before the photo shoot, so the hunger pains don't set in. You know how it can go when someone gets hangry!

If your child doesn't want their photo taken on the day, don't worry. Usually, it's because they are nervous or shy and it's normal. If I have some time to talk with them and they realize it's going to be a fun time, that apprehension usually melts away.

When I photograph families, we move around quickly, so the kids stay engaged. So your gallery will have quite a few backgrounds. You might want to save one location to post later in the year, like at the beginning of the holidays. People love never-seen-before photos. Do you think you will be able to wait that long to share?

I'm in love with the (insert name) family photos. Their family session was relaxed, fun and resulted in a gallery full of gorgeous images. Can you let me know which ones you like best in the comments?

Look at these adorable photos of the (insert family name) kids. They were running around, dancing, jumping and really giving it up for the camera. I wasn't complaining about their epic energy levels. Aren't they simply everything?

I'm always going for authentic moments during a session. Even if there is a moment that isn't perfectly composed, if it shows that meaningful connection, I will take it.

I have a confession. This romantic photo of the parents hugging looks so intimate, doesn't it? But the kids were literally hanging onto their legs at that moment, so I cropped them out. Anything to get the shot right?

Hugging, playing and being silly are all encouraged during my family photoshoots. I know you do it at home, so why not in front of my camera. There won't be much formal posing, but I will give you direction, and that's how we get those natural-looking images everyone loves.

 When the weather gives us a cloudy day for the family photo shoot you will notice I'm pleased. The cloud cover creates soft, even light and is wonderful for moody, authentic photography.

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