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You’re about to save yourself hours of time, frustrating moments of writer’s block, and improve your client relationships. Our All-Purpose Prewritten Photographer Content cover so much ground and can be used in countless formats ranging from client emails, social media posts, blog posts, welcome packets, brochures, and more.

I love how you can use this prewritten photography text in so many ways!

See what all is included at the bottom of this product. Scroll through the photos to see previews of some of the text. 

All Pre-written text is sent to you immediately after purchase.

File Format: Word Documents (doc/docx) & PDFs.

All content can be completely customized to your studio!

To help you navigate this product, we wanted to provide you with a straightforward breakdown. When you open up the main folder, you’ll find a series of folders for each niche of photography. Each of these folders contain text documents that can be copied/pasted wherever you’d like. In some you’ll see highlighted sections. These are parts where you must fill in the blank to personalize the text. You can also tweak the language however you desire. How’s that for flexibility?

You're absolutely going to love this prewritten text to use on your photography website. You can use prewritten text on your website, emails, brochures, blogs, about me sections and more! All you have to do is fill in the blank and copy and paste!

Check out some of the areas that we go over within this product...

About Me: This is a prewritten biography/intro to your business. These are written to be relatively non-specific, so feel free to color them with bits of information about yourself. Make sure to fill in the blanks, as well. These are great for brochures, welcome packets, and “About Me” sections on your website.


FAQs: Most niches have a list of commonly asked questions in that particular field. Some questions are repeats, naturally (every photog client, no matter the niche, wants to know how long it’ll take to get their images), but otherwise they’re pretty niche-focused. Again, these are great for brochures, welcome packets, and websites. You can also post one FAQ at a time to your Facebook page as a conversation starter, or even in your Instagram Stories (we recommend making them a permanent highlight).


Helpful Guides/Articles: These guides run the gamut from “Wearing the Perfect Outfit” to “What You Should Know About Your Session” to “Why Do I Need an Engagement Photographer?” to “When Should I Schedule?” These can be drafted into blog posts, posted onto your Facebook page, or added to welcome packets or brochures. You can also incorporate tidbits into Instagram stories.


Niche Intro: This is a bit of text you can put before you share your pricing or send your pricing over. It explains the process of what you cover and other details the client would need to know! However, it does not include the actual pricing lists. Just the text you would preface the pricing with.

Really, there are no limits with how you use this product! Just remember that anytime you need to write something, you always have this handy, comprehensive product to pull from! 


  1. Copy/Paste the document
  2. Fill in a few blanks and tweak however you desire
  3. Email, post, create a brochure or packet, etc.


Yup, it’s literally that easy!

  • What’s included within our 2020 Prewritten Text:

    Birth Photography:

    • About Me (140 words)
    • 10 Tips To Prepare For Your Birth Photography Session (Article - 391 words)
    • The Pro’s Of A Birth Session vs. The Pro’s Of A Fresh 48 Session (Article - 301 words)
    • Why Is Birth Photography Pricey? (Article - 236 words)

    Corporate Photography:

    • About the Studio: (137 words)
    • What is corporate photography and what are the benefits? (215 words)
    • Services Offered: See below
    • Professional Headshots (155 words)
    • Green Screen Services (99 words)
    • Environmental Portraits (61 words)
    • On-Site Business Interior Images (105 words)
    • Group Photography (63 words)
    • Marketing Campaigns (58 words)
    • Corporate Events (46 words)
    • Conferences (40 words)
    • Award Ceremonies (50 words)
    • Tradeshows (56 words)

    Family Photography:

    • About Me (90 words)
    • Do Not Match, Coordinate Instead! (149 words)
    • Preparing For A Family Session (182 words)
    • 5 Ways to Pump Up Your Kids For A Family Session! (Article – 253 words)
    • What To Bring To A Family Session (218 words)
    • Where should I have my next family session? (146 words)

    Fresh 48 Photography:

    • About Me (122 words)
    • My style (82 words)
    • What is Fresh 48 Photography (121 words)
    • The Benefits of Doing A Fresh 48 Session (120 words)
    • How to Prepare for Your Fresh 48 Session (Article – 305 words)

    General Photography Articles:

    • How to Relax Before A Photoshoot (244 words)
    • Preparing for Your Session (275 words)
    • Choosing the Right Professional Photographer (267 words)
    • Five Ways to Gift Your Professional Photos To A Loved One (264 words)
    • Location Ideas For Your Session (169 words)
    • Give The Gift This Season Of A Photo Session (237 words)
    • Why Hiring A Professional Photographer Is Important (445 words)
    • Referral Program (160 words)
    • 4 General Photography Bios (male/female specific)

    Headshot Photography:

    • About Me (322 words)
    • What to Wear (284 words)
    • 5 Reasons You Need Headshots (153 words)
    • The Buzz Around Mini Headshot Sessions (110 words)
    • Headshot FAQ (294 words)

    Maternity Photography

    • About Me (166 words)
    • My Gown Closet (188 words)
    • The VIP Treatment (122 words)
    • Why You Should Book A Maternity Session (Article – 234 words)

    Milestone Photography

    • Milestone Intro (74 words)
    • About Me (79 words)
    • The Perks of A Milestone Package (Article – 212 words)

    Mini Sessions:

    • Welcome Text (93 words)
    • Six Pointers for a Smooth Mini-Session (Article – 331 words)
    • Five Stylish Tips to Look Amazing in Your Mini-Session! (Article – 292 words)
    • How to Become a (insert studio) MINI VIP Client and Benefit With VIP Perks! (89 words)
    • Post Mini-Session: What Comes After (79 words)

    Newborn Photography:

    • Newborn Registry (96 words)
    • Now Offering Newborn Registry (113 words)
    • FAQ For Newborn Registries (135 words)
    • Newborn Intros: See below
    • Newborn At Home Lifestyle (88 words)
    • Bump to Baby Package (44 words)
    • Cake Smash Session (54 words)
    • Newborn Prints/Products (70 words)

    Personal Branding:

    • About Me (315 words)
    • What is Personal Branding Photography? (53 words)
    • What to Expect with a Personal Branding Session (149 words)
    • Investing in Yourself and Your Brand (120 words)
    • 5 Reasons to Have a Personal Branding Session (20 words)
    • How to Use Brand Photos in Your Business (36 words)
    • How to Use Personal Brand Photos to Showcase Skills (124 words)
    • Personal Branding FAQ (271 words)
    • Session Preparation Schedule (Article – 325 words)
    • Clothing Tips (219 words)
    • Hair Tips (163 words)
    • Makeup Tips (169 words)

    Pet Photography:

    • About Me (314 words)
    • Preparing For Your Pet Session (Article – 314 words)
    • Giving Back (126 words)
    • A Session With You & Your Fur-Babies (158 words)
    • Vendors We Love (177 words)
    • Pet FAQ (357 words)

    Photography Styles Intro:

    • Bright & Airy (67 words)
    • Dark & Moody (82 words)
    • Bold (52 words)
    • Whimsical (69 words)

    Real Estate Photography:

    • About Me (343 words)
    • Investment Intro (87 words)
    • A La Carte Options (284 words)
    • Tips for Real Estate Photo Sessions (190 words)
    • Real Estate FAQ (188 words)

    Senior Photography:

    • How to Pick the Right Senior Photographer (Article – 322 words)
    • Making Your Senior Session Stand Out From The Rest (Article – 421 words)
    • 5 Tips To Prepare For Your Big Day (Article – 218 words)
    • What To Include In Your Session (Article – 201 words)
    • Now Offering College Reveal Sessions! (Article – 334 words)
    • How To Become An Influencer For (Studio Name) (133 words)
    • Perks of Being an Influencer (62 words)

    Wedding Photography

    • 4 Wedding Bios (Male/Female/Wedding Team)
    • Why Is Wedding Photography So Expensive? (72 words)
    • It's just one day, why does it cost so much? (Article – 356 words)
    • 5 Mistakes That Can Make Your Wedding Run Late (379 words)
    • Sneak Away Session (91 words)
    • Time Buffers For Your Wedding Timeline (178 words)
    • Why You Won’t Regret Doing An Engagement Session (Article – 311 words)
    • Why It Is Important To Do A First Look Of Your Reception Area (94 words)
    • Why You Should Have Two Photographers On Your Wedding Day (Article – 351 words)
    • Wedding Registry (90 words)
    • Now Offering Wedding Registry (91 words)
    • Wedding Registry FAQ (197 words)
    • Pricing Intro (57 words)
    • Other Services Offered (157 words)
    • Wedding FAQ (460 words)

    Wedding Proposal:

    • Welcome (92 words)
    • Preparing the Magic (54 words)
    • Investment Intro (37 words)

    Wedding Elopement:

    • Say I Do Just Between the Two of You (140 words)
    • Five Things to Remember For Your Elopement (210 words)

    Samples of different types of prewritten text:

    Birth Photography:

    Why Is Birth Photography Pricey?

    Birth photography is so unique and unlike any other field of photography. In terms of cost, it is similar to high-end wedding photography. It is not for the faint of heart and requires serious dedication and skill.

    I knew when I chose this for my profession, that I would someday miss a holiday, anniversary, or party. I commit and blackout a specific month from vacations, concerts, shows, and other events. I can’t book two sessions a day, let alone in one week. For 3-4 weeks, I am on call at any given time. There have been times where a labor and delivery session lasted one hour, and there was also a time where it lasted 36 hours. Instead of planning for a regular shoot, I have to find childcare for my children with a very short notice for an unknown amount of time.

    My life is put on hold while you become my top priority. My ringer on my phone is on loud and on my side at any given moment. With my top of the line equipment, I can shoot in any given lighting situation. Not every photographer is comfortable with live birth. I plan on seeing and smelling blood, vomit, and feces. At the same time, I know my place with you, your partner, and the hospital staff. I am honored to share this experience with you and give it the respect it deserves.

    Corporate Photography:

    What is corporate photography and what are the benefits?

    Running a successful business in today's market is strongly dependent on making a personal connection with your customers and audience. Being able to relate a face to a business is a part of building that connection. Photography can be a powerful tool to enhance your company or business. Sharing your captured, business-related moments or portraits can impact an opinion or relate to potential clients and entice them to pursue business with you.

    Clients need to be visually stimulated, and with the vast amounts of media out there, you need to make sure your brand stands out. That's where we come in to help! Branding your company will linger in the minds and hearts of customers, demonstrating an authentic side of the business that differentiates the company from outside competition. Your images will appear on websites, in brochures, and, most importantly on social media. What clients prefer to see is who makes up the business’s backbone. When you keep your website or social media page modernized with professional photographs, they can see you are up to date and genuine.

    You have a great brand, and your business is going smooth, so now it’s time to put in that little extra spark to keep the brand current. Adding regular photographic media can help your company achieve this.

    Newborn Photography:

    Now Offering Newborn Registry

    My newborn baby registry is a complimentary photography gift registry for parents who are expecting little ones! Your friends and family can now purchase you something truly meaningful and memorable.

    So, how does this work, you ask?

    It is simple to do! All you do is email (studio) and inquire in the gift registry. The registry becomes live on (website) for you to share with others. Ta-da!

    All of the information on the page will give directions and information to provide purchases and gift credits in increments of $25.

    Gift givers who purchase a newborn registry card are mailed a certificate to give to you a baby gift or at your baby shower.

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