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Want to figure out how you can grow your photography Facebook page and group? This is LOADED with ideas that will activate engagement across your Facebook business platform.

450 copy/paste Facebook prompts to put on your page and within your group to grow your reach and get more likes! 

Bonus sections include: 

  • Instagram and Snapchat sections
  • Live Video Ideas and Interview Questions to get the most out of your live video feeds 
  • Social Media Contest/Giveaway Starters

Niches that are included in this product:

  • Family & Kids
  • Senior
  • Wedding/Engagement
  • Maternity/Newborn
  • Boudoir

These templates come as a word document file that you can copy and paste into your social media applications! Easy as pie! 

You could spend oodles of cash on Facebook advertisements that may or may not work or… you could simply increase your organic reach by engaging your current and future clients! The truth is that the more people who interact with your posts – whether it’s a simple “like” or a comment – the more likely other people will see the post, as well. This is because Facebook prioritizes posts that are getting a lot of action, and it also keeps the post refreshed in your clients’ newsfeeds.   

We’ve developed a very special product that not only helps you increase organic reach with your clients, but also builds rapport and a deeper connection with your clients, as well. That means that even if a potential client isn’t in the market now for a photographer, they’ll think of you first when it’s time for them to book! Because you’re building a community of engaged followers, your total number of followers will increase as a side bonus. Pretty cool, huh? 

Each of the 90 statuses per niche topic (wedding and engagement, senior pictures, family and kids, maternity and newborn, and boudoir) have been written to prompt followers in a way that’s almost impossible to resist. The topics are highly pertinent to your niche, and act as creative conversation starters. Each set includes  

  • 30 conversation prompts that include a sneak peek from your recent session 
  • 30 non-image conversation prompts 
  • 10 contest ideas you can hold in your private Facebook group 
  • 10 live video ideas (which Facebook promotes without you paying extra) 
  • 10 prompts to drive traffic from your public page to your private group 

We’ve removed the hard work of coming up with conversation starters, and we’ve done so in a way that highly benefits you and your business. These are enough prompts to last you for at least three months, and many of the topics can be revisited again and again, as well. The best part is that not only will you gain more followers, increase your organic reach, improve your relationship with clients, and book more sessions, you’ll have fun along the way because these topics are fun and very specific to your niche! Go get ‘em, photog!  



300 Sales Statuses for Facebook

700 Prewritten Facebook Posts for Photographers

700 *MORE* Prewritten Facebook Posts for Photographers

Don't forget about our 30 day money back guarantee! 


    Remember there's over 90 per niche in this product!

    Not all statuses/prompts shown, just a few to give you an idea of what is included!

    Non-Photo Status Prompts/Building Fan Engagement:

    1. OK parents – what’s the ONE toy you regret buying for your kiddo? And to keep things balanced, what about the one you love the most?
    2. PHOTO TIME! I want to see the last drawing your child did no matter WHAT it is! Post in the comments below!
    3. I have a VERY important question for you all. How did you decide on your wedding venue? And how many did you have to look at before you found the perfect one?
    4. Can we get some maid of honor love going here? Tag your MOH in the comment section and give her a shout out!
    5. Who here is still narrowing down their college choices? Care to share which ones you’re torn between?
    6. Let’s talk graduation parties! Has anyone rented out a space to host theirs, or are you doing it at home?
    7. PHOTO TIME! Can we get a peek into your nursery setup? Post in the comments below!
    8. HAPPY BUMP DAY, my dear pregnant mommas! Can we see that gorgeous baby belly?
    9. Ladies who’ve gifted a boudoir session to their partner, I want to know what their reaction was! Shocked? Impressed? Surprised? REALLY HAPPY? Share!
    10. Have you ever had a professional blowout or had your makeup done before? (BTW, we totally include that in our boudoir sessions). What was the experience like?

    Live Video Ideas:

    1. An FAQ/Informational video on when and how to book family sessions. Discuss common milestones that call for family photos (such as children reaching a certain age, moving into a new house, etc.). You can also discuss package options, payment plans, and products available for purchase after the session.
    2. Do a live video of one of your clients getting the full pamper session (with permission from client). Talk about everything that’s getting done, from hair to makeup to skin, reveal what the value is, and make sure you have a good before and after!

    We encourage Live video interviews or you can use these interview questions for your blog! This is to help you network with different vendors in your area. Here's a sample of what we suggest for the family/children niche - interviewing an owner of a local children's boutique. We will give you a list of who to interview for your specific niche plus a list of questions to ask them!

    1. Interview with a Clothing Boutique
      • What style of clothes do you carry?
      • Do you have clothing for all ages or just adults?
      • What are some current "trends" in fashion (youth or adult)?
      • Do you have any tips for making clothes last longer?
      • Where's your favorite place to have your clothes dry cleaned?
      • What kinds of clothing photograph well?
      • Do you have any clothing recommendations for families on a budget?
      • What types of accessories do you carry?
      • How often do you hold sales or specials?
      • How often do you get new clothing in?

    Contest Status Prompts:

    1. I’m getting ready to release my magazine client guide, and need to choose a cover photo. I’ll be using an image from a session held within the last year! If we had a session together in that timeframe – and if you want to be on the cover – comment here and I’ll choose one of your photos to be in the running! The winner will be on the cover and will receive [a print credit/a frame image/a book/etc.], and the selected photo will be a random drawing!
    2. QUICK CONTEST! I always love seeing and hearing what parents do with the photos and products from their child’s senior session! Share what you did with your images and I’ll select a random winner on [date].

    Sneak Peak Prompt Samples:

    You'll notice a lot of these prompts ask questions at the end. Why is that? The more people interact on your page/group the more people will see the posts. We want to build an organic fan following for you!

    1. The [last name] family had the [funniest/sweetest/amazing] tradition of [share their tradition], and I was glad to capture it on camera! Do you have any family traditions?
    2. You know what? Sometimes the simplest backdrops make for the most memorable shots. Case in point: this photo I took of the [last name] family [in their bed/in the nursery/in their child’s playroom/on their family couch]. Which room in your house would be best for a session? Tell us or post a photo of the room in the comments below!
    3. I could not handle how gorgeous [@client]’s hair was in our recent boudoir session. She said she’s been doing a deep treatment with [list product] and it made me want to ask about your current go-to conditioner!
    4. We did my recent session with [@client] at the [list hotel or venue] and the décor was ON. POINT. What’s the most gorgeous hotel room you’ve ever been in?
    5. I think I love this sweet picture of baby [name] as much as I love [his/her] name! What’s your favorite baby name right now? Or better yet – if you’re expecting, what’s your baby’s name going to be?
    6. YES! TWINS! [@tag client] and [@tag client] just won the newborn baby jackpot. Anyone else here have twins or know a set of twins?
    7. Oh yeah, with a car like this, there’s no way we COULDN’T include it in [@name]’s senior pictures! Anyone have car envy right now? And do you remember your first car? Post the car of your dreams or your first car in the comments below!
    8. How [fabulous/handsome/lovely/suave] does [@name] look in these senior pics? [She/He] is graduating [this/next] year! Who else is part of the [year] graduating class? If you're not, tag someone who is graduating in [year].
    9. I loved photographing these two lovebirds at [@location], which is where they met [number] years ago! What's your "how we met" story?Tell us in the comments below.
    10. How positively dreamy is this bouquet? The flowers were done by [@vendor]. Do you know what your bouquet looks like, yet?

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