Creating A Successful Senior Photography Business

How To Book More Senior Photography Session Marketing Course

Need help finding your ideal clientele?

Did your social media tactics fail?

Want to try in-person sales in your senior photography business?

You've come to the right place! This 121 page e-course covers all this and more!

Includes over 3 hours of audio of BP4U's interview with Keala! Plus, a bonus video of how Keala edits her photos! It's like you're right there in a one on one workshop!

Don't have time to read right now? Download the audio version and listen to it on the go - in your car, at the gym, etc.!

This e-course is a collaboration between Keala Jarvis Photography and BP4U Photographer Resources.

I started out as a wedding photographer and my heart really wasn't in it. I've always felt like I was meant to photograph seniors. I made the switch and now I have created a senior business that has completely replaced the income I was making with weddings, which is something I never thought was possible.

There are so many great senior photographers in the world today, but many of them aren’t getting the right business or making as much money as they’d like because they haven’t figured out the business aspect or how to market themselves to get the business that they want. What’s happening here is so common with creatives, because when we create something, like photos, that’s where we thrive. However, when we’re doing it as a business, there are so many other plates we need to be spinning at the same time outside of our work and shooting. So usually, if your business is not where you want it to be, what that means is that you’re dropping a plate that’s slowly starting to fall off. I'm here to help you make sure that doesn't happen; I want to get your business on the right track to fulfill your goals. 

In this e-course, I'm going to walk you through how I run my business, which averages about $1,300 per senior session. I'll go over how I market with different kinds of social media, my in-person sales sessions, how to find your ideal client, and much, much more!

What they are saying:

"WOW!! This is hands down the best ebook I have ever purchased or read. It actually has useful information. Other ebooks I have read are all fluff, then at the end what you to buy something. I can't wait to read it again and take notes. Quick easy read with TONS of information." -Richard R




  • This 121-page e-course covers everything you need to know about the business of high school senior photography!
    • Then and Now:
      • Pricing
      • Finding Clients
      • Marketing
    • Finding Your Niche:
      • What is my ideal client?
      • How do I find my niche?
      • Once I've found my niche, how do I make the switch?
      • If I shoot different niches, should I have separate websites?
    • Marketing to Teens
      • Marketing Advice
      • The KJP Senior Experience
      • Marketing with Social Media
    • Pricing:
      • Building Your Portfolio with Model Calls
      • Deciding How to Price Your Work
      • Increasing Your Prices
      • Discounts and Incentives
    • Before the Session
      • Client Communication and Questionnaire
      • Pre-Session Consultations
      • Your Contract
    • Working with Hair and Makeup Artists
    • In-Person Sales (IPS):
      • Basic Information
      • The Ordering Session
      • IPS Session Workflow
      • Pricing for IPS
      • Upselling
      • Sales/Discounts
      • Products and Digital Products

    Plus, answers to these Frequently Asked Questions:

    • How many schools do you photograph seniors from?
    • Do you ever do group senior sessions?
    • How early do you try to book your senior sessions?
    • Do you shoot a lot of winter sessions?
    • Do you ever shoot indoors?
    • How many seniors per week do you try to book in?
    • Do you have any tips for getting followers on SnapChat?
    • How do your mini sessions work?
    • If the client is late, do you charge a late fee?
    • Since you do all of your sessions around golden hour, what do you do if it is cloudy or rainy?
    • Has there ever been a time where you raised your pricing and nobody would book at the new price? If so, what did you do?
    • Do you charge extra for additional locations or extra outfit changes?
    • What is the farthest that you will travel for a senior session?
    • What is the best decision that you’ve made for your business?
    • What kind of extensive edits do you do and how much do you charge for these?
    • How did you come up with your branding? Did you create it yourself or outsource it?
    • Do you have business insurance?
    • What would you tell someone who does amazing work, but is having a hard time booking?
    • What do you do during your slow season to maintain momentum in your senior business?
    • If there is a school with seniors you want to photograph, but you don’t have any current contacts in those schools, what do you do?
    • What would you suggest to someone who is moving to a new area on how to find clients when they don’t know anyone in their new area?
    • Did you ever have an IPS session that didn't purchase anything?
    • If you can tell your clients are apprehensive about spending the money, are there certain things you say to them to ease them into feeling comfortable about the purchase?
    • Do you have products or prints pre-printed for the client at the IPS meeting with their images in them?
    • How long do you tell your clients it will take for processing and delivery of their prints and products?
    • What does your packaging look like for client delivery?
    • What do you do about charging tax?
    • What if the client doesn't want to do the consult or ordering session at their house? Where do you do it then?
    • When trying to find your niche, what if you don't have a list of clients that you like or don't like because you're just building your portfolio and getting started...What do you suggest for these new photographers?
    • What if you try to do a giveaway and you don't have any luck?
    • What if the senior posts their photos and doesn't tag you? Do you reach out to them?
    • Are your weekend prices different than her weekday ones?
    • Is the senior typically the one reaching out to you or the parent?
    • What food do you bring to your viewing parties?
    • What if someone hardly orders anything during IPS?
    • Do you decide what your seniors’ hair and makeup will look like?
    • How are your BFF sessions set up?
    • How do you get to the point where you're making $1,300 per session?
    • What should senior photographers have on their social media bio pages?
    • How often do you change covers and profile pictures on your social media pages?
    • What makes a good cover and what makes a good profile photo?
    • I notice that you have videos on Instagram - Who shoots these?
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    "This guide has opened my eyes to the possibilities that my business can grow to. I am so excited to implement these ideas with my seniors! I feel confident that I will be able to reach my goals with these new methods." - Charlotte

    "Thank you Keala! What an outstanding reference for Senior Sessions! I feel humbled to be able to have read your Senior Photography Business model! Can’t wait to follow you and see more of your amazing work!" -Cynthia

    "Overall, it is fantastic as always! She is sharing so much valuable information! She really connects with these girls. Mood boards are such a great idea! Loved the links and the info on systems she uses. So helpful! I love the design! I liked that the areas where defined as Chapters and info was easy to locate. Loved the pictures, too! Inspiring as you read along. I loved the comparison section as we all started somewhere and it is good to know we are not alone. The social media info is especially helpful. Twitter!...really? I had no idea! There was also valuable info on getting out there instead of just using social media. Very professional in her approach to collaborate. What photographer cannot benefit from the section on discounts and incentives?! Thank you for stating that you don't work for free! Hallelujah! Also happy to see someone addressing working with hair and makeup artists. The In-Person Sales chapter is perhaps the most valuable section of all. It was quite helpful. Knowing how someone else does it and that it works is priceless." - Dana

    "Great senior webinar. Learned a lot" -Dion

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