21 Days To Grow Your Photography Business Course

This course is for all niches of photography!

In case you missed our 21 Days To Grow Your Photography Business Course when it launched, I am now making it available to everyone. It includes a 131 page ebook study guide that has all the lessons by days so you don't have to keep up within the group.

A $1 a day could mean literally changing the way you do business, getting more clients, increasing client interaction, increasing brand recognition and getting you on the right path with marketing and your social media. No matter where you are in your photography journey, I guarantee you I have new ideas that will spark inspiration within you to make these necessary changes to GROW YOUR BUSINESS. 

Feel like your work isn't good enough? Feel like no one is booking? Feel like your work is good enough but you still aren't booking? Feel like you are lost when it comes to social media marketing? Feel like you have no idea where to even begin with how to successfully blog? Pricing have you freaked out? Feel like your website isn't getting enough traffic? Do you want to network with other companies but not sure what to say? Move to a new location and having trouble getting your photography business seen? LET ME HELP YOU WITH ALL OF THIS AND MORE!

Who is ready to get started?! *RAISES HAND* 

Here's what makes this course different from every other course you've taken. 

  1. I'm giving you practical things you should be doing in your business to get RESULTS NOW. These techniques are proven techniques and have worked within days for course attendees that have followed my advice. I give you daily homework not just ideas. So you know each and everyday the steps you need to take to get... get what.. RESULTS! 
  2. You can interact with over 850 members in a private Facebook Group who have taken the course and who are actively talking about different business techniques daily. 
  3. You have the ability to @ me on the group and ask me questions about your business and I will actually respond back! I know a lot of people complain about low interaction in courses, and that's not the case. I believe a successful course takes time and interaction and that's what I want to give to you. 
  4. You will have all access to the group and study guide so you can work at your own pace! 

It takes 21 days to form a habit, let's get in in the habit of building a successful business!

Each day I will give you PRACTICAL things to do to grow your business. Each day we can discuss how to implement these strategies within all niches of photography and help each other! I can't tell you how much I have enjoyed putting this course together, so let me tell you what other people are saying about it. Click through the photos to see what people are saying about this course and what it has done for their business! 

Did I mention I give out exclusive freebies for my course members?!

Click here to see a sample of the course lessons! 

Some of the lessons included are:
  • Your site is your storefront
  • Are you generic?
  • Are you awesome?
  • Free photos?
  • Client data? What?
  • What every photographer should be doing on google
  • Becoming confident in your work
  • Where did your past clients go?
  • Tell your clients what you want them to do
  • Increasing your photography value via your pricing packages
  • Email marketing campaign strategy
  • What every photographer should be doing around the holidays
  • Name your own packages
  • Networking tips and strategies
  • Are you really thinking outside of the box? Let me help!
  • Viral blogging
  • Are you letting the lead die?
  • SEO tips
  • Referral rep programs, not just for senior photographers!
  • Networking with vendors and venues
  • Networking ideas for wedding photographers
  • Networking ideas for newborn photographers
  • Networking ideas for portrait photographers
  • Using welcome packets to go viral
  • The art of the FAQ page
  • Ask for the sale
  • Creating a sense of urgency
  • Building a tradition

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