188 Prewritten Blog Posts For Photographers + Forms!

We've bundled all of our best selling blog templates, forms and prewritten posts in 1 bundle! You'll receive 188 blog posts to take the stress out of blogging!

"Do you never have the time to blog? Do you know you need to, but just can't seem to get it done? This is the product for you! This is the ultimate blogging workflow system. Our pre-written posts make it so easy to come up with a blog post, you can get six blog posts done in the time it would normally take you to complete just one." --Brooke Parra

What's Included:

This bundle includes pre-written posts and forms for:

  • Birthing
  • Boudoir
  • Business *General Photography Posts*
  • Engagement
  • Events
  • Family
  • Kids
  • Maternity
  • Milestone
  • Newborn
  • Senior
  • Wedding
  • Fresh 48
  • Milk Bath Sessions
  • Gender Reveal
  • Content Articles for different niches
Do you ever get frustrated when it comes to blogging? Do you have a great time photographing sessions, and then you go to start blogging and can't remember anything? AT ALL? 
BP4U has the solution for you! 
We have created Fill-in-the-Blank Blog Posts + Blog Forms! These are pre-made blog posts, that will ROCK YOUR BLOGGING WORLD. All you have to do is fill in details about the session into the post, and viola...you have a blog post! 

I know what you're thinking.

“What in the world are blog writing templates?” Oh, I'll tell you what they are, fellow photographers. They're life savers. And timesavers. And sanity savers. Especially for those of you aren't exactly fond of blogging your sessions (or simply don't have much time to do so).

The truth of the matter is that blogging is vital to your business's health and success. Blogging gives potential (and current) clients a chance to see the kind of work you do and to read real-life testimonials from those you've recently worked with.

Our templates are super easy to work with and go hand-in-hand with our blog form questionnaires that we sell in the BP4U store.

We have bundled those forms with these templates to create the ultimate product.

Here’s how this works.

1. Shoot a session.

2. Send your client the blog form while you prepare their session preview photos.

3. Once they return the completed blog form and preview photos are edited, insert the information your client provided you into these templates.

It's really that easy!

Here's why we think this product is awesome sauce:

− The templates are easy to follow.

− They are engaging and will keep your clients returning to your blog to see what you've recently posted.

− Blogs are an extremely powerful tool that many photographers don't have the time/energy to keep up with.

− Blogging is vital to your online presence with Google.

− New clients will find you because of your blog and old clients can refer people to you via your blog.

Blogging can grow your business ten fold. Trust me on this.

Within these templates, we've also included some great opportunities for your clients to share their own stories. Now you don’t have to remember how the clients met or the funny story of how your client found out she was pregnant. They will fill all that out on the form! This makes your blog both easy to write and entertaining to your clients/potential clients to read. That's what we call a win/win situation for all! Give these forms to your clients to fill out, so they do most of the work for you!

We have added in a variety of posts to make your blogging unique. There are several different posts for each category, so you don't have to use the same post over and over again. AND with the client's answers to the questions, each post will be completely different!
**Please note, all BP4U guides are ebooks and will be delivered electronically!**
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    "BEAUTIFUL!! Time & Lifesaver!! PERFECT!! Until reading this I was dreading blogging because of the time and hassle, but now I think I might have to. I feel that everything was covered quite well! The wording was phenomenal and templates were perfect! I don't think you skipped a beat!!" - Arista

    "Blogging Made Easy - I love the questionnaires to send to clients. It makes it super easy to write posts." - Jennifer

    "I love Blogging Made Easy! I hate writing so this has cut my time down by so much to just be able to copy and paste and use my clients own words to describe their sessions." - Nadia

    "Blogging Made Easy is my favorite because I always struggled with words for blog posts. This has helped out tremendously!" - Colin

    "Blogging Made Easy is really great! It was helpful starting out my blog." - Lindsay

    "I am absolutely loving the blog templates! I love being able to just give a questionaire to a client and use that to fill in the blanks!" - Rose

    "I love having a way to blog about the experience from the client's perspective. It makes it a lot more interesting to readers."

    "Blogging Made Easy templates have been my favorite because they have saved me a large amount of time and just made my blogging, easy! :-) love them, thank you!" - Danielle

    ‘I think the blogging made easy is going to be my favorite, just got it yesterday and they are fabulous!!”

    "Blogging Made Easy! I love the pre-written questionnaires to send to clients." -Sydney

    "This book provides all of the prewritten blogs that I need to expose my company and give it a bigger look at the same time. Most photographers just dump your photos in a secured gallery and that is it. I think blogging helps show customers that you appreciate them." - Jason

    "Love the blogging made easy! I struggle with blogging and this has helped me tremendously!" –Marjie

  • How they work:

    Here's what you do - after the session, send the corresponding blog form to the client. For example, if you did a senior session, send them the senior blog form. Make sure they know that they won't see the preview until they send the completed form back; this will motivate them to send the form back ASAP. Then just plug in the details into the template, post, and you are done!

  • Digital versions only - Word Doc files included - The link will be emailed directly to you once your payment has been processed.

    I don't have Microsoft Word. Can I still use this product?

    You sure can! There is a free program that you can download called Open Office. This program allows you to open and modify Word documents. If you have any further questions about this, please contact bp4uguides@gmail.com and we can help answer them.

    I keep getting errors when I try downloading the guides. How can I fix this?

    No problem. Try copying/pasting the link into a new tab. If that doesn't work, try using a different internet browser. (I.E. if you're using Internet Explorer try switching to Safari or Google Chrome to download the links)

    Please see our refund policy found here.

  • This product is subject to the copyright of BP4U – © BP4U 2010-2014. All rights reserved.

    Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents for any purpose is prohibited. This product was made for the purpose of educational use for professional photographers. It is not to be resold or redistributed for any purpose, including, but not limited to: sharing in workshops, lectures, or other classroom settings.

    If you'd like to use any of our products for the purpose of group education, please contact BP4U directly at bp4uguides@gmail.com to see our bulk rates.

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