The Business of Wedding Photography

This guide is packed with all the information I wish I would have known when I was first starting out. Let me walk you through how I went from booking 12 weddings a year to 76 weddings a year in this 75-page business collection.

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(Previously Titled: The Beginner's Guide To: Getting Started in Wedding Photography/BP4U New Business Collection)

  • Topics Covered:

    • How I got started in wedding photography
    • How do you get started in wedding photography
    • What should be on your website to get your ideal clients
    • Pricing your wedding packages to sell
    • How to find brides and get them to come to you
    • How to book a bride without having to meet with them and what to say when they contact you online
    • How to book a bride if you do have to meet with them as well as what to take to the consult, what to say and what to do after the meeting is over
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    I Love, Love, Love these guides! Brooke is so down to earth, and straight to the point. I have a totally different attitude toward my photography business now, and the day after I read her Wedding Business Collection....I changed all my packages on my website, and booked a wedding that afternoon!" - Patricia

    "From the very first order I downloaded & read from you- I absolutely adored you! My husband got so annoyed because I kept reading off quotes & telling him how much I could get how you talk & describe things & your sense of humor. I have not come across anything that hasn't been wonderfully helpful & beneficial to me or my new business! That means the world to me!" - Jen M.

    "I have bought a TON of your guides and they are incredible. You write from a friend's perspective, not someone teaching or talking down, so it's very easy to understand and absorb. They've been an incredible help and are so inspiring!" - Mollie C

    "I recently purchased your guides for weddings, engagement, newborn, maternity, & senior girls sessions. They are soo soo helpful! and the pose cards that come with them are so valuable to me! At first I was on the fence about purchasing since I figured I could just google and find all the info I needed on posing but there is so much great info that I never would have thought about and now I am so glad I got these! I am completely re-doing the way I do weddings now thanks to your fabulous tips for booking weddings! Not only do you have some great info but its fun to read, I was cracking up the whole time! If anyone is thinking about purchasing these DON"T WAIT! I promise you, you will not regret it!!! Thank you again for your outstanding tips!!" - Bridget

    I finally got around to unzipping all of the downloaded wedding/engagement files and I am totally in awe at how much amazing and excellent information there is. I just love the card guides - will get them printed as photographs and have a little plastic sleeved pocket book made (very professional :). I'm only a amateur photographer, but improving all the time. Up until this morning had absolutely no idea on where to start with making it more of a paying-for-itself hobby. I have a little engaged couple whom I am going to grab ASAP!! Again- thank you for an outstanding product, excellent advice and after-sales service with my previous order." - Sharon Q

    "I've spent the day reading how to sell a wedding today. I love your candor and insight! I see another one I am going to get!" - Holly Dawn

    "Hi Brooke! I just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying your fun, down to earth style of guides!!! I purchased the wedding bundle and this one and you are making my life as a beginning photographer so much easier! Thanks so much for your great style and super informative guides!" - Laura F

    "Yesterday I purchased the 'complete collection' from BP4U.. WOW.. the service was fast and friendly, and the collection - DOUBLE WOW!! I don't think I will ever need any other engagement/wedding inspiration, well set out, worded just like you were sitting in front of someone having a talk, lots and LOTS of helpful hints and tips. The posing cards dealt with so many different situations, and personality types, amazingly comprehensive. The business guide was just wonderful too, filled in so many gaps in my thought process... I will never look anywhere else for inspiration." - Carol Shearman

    "I also bought your wedding business guide and HOLY CRAP is it amazing. You're a genius...and so freaking adorable. Thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge with us all." - Erica

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