Proven Daily Tasks To Book More Sessions in Your Photography Business

This is for all niches of photography! You'll receive a PDF that you can directly download to any device.

Whether you’re an up-and-coming photographer who’s just getting your toes wet, or an established photographer with a huge following, there’s one fact that remains true: you can always improve. This product helps you do exactly that, but in 180 bite-sized tasks that take you no more than five minutes to read — and often roughly five minutes to complete. 

Each and every task addresses something important and simple that you can and should be doing in your photography business. Things that you might not have thought to do before, and things that you know you should be doing, but haven’t got around to it yet. The way we’ve formatted this product will encourage you, help you build momentum, and keep you on track for building more customer loyalty, running a streamlined business, networking effectively, and yes — booking more sessions.

Here’s how it works: Each of the 180 tasks is meant to be read and fulfilled (or at least initiated in some cases) on one day. You can begin this whenever you want and complete it as quickly as you want, but it’s set up to be completed in six months. Think of it as a super-boosting goal journal that someone already wrote for you!

Now get to it, photog, and start tackling all those tasks! We can’t wait to read about how completing this “180” day challenge transformed your business.


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