Taxes Made Easy, Multi-Year Photography Tax Spreadsheets, Tax Write Offs, Audit Prep Guide

This is completely new and different from our Tax Spreadsheets for Photographers. The Tax Spreadsheets for Photographers had to be updated year after year and it couldn't do all of this! This new product has the same layout you know and love but can do SO MUCH MORE!

  • Multiple Year Tracking - You can input all of your years expenses, revenue into the same sheet year after year. You do not have to start a new sheet each year now! That means once you customize the sheet to your business, that's it! 
  • Tax Estimate Generator - It will pull your expenses, revenue and give you your estimated tax amount based off that information!
  • Lifetime Client Revenue Tracking - It will keep track of how much each client spends throughout the years. This is perfect for figuring out your VIP clients and who hasn't booked in awhile.
  • Lifetime Business Summary: So you can see your year to date comparisons all on one sheet!
  • Goal Sheets - To Help Determine If Pricing Will Get You To Your Revenue Goals- It will have you input your goals and then pull what you're actually bringing in, so you can keep track of how far you are from your goals. This also helps you in determining your price! 
  • Tutorial Videos that go over every sheet and what you need to use them for. 
  • Audit Prep Guide: What I learned in Two Audits
  • Tax Workflow Worksheet
  • +BONUS - 400 Photography Tax Write Offs

 Don't worry it still does everything that our old sheets do but SO MUCH MORE.

Are all your receipts in a bin somewhere in your garage? Can’t get a grip on what’s coming in and what’s going out? Are you confused by accounting programs or studio management software? 

This is for you! I will walk you through the entire process. What you need to have to be prepared for the IRS all the way to actually inputting the information! 

These Tax Spreadsheets will go over what was mentioned earlier as well as sheets for:

Please note if you have no idea what these words mean, we go over them within the guide and tutorials!

  • Annual Summary Report: Once you input the information into all the tabs, the information will collect into this main report. Print this out and give to your accountant at tax time.
  • Business Goal Summary & Tax Estimator 
  • Lifetime Client Revenue Tracking
  • Revenue Spreadsheet
  • Cost of Goods Spreadsheet
  • Operation Expenses
  • Contractor Expenses
  • Home Office Expenses
  • Mileage Tracker
  • Actual Vehicle Expense Spreadsheet
  • Personal Expense Tracker
  • Personal Goal Summary
  • Asset Spreadsheet – Used to keep track of large purchases
  • Client Data Spreadsheet – Used to manage clients and sessions
  • Client Workflow Spreadsheet – Used to manage daily/weekly operating procedures for sessions.

Once you get through the guide, the fully customizable Excel form will put it all together, in an easy to understand way. Also includes our client and workflow sheets, taking the place of expensive studio management software. This bundle is perfect for any photographer ready to get organized for tax season!

Individual worksheets for income, cost of goods sold, business expenses, home office expenses, vehicle expenses, AND the functionality to track these as often as they’re happening in your company- not only on a monthly basis, but daily. All of our individual worksheets are programmed to automatically transfer to the yearly profit and loss summary, which is what you would give your accountant during tax time.

Worried that you’re going to have to put in formulas and multiply percentage rates? Well, we love you so much, we did all that hard work for you. Just type in the numbers/amounts, and VOILA, the magic number appears. We will show you how to do it all within the tutorial videos!

Please Note: This product is not to replace an accountant. The Excel forms will help you prepare and organize all the information that you need to give to your accountant at tax time. We are not responsible for charges that may occur should you choose not to use an accountant or for errors that may result from misuse of these forms.

The spreadsheets work in Microsoft Excel. It does not work in Numbers. If you have Numbers and would like to purchase this product, please email us at so we can assist with some additional product options. 

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