Beyond the Window: A Beginner's Guide to Working with Studio Lighting

I'm super excited for this brand new Amy Cook product we've just added to the store!

Are you ready to venture BEYOND THE WINDOW and start working with studio lighting?

Is your studio in a basement, a poorly lit room, or are you just tired of relying on the weather for good light?

Are you a natural light photographer because you don’t know how to use flash, not necessarily by choice?

Are you tired of your sessions dragging out far longer than they should because of all the excess time it takes to tear down and setup different things just to be by the window? Wouldn’t it be amazing to have different setups ready to go, and all you had to do was move your light? Wouldn’t it be incredible to have complete control over the power, direction and white balance of your light?

How about the ability to shoot at ANY time of day, even at night? Let’s face it, winter hours are short and sometimes clients can’t come until after it’s gotten dark. Or if you’re like me, you only have time to photograph your own kids in the evenings! Studio light to the rescue!

Go beyond the window, and bring a whole new arsenal of tools to your sessions. Never turn away clients again, due to bad timing and poor lighting. Carry your newfound education over to events like weddings, sports portraits, and more. Worried about your images looking “too flashy”? With proper education and practice, you’ll be able to produce gorgeous images that both you and your clients will be proud of and with time, they won’t be able to tell the difference between natural light and studio lit images!

This quick-start guide to studio light will get you shooting quickly without being a slave to the window, PLUS is explains in detail the different pieces of equipment to buy, and most importantly the WHY for everything! Why this light? Why these settings? Why didn’t my flash fire just now? Why? All of these questions and more, are answered in Beyond the Window.

Includes an ebook as well as a video explaining the equipment. 

  • Topics Covered:

    • Equipment
    • Light
    • Modifier
    • Light Stand
    • Triggers & Receivers
    • ​Camera Settings
    • ​White Balance
    • ​Light Settings & Placement
    • ​Basic Lighting Styles
    • ​Lighting Newborns + Their Families
    • ​Lighting Babies + Children
    • ​Lighting Seniors or Headshots
    • ​Lighting Groups of People
    • Lighting Seasonal Mini Setups
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