Copy and Paste Instagram Hashtags for Photographers,

This includes over 1000 hashtags to use for your photography business! 

We give you a document with the hashtags and all you have to do is copy and paste them to your photo! It's that easy!

If you want more likes and followers on Instagram this is how to do it!

Hashtags help you to grow your Instagram account, get your pictures found and recognized. This list of Hashtags is amazing because it has so many options listed that you can easily use by copying and pasting them to Instagram and it will save you so much time.

Looking up hashtags can be time consuming and with these copy and paste hashtags you can schedule posts easily and quickly. This product will give you an entire list of hashtags at a moments notice, saving you time and getting your work seen across the internet! 

How to use these Hashtags:

You copy the hashtags from the list and paste them into Instagram with your picture. You can pick the best hashtags on the list for each picture you want to post. When you post pictures to Instagram you want to use hashtags that go along with your picture. You can use 30 hashtags for each picture you post on Instagram. You don’t have to use 30 hashtags if you do not want to, you can use as many as you would like up to 30.

This product comes in 2 formats. There's a Word Document that you can use to copy and paste from or for Mac users there is a Text/Edit file that will work with all Macs! 

There are hashtags listed for each niche of photography. Under each niche there are hashtags listed for the niche specifically, hashtags for photography, hashtags for each day of the week, hashtags for each season and hashtags you fill in with your specific information for your business or specific information for the picture. There are also hashtags you can use for a chance to get featured.

What's Included: 

  • Birth - 230 Hashtags
  • Boudoir - 176 Hashtags
  • Cake Smash - 190 Hashtags
  • Children - 214 Hashtags
  • Engagement - 200 Hashtags
  • Family - 192 Hashtags
  • Fresh 48 - 222 Hashtags
  • Headshots - 164 Hashtags
  • Lifestyle - 173 Hashtags
  • Maternity - 214 Hashtags
  • Newborn - 217 Hashtags
  • Pets - 218 Hashtags
  • Senior - 303 Hashtags
  • Wedding - 389 Hashtags

What people are saying:

"I love these list of hashtags, I wish I had this years ago! This would have saved me so much time for posting on Instagram. I thought I had a good list of hashtags to use but there are so many options I didn't even think to use until this list."

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