Follow Up Scripts for Photographers


Many photographers don’t do one thing, and it genuinely hurts their booking rate. That thing? Following up when people stop messaging!

When a potential client stops messaging you, it isn’t necessarily because they lost interest. In fact, chances are they put their phone down at the wrong time, and plum forgot. When you’ve got a baby or a million wedding details to handle, that’s so easy to do.

You shouldn’t stop trying just because life got in the way!

That’s where Follow Up Scripts for Photographers comes in. BP4U has compiled our best scripts, so you know exactly what to say after someone ghosted your business. Each one is carefully crafted to be genuine and personal, without you agonizing over them.

But Brooke… I don’t want to spam people. No worries! These messages we’ve taken all the SPAM out. Some are conversational, some are informational, but the most important thing is this will get you some response. NO. MORE. CRICKETS.

In addition, the script series covers all the niches, so you don’t need to hunt down specific industries. It’s all right there for you, easy peasy lemon squeezy. You can use the follow-up script in messaging like Instagram, Facebook or even your regular emails for an instant answer.

These statuses include general follow-up, conversational styles, and even a few on bringing in an incentive. Regardless of your niche, you can include these scripts in your autoresponders, quick fill-in holders, and even as drafts ready to go out. The options are limitless.

Scroll through the photos to see some sample scripts.

Scripts include:

  • 7 Mini Session
  • 5 Cake Smash
  • 6 Birth/Fresh 48
  • 9 Family/Children
  • 5 Pets
  • 5 Real Estate
  • 5 Headshots
  • 15 Senior
  • 9 Boudoir
  • 14 Newborn
  • 9 Wedding/Engagement
  • 10 Portraits

Stop agonizing over what to say today and start following up with ease!


What people are saying:

These Follow up Scripts/Email Templates land perfectly within my workflow and will save me so much time!  More important than the time, however, is these templates give me the confidence to followup with cooling leads and re-spark the conversation without feeling spammy.  These templates have the versatility to be used as message scripts or email templates and truly flow very naturally either way (these are the best I've read, yet!).  I also really like the fact that the parts to change are very easy to find, and if you use CRM software, they can make automation a breeze by adding tokens to automatically insert the clients' names, he/she, session date, etc.  I'm really excited to start applying them to my business- and I'm sure they will help be capture bookings I may have otherwise let fall through the cracks- simply bc I didn't know what to say. 

All Pre-written text is sent to you immediately after purchase.

File Format: Word Documents & PDFs.

Each Script can be completely customized to your studio!


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    Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents for any purpose is prohibited. This product was made for the purpose of educational use for professional photographers. It is not to be resold or redistributed for any purpose, including, but not limited to: sharing in workshops, lectures, or other classroom settings.

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