Boudoir Photography Marketing Bundle: Prewritten Text for your Website, Marketing Materials, Boudoir Emails, Boudoir Blogs + Bonus Templates!

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It’s no secret that putting yourself out into all corners of the internet is integral in your success as a photographer. The old “if you build it, they will come” is sadly untrue, especially in this content-dense internet world, and especially in this saturated photography market. You’ve got to be savvy when it comes to marketing by using all the platforms available to you: email, Facebook, Instagram, your blog, etc.


That’s where this product — created specifically for boudoir photographers — comes into play. We took some of the most frequently asked questions and discussed topics in the boudoir photography world and crafted prewritten text around them. You can copy and paste all of them in their entirety onto a Facebook post, a blog post, a newsletter, or an email. You can also take excerpts and post to Instagram and Facebook, as well.


This product includes content for the following topics:  

  • Will My Boudoir Images Be Posted Online? (241 words)
  • Boudoir Session Checklist (289 words)
  • Boudoir your FAQ Answered (415 words)
  • The Biggest Mistakes People Make Before A Boudoir Session (360 words)
  • What Is A Couple's Boudoir Session? (207 words)
  • How To Prepare For Your Couple's Boudoir Session (230 words)
  • 4 Tips To Rock Your Boudoir Shoot (114 words)
  • Loving Your Body & Quitting The Comparison Game (173 words)
  • Loving Your Curves During A Boudoir Session (233 words)
  • For The Military Wife - Why Boudoir Images Matter (255 words)
  • Rewarding Yourself By Doing A Boudoir Session Once You Hit Your Weight-loss Goal (198 words)
  • Should Your Purchase A Boudoir Book or Album? (236 words)
  • Come Join My VIP Boudoir Club (182 words)
  • What's Boudoir Photography? I'll Explain... (223 words)
  • Why Do You Charge So Much For A Boudoir Session? (316 words)
  • Why Having Boudoir Pictures of your Wife is Amazing! (236 words)
  • Why I Chose to Empower Women via Boudoir Photography (271 words)
  • Why Obsessing Over Social Media Pics Before Your Photography Session is a Recipe for Disaster (299 words)


10 Boudoir Photography Prewritten Emails

Use these as emails or content for your social media or marketing materials.

  1. Boudoir Session Email Inquiry
  2. Boudoir Follow Up
  3. Preparing For Your Boudoir Session
  4. Debunking 5 Boudoir Myths
  5. My Boudoir Experience
  6. Different Ways To Gift Your Boudoir Images To Your Partner
  7. Why Makeup & Hair Is Important To Have Done the Day Of
  8. Boudoir Is Not Just For You | Couple's Boudoir 
  9. Step Inside Our Closet | Boudoir Lingerie Closet
  10. Do I Need To Lose 10lbs Before My Boudoir Session?

We've also included: 

  • 5 About Me Introductions/ Website Biographies 
  • 6 Social Media Posts To Drive Traffic to Your Newsletter
  • Why You Should Hire Me Prewritten Text
  • 6 Boudoir Instagram Story Templates for Canva
  • 10 Boudoir Instagram Square Templates for Canva
  • Boudoir Follow Up Scripts 


We are even throwing in all of our older content articles as well! You'll receive:

  • Boudoir FAQ's
  • Boudoir Faux Pas
  • Boudoir Parties
  • Choosing What to Wear for your Boudoir Session
  • Incorporating Your Partner's Interest
  • Plus Sized Boudoir Sessions
  • Relaxing for your Boudoir Session
  • 5 Things You Can Do with your Boudoir Photos
  • Tips to Prepare for your Boudoir Session
  • Why Have Your Hair & Makeup Professionally Done


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    Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents for any purpose is prohibited. This product was made for the purpose of educational use for professional photographers. It is not to be resold or redistributed for any purpose, including, but not limited to: sharing in workshops, lectures, or other classroom settings.

    You can, however, sell your final flattened product for use as marketing materials for your business. You cannot use this product to give or sell to other photographers in a workshop or offer to make products for other photographers using our designs.

    It is against copyright law for you to use - in digital or in print - or distribute this template with any of the photos provided as examples.

    You may not transmit or store the content, in whole or in part, to any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system. Please follow copyright law.

    This product can only be used by the photographer who purchased it. Do not share or resell this item. Do not claim this, or any of our designs, as your own.

    BP4U is not responsible for printing errors. We only provide the template, we do not print the product, so any printing errors need to be taken up with the lab that you print them with.


    If you'd like to use any of our products for the purpose of group education, please contact BP4U directly at to see our bulk rates.

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