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The life of a photographer is a whirlwind. When you’re not running around shooting sessions, you’re behind a desk culling photos and editing until your eyes hurt. In your free time (if you can call it that), you know that you probably ought to be doing things that promote your business.


If the idea of brainstorming networking messages to send to local businesses ups your anxiety levels, we totally hear you. We’ve also got your back.


Our “Networking Emails & Messages Made Easy” eliminates the hassle, stress, and time-consuming process of brainstorming networking ideas and crafting messages. All you have to do is copy and paste the pre-written text, fill in the blanks, and then shoot your message off via email, Facebook messages, or Instagram DMs. Each topic was brainstormed by a photographer and then thoughtfully drafted by a professional writer. The result? Messages that are friendly, non-gimmicky, and most importantly — effective.


This product contains 20 unique emails that reach out to different types of local businesses, specifically. For example: Asking to set up a giveaway box, reaching out to a dentist to include a coupon in their goodie bags, and requests to become a preferred vendor. 


 Ready for a more streamlined marketing strategy? Let’s GO! 


All Pre-written text is sent to you immediately after purchase.

File Format: Word Documents & PDFs.



Each Script can be completely customized to your studio!




  • See below what emails are included and a short blurb about how you could use the email we include within this product.

    Email 1: Giveaway Box Request

    Request to Set Up Giveaway Box: Send this email to a local business that might be amenable to you setting up a giveaway raffle box in their store. This could be an ice cream shop, a yoga studio, a baby boutique, or a wedding dress shop. Think about what your photography niche is and what the clientele is for each store so it’s a solid fit. Providing incentive to the business owner can also help persuade them!

    Email 2: Mini Session Location Request

    There are gorgeous location backdrops everywhere, and boutique shops are a great example. Send this email to ask permission to shoot at one of your local favorites, and make sure to offer them incentive.

    Email 3: Coupon Handout Request

    This networking idea works with niche-adjacent businesses. For example, you could reach out to a Pure Romance business and ask if you could include a coupon for a free print with purchase of boudoir session. Or ask a baby boutique to include a coupon for 20% off a newborn session inside the bags given to customers who’ve purchased items.

    Email 4: Referral Swap

    This is basically a verbal agreement to talk up each other’s businesses. Find a niche-adjacent establishment that you really respect or admire and ask if they’d be willing to spread the word about your photography studio and that you’d love to do the same for their business.

    Email 5: Preferred Photographer Request

    Send this email to local businesses to see if they’d be willing to make you one of their preferred/go-to photographers for all photography needs. If you’re feeling bold, you could ask to be their exclusive photographer for the foreseeable future.

    Email 6: Preferred Vendor List Request

    Send this email to wedding and event venue spaces to see if they’d be open to including you on their “preferred vendor list.” This is essentially a list that they include when sending out welcome/informational packets about their venue space. Clients will see that list and know that the vendor has a good relationship with the venue/is a reputable, top-tier option. This is particularly common in the wedding industry, but works for all events.

    Email 7: Cohost Event Request

    This email can be sent to other businesses who fit within your photography niche. The idea is to plan and host an event together in order to introduce each other’s business to your respective client bases.

    Email 8: Headshot Request

    Send this email to local businesses that need headshots. This includes high-end offices, medical offices, spas, boutique shops, etc. This helps build your headshot portfolio and generates business.

    Email 9: Restaurant Photography Request

    Request to Shoot Food/Chefs/Menus at Restaurant: This email should be sent to local restaurants, bakeries, chocolate shops, and other food-based shops that would benefit from high-quality images of their food and establishment.

    Email 10: Offer Existing Photos to Restaurant:

    This email should be sent to restaurants who offer delivery and take out. The idea is to offer them a handful of free images of their food and restaurant in exchange for them placing flyers/coupons for your business in their takeout bags, on pizza boxes, etc.

    Email 11: Swap Social Media Advertising Posts

    Social Media Shout Out Swap: Send this email to a local business to see if they’d be interested in swapping social media “shout outs” on Instagram, Facebook, or elsewhere. For example, maybe you send an email to a car detail shop or a local bakery and agree to share favorable posts about each other. The note could be something like, “Hey! I just visited XYZ Car Detailing and had an amazing experience! You should really check them out the next time you decide to have your car cleaned — trust me it’s worth the money!” You could also write a similar note for them that reads something like, “I just discovered this local photographer and her work is amazing. I can’t wait to do a session together!”

    Email 12: Request To Share Fair Booth

    Send this email to a local niche-adjacent business that would benefit from setting up a booth at the fair or another local event. The idea is to save on the expense of renting out a booth. For example: pure romance + boudoir; wedding photographer + florist; maternity boutique + newborn photographer.

    Email 13: Request to work with Local Clubs & Teams

    Send this email if you want to create a mutually beneficial partnership between your photography business and a local sports league, dance studio, girl or boy scouts, or other teams.

    Email 14: Event Photographer Request

    This email should be sent to local businesses, festivals, and event coordinators. The idea is to make them aware of your business and put your ring in the hat to become the official photographer of the event. Since photographers are often booked far in advance, it’s best to send this email as soon as you hear the event is happening.

    Email 15: Ultrasound Photography

    Use this email text to reach out to ultrasound locations (as in facilities that offer medical-related ultrasound readings) to see if they need new images of their technicians or storefront for marketing purposes.

    Email 16: Gym or Studio Photography

    This email can be sent to gyms and fitness studios. It’s not necessary, but it might be extra helpful to reach out to a location that fits within your niche. For example, if you’re a newborn or maternity photographer then hit up a studio that offers pregnancy yoga classes or “baby and me” exercise classes. If you’re a boudoir or wedding photographer, reach out to a women’s only fitness studio. The goal is to get them to hire you to do employee headshots and marketing images of their gym/studio.

    Email 17: Dentist Collab Request

    It’s a great idea for portrait photographers to network with local dentists. They give a little baggie every time you take your kid for a checkup and including one of your business cards is something small they can do to help out a small local business. You can even create a special business card or coupon that says something like “We want to see your beautiful smile!" They might ask you to pay a small fee, or you might be able to work out a deal where you also advertise with them in some way.

    Email 18: Pet Groomer Collab

    If you offer pet photographer services then send this email to local pet boutiques, groomers, and vets to see if they’d be interested in collaborating.

    Email 19: Welcome Packet Biz Card Request

    One of the easiest ways to spread awareness about your studio is to leave marketing materials at niche-adjacent stores, studios, and boutiques. For example, if you do boudoir photography you’d leave your business card/welcome packet/brochure at a lingerie shop. Or if you’re a pet photographer, you’d leave those materials at a groomer or vet’s office. You get the idea!

    Email 20: Influencer Collaboration Request

    Working with local influencers is a great way to spread awareness about your studio. They’re often seeking photographers so they can post to social media anyway, so it’s a natural partnership. Most established influencers are used to seeing simple contracts that outline what they’d do to benefit your business in exchange for the free session. For example: an Instagram story from the day of the shoot linking your business + two images from your shoot that link/give you credit, etc. Be strategic by working with influencers who are local since they’re going to advertise your name to the local community. Also make sure their followers are engaging with them in the comments and that they’re getting a proportionate number of likes since there are some fake influencers out there who’ve purchased followers.

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