Everything You Need To Teach An Online Facebook Workshop: How To Take Better Photos Of Your Children

Want to make extra money with your photography business? Ever thought about doing an online Facebook workshop but don't have the time to make all the materials? We have you covered!


This online Facebook workshop kit was created specifically for you to run an online workshop.


This online Facebook workshop kit includes everything you need to teach parents everything they need to know about taking better photos of their children.  This online workshop kit includes all the materials that you need to teach an online Facebook workshop. As an instructor, it can take many hours to put together all the materials to teach your online Facebook workshop but we have put together everything you need from start to finish. From the first email inquiry, to planning out the online Facebook workshop timeline, to panning the online Facebook workshop lesson plan, to planning what to post each day in your online workshop group, we have it all done for you!

We have even included a guide on How to Run An Online Facebook Workshop in this kit. This makes teaching online workshops easier for you! We included a daily lesson plan that includes everything you need to post each day of your online Facebook workshop. Don’t want to follow a daily lesson plan? We have you covered! We created a lesson plan that has copy/paste posts, which includes 161 copy/paste posts. This option allows you to post as many of the copy/paste posts in one day or post them over a period of however many days you would like to post.


What’s Included:

  • Online Facebook Workshop Guide
  • Online Workshop Contract
  • Daily Lesson Plan
  • Copy/Paste Posts Lesson Plan
  • Print Out Lesson Plan For The Attendees
  • Online Facebook Workshop Timeline
  • 10 Email Templates
  • Online Workshop Instructor Checklist
  • Online Workshop Participants Checklist
  • Invoice
  • Online Workshop Survey Form
  • Receipt Template
  • Online Workshop Pricing
  • Workshop Marketing PSD Template


Lessons Included:

  • Equipment
  • Shutter Speed 
  • ISO
  • Aperture
  • Exposure Triangle 
  • Lifestyle Photography 
  • Inspiration
  • Outside Lighting 
  • Natural Light
  • Composition 
  • Framing 
  • Lines
  • Connecting With Children 
  • Capturing Emotion 
  • Getting Smiles 
  • Personality 
  • Details 


 See below for sample statuses you'll receive! 

    • Sample Online Statuses to use during your workshop:

      1. I didn’t start out with all of my lenses – I’ve acquired them over time. My first prime was my enter your first prime lens and it absolutely changed my life. I fell in love with the bokeh immediately. I would say if you are just starting out and are looking for a good lens that won’t break the bank, I would get a 50mm 1.8. They retail around $99.
      2. My workhorse lens for inside photos is definitely my enter your workhorse lens. It rarely comes off of my body. It’s nice and wide and super-fast, which makes it great for capturing the environment and subject all in one frame. It’s great in low light situations and very sharp.
      3. The shutter is the most basic component of a camera. It’s essentially a curtain that covers your camera’s sensor that opens to allow light in and closes to stop it. A slow shutter speed will result in a blurry image, while faster shutter speed will keep the subject sharp and focused. Shutter Speed: Higher Number = Darker photo
      4. Take a picture with a slow shutter speed and then one with a fast shutter speed and post your favorite slow shutter speed picture and your favorite fast shutter speed picture and share your shutter speed for each picture.
      5. The camera’s aperture is the hole in the lens that opens and closes to allow more or less light in. It operates exactly like the iris of your eye. The larger the iris, the more light comes in. The smaller the iris, the less light. The aperture’s size is measure by a number called the F-number or F-stop. Aperture: Higher Number = Darker photo
      6. Lifestyle Photography is very much a story-telling based niche. It aims at capturing the art of everyday life and telling stories. It focuses on the little moments that make up an individual or family’s day, showing real, raw life and emotion. It is a way to artistically tell a real-life story. It revolves around candid actions and moments. Over the past several years, this art form has become more and more popular. Each day is a completely new and unique adventure.
      7. Take a lifestyle picture of your child/children and post your favorite picture that you took today.

      8. I’m inspired by the little in-between moments that are often un-noticed or undocumented. The look on my child’s face as he is building Legos, my children quietly reading together or playing in the backyard. I love the beauty of the everyday. I love capturing the connection between my family members and those fleeting moments that I know we will want to remember.
      9. If I’m shooting outdoors, the weather is definitely the biggest factor in getting good lighting. Indoors, it is the amount of natural light in your home that can sometimes be a struggle. If I’m shooting indoors, I love staying close to windows to utilize as much natural light as possible.
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