My Epic Mistakes on Shooting Weddings

Previously titled (How To Shoot a Wedding: {The Ins and Outs & Epic Mistakes})

Take it from someone who's been there and messed that up: shooting a wedding is a fine art that takes time and experience to perfect. That's not to say you won't do a brilliant job photographing your first nuptial exchange, but one thing's for certain: learning from others' mistakes will help ensure a smooth first, second -- heck, even 20th -- wedding photography experience. 

In My Epic Mistakes on Shooting Weddings guide, you'll not only get a few laughs at the expense of my own past mess ups, you'll gain behind-the-scenes insight that will make you look like a seasoned pro even as a newbie wedding photog. 

The impressively detailed guide covers vital topics such as scheduling, shots to make sure you take to avoid getting sued, packing for the big day, what to wear, standard protocol for religious ceremonies and how to recover in the face of huge mistakes (like losing all your photographs). 

Oh, and we've got lists for you in this one. Lists on what photographs to take of the bride, groom, reception, ceremony location and extended family; lists on what to pack (from extra flash batteries to extra cloths); and lists detailing various "learn from my mistake" lessons. 

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  • Topics covered:

    • What to know prior to the wedding to get you prepared
    • What to take/How to pack it up so you don't freak out
    • What shots to take so you don't get sued
    • How to do handle church/venue coordinators
    • Where to stand? What to say?
    • What do you do during the ceremony/reception
    • Religious ceremonies - what's ok and what's not
    • What to wear
    • How to deal with schedule changes

    I've also included a good deal of my wedding panic and horror stories for your reading pleasure and how to avoid the dumb mistakes that took me years to figure out.

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    "My absolute favorite product so far is the How To: Shoot A Wedding: {The Ins and Outs & Epic Mistakes} guide! It cracked me up and gave me some GREAT ideas for what to do/not do for my upcoming booked weddings (Sept & Oct)." -Dawn

    You helped SO MUCH with your "How to shoot a wedding" guide! I was able to create a Bridal Questionnaire on my website which is going to streamline my consultations fantastically. I cannot thank you enough, and if I ever get the privilege to meet you, you're going to get a HUGE hug from me! -Catrina B

    "From the very first order I downloaded & read from you- I absolutely adored you! My husband got so annoyed because I kept reading off quotes & telling him how much I could get how you talk & describe things & your sense of humor. I have not come across anything that hasn't been wonderfully helpful & beneficial to me or my new business! That means the world to me! Jen M

    I have every guide that BP4U has put out and I LOVE them. They are amazing. So creative and not just boring like so many other things you read.They are written so well, with all the information you will need to help not just with posing and your photography business but you self confidence.I have the dates on my calendar marked for when the pre sale guides are released cause Im so excited!!! So glad I found BP4U Photography Guides. P.S. I even get a laugh sometimes when reading some of them, and I love it. - Andrea Brown

    "Guides are entertaining, funny and informative!!! Do yourself a favor and go snag them for your self." -Stacy C

    "This guide helped me fine tune some of my skills for my wedding photography!" - Jesse

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