959 Family/Children Posing Card Bundle by Autumn Branscome

*Please note: not all poses shown.*

This product includes 442 NEW FAMILY/CHILDREN/Lifestyle Newborn POSING CARDS from Autumn Branscome Photography. That's not all, we've also added 6 additional sets (462 cards) as bonus! We include all the the low res (to use on mobile devices) so you can take these poses on the go! This includes DIGITAL VERSIONS ONLY! If you'd like your product printed, you can print out for your own personal use. 

Feel free to put these on your smart phone, tablet, or smartwatch! 

We also suggest printing them as 4x6 cards and laminating them if you would like to keep them printed in your camera bag! 

Please note the bonus sets are from the original ultimate posing card collection and Autumn's Maternity Posing Recipes! The Autumn Branscome cards cannot be purchased outside of this bundle. 


What people are saying:

"I love these cards. I really love that I can keep them on my phone or print and keep them in my camera bag. Super easy to follow and allow for a smooth transition between poses. I love how it covers poses for inside a studio, a clients home, and outdoor but that all poses can be used in any location. These will definitely be part of my prep for my maternity sessions. I found the wording on each card can easily be used to direct clients into the poses. Something I struggle with. They are basically step by step so, I can now let clients know what to do without tripping over my words." -Audra

  • What's included:

    Posing Cards by Autumn Branscome Photography

    • Posing Dad with Kids (50 cards)
    • Posing Mom with Kids (54 cards)
    • Posing Family Variations with 1 child - 4 children (119 cards)
    • Posing Just Kids (143 cards)
    • Posing Just Parents (23 cards)
    • Posing Lifestyle Newborn (52 cards)
    Bonus Cards!
    • Families by Nicole Speer (64 cards)
    • Families & Children by Kimberly Reid (35 cards)
    • Maternity by Kimberly Reid (55 cards)
    • Children by Five Eleven Photography (117 cards)
    • Children & Siblings by Ashley Hempel (60 cards)

    That's not all! Here's some additional sets!

    • Maternity Recipe Formulas (131 poses)
    • Mini Session Posing by Nicole Speer (56 cards)

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