Boudoir Marketing Toolkit

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Our new Boudoir Hello Packet is a powerful and innovative marketing tool for any serious boudoir photographer. It’s designed to be elegant, sexy, and informative for both prospective clients or those who have already booked their session. Your clients will feel comfortable and prepared for your time together with professionally written articles on popular Boudoir topics such as how to dress, what to expect throughout the process, and your professional styling. The included referral card gives clients incentive to spread the word about your business. A comprehensive pricing guide, testimonials bookmark, doorhanger, and studio information card complete this luxurious set.


  • Eight striking pieces designed to make your studio look its absolute best while exciting your clients
  • Welcome card thanking clients for booking and providing information about your studio and boudoir photography philosophies
  • Art Of Beauty card with information on the entire process of making your clients look beautiful, including a hair and makeup stylist introduction, how to dress tips, and what can and cannot be achieved in post-production
  • What To Expect accordion detailing the 4-step process of your boudoir photography experience, from the initial meeting all the way through post-production
  • Outfits & Ideas tri-fold with articles and illustrations for clients on how to dress and style for sexy results
  • Detailed pricing guide with room for 3 collections and lots of individual sale print products
  • Referral card offering a gift to both the referrer and recipient if a client brings in new business for you
  • Bookmark with room for testimonials and studio contact information
  • Heart-shaped door hanger to give your clients privacy while changing
  • All elements on separate layers for easy customizing to your brand

Featured Photographers

Dollhouse Boudoir
Alyssa Hollis Photography
Tristine Davis Photography
Daisy Creations Photography

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      Adobe Photoshop CS & CC
      Adobe Photoshop Elements
      Product Dimensions: 

      Welcome Card - 5" x 7"

      Art of Beauty Card - 5" x 7"

      What To Expect - 4" x 5.5" Accordion Fold

      Outfits & Ideas - 5" x 5" Tri-Fold

      Pricing Guide - 8.5" x 11"

      Referral Card - 3" x 3"

      Testimonials Bookmark - 2" x 7"

      Doorhanger - Bay Photo Creative Edge C16


      File Type: 
      Print Specs: 
      Print Specs: 
      Formatted for standard press sizes. Bay Photo printed the samples featured in the images with brilliant color reproduction.

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