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You asked for them and here they are! After we released our "Actions Made Easy!" Photoshop action set, we received numerous requests for a matching Lightroom collection. We got right to work on it and now it's here! 
Because we love you - we are bundling 5 of our most popular presets bundles into one giant preset collection! That's a total of 67 presets! Woah! But that's not all - We've also added a BONUS Lightroom brush set! (see below for more details).


All of our Lightroom Presets will work with ALL versions of Lightroom! (Lightroom 2-6 and up, including CC -- Earlier versions have not been yet tested. Have a different version? Email us at to see how you can become a tester.) 

Please note: This set ONLY includes Basic, Black and White, Matte, Vibrant, and Silhouette Presets. It also includes a pack of bonus brushes. It does not include any other sets. Click here to see our other creative presets (not included): BP4Uagram!Color Pop Presets, Wedding Workflow Preset Pack, Newborn PresetsBold Portrait Preset Pack, Winter Portrait Preset Pack, and Fall Portrait Preset Pack

Want to get everything in our editing department bundled together? Click here for the Ultimate Editing Combo Pack!

Thanks to Sean Molin and Sarah-Beth Photography for testing out these presets and letting us use their images as a sample for our product. :)
    • BASIC PRESETS MADE EASY! - This set includes presets for basic retouching: exposure, contrast, white balance, etc. Includes 6 presets.
    • BLACK AND WHITE PRESETS MADE EASY! - Our black and white set comes with a variety of presets to give you the perfect tone that you have been searching for. It also includes presets with haze to give your images a more vintage feel too. Includes 14 presets.
    • MATTE PRESETS MADE EASY! - Do you want to give your photos that soft, dreamy look? Look no further, this preset bunch will allow you to achieve just that! With one click, matte your photos to give them more emotion. Includes 21 presets.
    • VIBRANT PRESETS MADE EASY! - Are your photos always turning out bland? Want to pop those weak colors? This is the set for you! These presets will make colors explode and bump the contrast to really give your images that "WOW" factor. Includes 10 presets.
    • BRUSH PRESETS MADE EASY! - This set includes brushes for newborn skin, skin smoothing, eye sharpening, etc. Includes 16 brushes.
    • SILHOUETTE PRESETS MADE EASY - This set includes presets to add contrast and color to photos that are already silhouettes and silhouette presets to make a non-silhouette photo into a silhouette. Includes 16 presets.
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    "This is really a great all-around set!" - Melissa

    "I LOVE these presets!" - Rachel

    "I love the matte set! It creates just the right amount of vintage look without the harsh orange and yellow tone." - Stephanie

    "These are my favorites!!" - Jamie

    "I am usually an actions girl, but I now officially love presets more!" - Stephanie

    "BEAUTIFUL presets and flawless brush set especially for someone just starting out in LR5!"

    "My favorite products are the presets so far...they are just so beautiful." - SL

    "I have enjoyed your presets for Lightroom 4. They allow me to see my photos in creative ways I may have not come up with myself." - Iris

    "I love presets (and actions), I love how they enhance my photography and help me make it something special and unique to me."

    "Lightroom Presets! Love how much they speed up editing:)" - Michelle

    "I love your Lightroom presets! They have been super helpful." - Julie

    "Lightroom presets are my favorite because they are quick and easy to use and look great." - Belinda

    "I use the Lightroom actions almost every day!" - Jessi

    "I just got these and they are amazing, and so affordable!" -Aaron

    "I'm in luuuuuuuv with your presets!!!!!! Editing is so much easier and faster!" - Jennifer

    "I ordered the collection yesterday and haven't stopped editing since!" - Sarah

    "Lightroom presets are incredibly awesome!!! LOVE LOVE you guys" - Lysa

    "I just got some presets from you.. I LOVE them!!! Especially the silhouette ones.. I have had a terrible time trying to get those just right!!" - Michelle

    "As for the Presets Made Easy Bundle 1, I am %1000 satisfied. This is great for any level of experience with photography. The download and import are simple with detailed instructions included. As for the presets in the bundle…The Basic Presets Made Easy! are great for quick fixes of exposure, white balance, and sharpness, just when you need a little help. The Black and White Presets Made Easy! are gorgeous and have several different tones to create the perfect, moody black and whites that I like. The Matte Presets Made Easy! are great to give your images a soft and hazy feel. My favorite is the Love Bug, with its little hint of warmth with the matte. If you want your images to POP in an instant, the Vibrant Presets Made Easy! are great. They have a variation of warm and cool vibrancies to add to your images. The Lightroom Brushes Made Easy are amazing and one of my favorite parts of the bundle… It’s a bonus! How can you beat that! You can brighten and sharpen eyes, add colors to lips and cheeks, and smooth skin to look like a newborn. It is great for the touch ups to make clients feel their best. I have had an amazing experience with BP4U, not only with the products they make, but also the quality of service. Everyone I have talked to throughout my ordering process or the small pop up chat app on their website has been wonderful. I look forward to using BP4U for a long time. I am one happy photographer, and I know I have happy clients because of BP4U! Thank you!!" - Jenn

    I just wanted to say thank you for all the amazing presets that you provide as well e-books. You have seriously cut my workflow down from 3-4hours for a single session to about 30minutes. No to mention introduced me to some pretty amazing photographers. The work you and your team do for the photography community is truly amazing. Thank you so much!" - Kendra

    “The presets are a favorite. I absolutely love the workflow!”

    "My favorite product is Presets Made Easy! They make the workflow easy and I like the end products!"

    "They are awesome and a great starting point for me when I'm editing!" –Kim

    “Love the presets! Helps my editing out so much and gives me good direction for the look I wanted to create.” -Lia

    “I sent you 6 of my friends and we are all loving our new presets.” -Christi

    “The thing that was an eye opener for me was the Lightroom Brushes.... I had NO IDEA there was such a thing nor how to use them until I purchased one of your sets that came with brushes! It opened up a WHOLE other level of work for me! Using the brushes feels like being in the darkroom (my passion)..... a little here, a little there....... it makes each photo a beauty all it's own!” – Joan

    Lightroom 3

    Lightroom 4

    Lightroom 5

    Preset Tips



    Lightroom 3

    Lightroom 4

    Lightroom 5

  • Will these work with Photoshop?

    This product will NOT work with any version of Photoshop CS or Elements. Are you a Photoshop user? No problem, we have the matching set of Actions for you! Click here!

    What versions of Lightroom are these actions compatible with?

    This preset collection is compatible with all versions of Lightroom!

    Will this product be shipped to me?

    This is available in digital version only.

    The link will be emailed directly to you once your payment has been processed.

    Please see our refund policy found here.

  • This product is subject to the copyright of BP4U – © BP4U 2010-2014. All rights reserved.

    Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all of the contents for any purpose is prohibited. This product was made for the purpose of personal use for professional photographers. It is not to be resold or redistributed for any purpose, including, but not limited to: sharing in workshops, lectures, or other classroom settings.

    If you'd like to use any of our products for the purpose of group education, please contact BP4U directly at to see our bulk rates.

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